Sunday, August 23, 2009

The new TBJ is finished!

I'm so worn out, I've been working on this thing day and night to try and get it done.

I've really tried hard to make it a better site this time around, which better features, a cleaner layout, and easier navigation.

I had some problems with different browsers, but I think most of the issues are sorted.

Please update your links :)

Come on over:

Edit: My host is having a few issues presently so things might be shaky for a short while. But it's up. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decided against the Blizzcon live stream.

After agonising over it quite a bit, I've decided I won't be getting the Blizzcon live stream this year.

I really wanted to do it so that I could post any druid-related news as it is relayed, and without relying on sites like MMO and to post transcripts to copy/paste.

(It's not the end of the world, I just wanted to be able to do it myself, not just re-post the other sites' news.)

There are a few reasons why I decided not to do it:

  • I'm working hard towards my RL goal of buying a house, and $50 counts!

  • The panels I want to see are at 6:30am on Saturday and Sunday for me. That's not a huge deal, I've been up early for WoW commitments before, but it's still a factor. If I wanted to post things as we hear about them, I'd have to be up really early to catch the panels (I don't care about the archives/replay).

  • There's no guarantee that they won't cut to random stuff like behind-the-scenes or interviews, meaning the few segments I want to see may be cut short. I would be very cranky if they cut to stuff I didn't care about. Lots of people have asked about this, but no answers have been given by Blizzard, and if it's the case, I think that's pretty crappy, to be honest. If people are paying $40 ($50 here) they should be able to choose which "channel" (stage) they want to watch. It's not difficult to do.

  • Australian internet isn't the greatest, and I live in a rural area, making it worse. There's a very good chance it will be very poor quality - especially if my connection forced me to use the low-def version. I guess I should be grateful that I have internet - but boy is it suck compared to a lot of other countries! Australia really needs to get its A into G, as we say here. Give us better internets!

So all up I would be paying $50 for poorly streamed (due to my connection) video, at 6:30am on Saturday and Sunday, and the coverage may not stay focused on the 3 panels I want to watch, anyway. I really wanted to catch the news live, but I can't justify $50 for about 3 hours of panels that could be cut short and may well be very low quality due to my backwater internet.

So I'll just have to suck it up and deal with compiling druid info from the main sites. It's disappointing to me - I would rather be posting it first-hand, but it's not the end of the world.

To everyone on their way to the con itself - have a blast! Wish I could be there with you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's spelled L-O-R-E, not L-A-W.

I've been spending most of my spare moments working on the new blog (and it's coming along very nicely), but I had to take five to expand on the speculation about the coming expansion. We're only a few days away from Blizzcon now, so we'll find out very soon if it's true or not.. and I'm quite excited.

If you read this blog, and hate spoilers, I've probably already spoiled stuff for you earlier, so uh.. sorry about that. But just in case -


What amuses me is the number of people getting REALLY upset about the possibility of changes that go against the lore of Warcraft.

I certainly respect their opinions and their passion for the story, but what people need to understand is that lore is a history, it's not a set of rules. The past can't be changed (well, unless we head over to CoT and mess around!), but the future is an open book. Just because something has been a certain way for thousand years does not mean that it can't ever happen.

Night Elf mages: WRONG WRONG WRONG.. right?

The possibility Night Elf mages seem to be causing the biggest uproar. Evidently Night Elves can't be mages because:

Their powerful magic was recklessly unleashed by the quel'dorei,[2] who believed they were superior to other Kaldorei and practiced magics far beyond the considered norm.[citation needed] This careless use of magic may have allowed the Burning Legion to invade the world, and finally led to a catastrophic battle known as the War of the Ancients. This battle changed the face of Azeroth for all time, and resulted in the creation of the continents of the world, tearing the land apart and forming the vast nexus of energy at the center of the ocean known as the Maelstrom.

...the Well of Eternity imploded in a magical cataclysm, sending untold numbers to their doom. Many Kaldorei were dragged to the bottom of the sea, only to be twisted and transformed into the sea serpents now known as the vile naga. The catastrophe tore the continent apart into three sections, and left a permanent storm known as the Maelstrom where the well once stood. With the majority of the Highborne dead, the kaldorei turned away from their arcane legacy and began a new culture focusing on attunement with nature and their surroundings.

The TLDR version is that the Highborne dabbled in magic that they shouldn't have, which led to the destruction of the Well of Eternity, which in turn turned many of the Night Elves into Naga, tore the world into several chunks, and created the Maelstrom.

Basically: bad things happen when you play with magic.

So the Night Elves are a little shy (to say the least) when it comes to dabbling in the arcane.

But does that mean they'll never do it?

What if something REALLY big went down, and they were forced to reconsider? They are, after all, avoiding magic mostly by choice - they're not incapable of it, right? They can just change their minds, no sweat.

Oh, wait:

Afterwards, arcane magic was outlawed on pain of death, but the Highborne arrogantly continued their dangerous sorcery.

Rather than execute their defiant kindred, Tyrande and Malfurion sentenced the Highborne to exile. The exiles journeyed over the sea to Lordaeron, where they founded the kingdom of Quel'Thalas and began calling themselves high elves.

Okay, so, it's outlawed. Fair call. But if the Highborne can break the rules, is the idea of the Night Elves changing their minds really so inconceivable? Sure, it's been quite a while, they're creatures of habit now.. but is it such a massive leap that a cataclysmic event might drive them to change their ways?

Forever changed (again)

This already happened. We just weren't around to see it. Something really big DID go down, we just didn't log on until the dust had settled.

Is it time for round two?

I LOVE the idea of the world going through a massive, cataclysmic event that changes zones dramatically - destroys some, sinks some, tears some in half. That something so massive, dramatic and violent tears up the world as we know it, and the people have to rise up and find new alliances and new ways to fight back. I got goosebumps just now as I was writing that.

Posted by Irem on Aug 15th 2009
This is why I want for this to be true. As players, we've often only got Blizzard's word to go on that we've lost something. "The Scourge has killed thousands of people!" That's not our loss. Those thousands are just words on a screen. "Bolvar and Saurfang the Younger are dead!" Suddenly that's our loss because they're characters we knew and liked and will never see again.

If they really want to make us feel something powerful while changing the old world, they have to actually -change- it. Make us feel that punch in the gut when we log in and the places we leveled and played in are altered permanently, and when we realize that things we took for granted seeing every day are gone. Force us to own our place in the world by actually taking something away from us. That's the kind of immersion a time-frozen-from-character-creation game world can't provide, and I applaud Blizzard for not playing it safe, if this is all in fact true.
This. This, this, THIS.

This is exactly how I feel, and I couldn't possibly have said it any better.

Caving to the whiners, or building on the story?

Most people seem to be in one or the other camp.

Is Blizzard relenting to the whiners who want gnome healers and to fly in Azeroth, or are they putting the boot up this game and shaking it up?

Is it a lazy plot device to accommodate player wishlists, or the next step in an ever-evolving tapestry?

Is it lore-breaking, or lore-expanding?

If the speculation is true, they're going to have to spin some really fantastic stories to explain it all and make it believable. As long as it's done properly and not someone waving a wand and saying, "BOOM! Garrosh is the boss of you guys now, trolls can be druids if you want, and Night Elves got over their silly aversion to arcane magic. As you were."

As I said above though, I don't consider lore to be "the rules". I consider it to be a history book of what happened once before. Who's to say it can't change?

Phasing - oh please let it be phased

If this is all true, I have every finger and toe crossed that they use phasing. I have to say I would be very sad if the geographical changes were brought in and simply made permanent for every player, old and new. I would be sad to lose the ability to go see the old barrens, and i would miss Orgrimmar so, so much.

I hope that they leave the old world how it is for new players (and new alts), but perhaps once you hit a certain level (maybe trigged by a questline), the world changes to post-cataclysm. If it's true, I hope they put in a device like speaking to Alexstrasza at the Wrathgate - something that allows you to go up to old Orgrimmar and say "show me what happened here". This game needs more Wrathgates. That will never, ever get old, and I get goosebumps every time I watch it.

I'd love to be able to roll an alt and go see "old Orgrimmar", and take a picture and preserve it Postcards from Azeroth style.

A small, worn and neatly folded card, tucked carefully into my Orc's armor; that she might glance at it occasionally while looking over what is now left of Durotar - remembering what once was.

Oopsie, slipped into lorenerd mode for a sec..

Please Blizzard - if you're going to change the world - use your magic phasing powers for good. Make us another Wrathgate-type video to make all the little hairs on my arms stand on end.

PS - I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I jumped on the possible-Tauren-paladin bandwagon and reserved "Holycao" (which is a play on the name of my first druid, Caoimhe). I couldn't resist!

Bring on Blizzcon, and the truth!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are druids being trolled?

MMO-Champion has done what they do best and served up some datamined info about the next expansion.
None of the information below has been officialy announced by Blizzard, this is only a compilation of information gathered from reliable sources. Just keep in mind that it takes a LOT to make me post something on the front page and I'm definitely not speculating here.

Here's the exciting part, if it's true:
The expansion doesn't have any new class. Instead, Blizzard will offer more race and classes combinations to players, some of them have been datamined on the 3.2.2 Test Realms.

* Human Hunter
* Orc Mage
* Night Elf Mage
* Dwarf Mage
* Blood Elf Warrior
* Dwarf Shaman
* Undead Hunter
* Tauren Paladin
* Tauren Priest
* Gnome Priest
* Troll Druid

Troll druids? Or Blizzard trolling us?

I don't think I would swap to a troll, I like my Tauren, but it would be great for us to get a couple more races as druids.

Then again, if this was our Dire form, I think I would be tempted..

I think I'll be taking this with a grain of salt - MMO say they have reliable sources, but here's the part that made me a little doubtful:

Flying in Azeroth
Part of the redesign of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor is the introduction of flying to the two continents, allowing access to many new areas and quicker travelling across the large continents.

I could be wrong, but I find this very hard to believe. Blizzard have always said this would be a mammoth effort, with a lot of recoding to do, and they didn't want to put that much effort into revamping old content (they prefer to spend time and money on new and exciting content). Edit: If the follow-up info that MMO posted is true (about a lot of 80-85 stuff happening in the old world), then it would make sense to allow flying, I suppose..

So.. I'm not sure. As Matticus said recently, these news sites don't post "news" flippantly, they have reputations (and therefore, revenue) to preserve. But Blizzard have always been adamant that flying in Azeroth would be time and effort better spent on developing new content.

As usual, I'm taking the stance of, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Besides, we all know that Undead cannot play hunters.

Some new druid races would be really great (without mangling the lore, if possible). If the above is true, I can only assume they haven't "found" the second Alliance druid race yet - otherwise it might be a bit unfair. Although I love my Tauren and doubt I would reroll (other than for fun - hey, a 6th druid might be good for a laugh), it would be nice to have a choice.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Progress report: the new TBJ

A few people have enquired about the progress of my new blog, so I thought I would give a quick report.

I had some problems with the initial WordPress install and a bunch of 500 errors. My host has been really fantastic though, and fixed them quickly for me.

Back in May I had a crash course in WordPress when I created my (now abandoned) guild website. It wasn't too difficult. I used to dabble in web design, but that was about a decade ago, and I never sat down and learned any of this new-fangled CSS stuff. Steep learning curve.

No matter. I might not know a single thing about CSS, but I'm pretty darn good at opening up a template file, reading through it for something that vaguely resembles the part that I want to change, fiddling with the settings, saving, and then checking to see if that changed what I wanted. In fact, I'm a champion at this. I am a VERY stubborn person, and I won't walk away until the template is doing what I want it to do. I've been able to stumble through and get it to look how I want - I'm quite proud.

The original template author would probably cry if she saw it, though.

You should feel for my friends too, it's been a rollercoaster ride with me alternating between "!@%$@%!### I HATE THIS THING ITS BROKEN I CAN'T MAKE ANYTHING WORK WHY WON'T IT WORK THIS IS RIDICULOUS" and (2 minutes later) "I am amazing. I'm so thrilled with how this is looking."

They must be so tired :P

Anyway - here's the deal:

- domain and space acquired (stop trying to peek!)
- WordPress installed
- theme butchered to my liking
- plugins added: contact form, related articles, etc
- lots of stupid test posts made

To do:

- put the static pages together (About, Blogroll, etc)
- transfer old content over (?)
- test that everything works
- put stuff in the sidebar
- little stuff like a favicon, wowhead links, etc
- ??
- profit

I'm not sure about bringing the old content over, or whether I should just start again (I would bring over particular guides etc, however).

Obviously, bringing it over means people will be able to search the older content.. but I worry that it's going to be a pain in the butt to do. WordPress has that annoying problem where it strips out your superfluous p and br tags, meaning that you have no extra line breaks between your paragraphs. I use those a lot.

150+ posts, no paragraph spacing.

On one hand, having ALL of my content on the new site is logical - all in the one place, for people to search. On the other hand, do I want 150 posts that look like ass? Is it better to have an archive of all the posts, and have them looking kinda bad.. than to just start fresh and say "go here for older posts" and point back to blogspot? I'm not sure what to do. I'm leaning towards "of course you have to import it" but ugh..

I suppose I won't know how bad it is until I give it a try!

At any rate.. I still have quite a lot to do before the new site can go live. It is a gradual project, at the moment.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Community spotlight: Recent posts that I enjoyed

Here are a few great posts that you might have missed:

1. HoTs Tree - Ulduar Healing Guides for Resto Druids (an index)

Aertimus has gathered together a whole lot of the druid healing guides for Ulduar, and put them in one place as a quick-reference.

Best of all, they're not one-sided guides from a generic wiki or website; they are guides written by bloggers from their own perspective, so you get a player's-eye view of how the fights work, and some great druid-specific tips.

2. Twig Heals: HealBot (setup 1)

Healbot resources are rare and very hard to find. Twig Heals shows you the first few steps to getting your Healbot set up and ready to go.

3. Heal With It - Screencap Quality and You

WoW screenshots can look a little bad if you don't know how to change the capture quality. Heal With It shows you how to improve the quality of your screenshots - which will be especially important if you want to show them off to the world!

4. Healing in 3.2 – Blog guide updated

Lissanna from Restokin has updated her well-known druid healing guide for patch 3.2. In it, she covers:

- Tank healing – Nourish supported by HOTs
- Tank healing – Lifebloom strategies
- AOE raid healing – Wild growth and other HOTs
- Recommended talent spec(s)
- Glyphs for tank & raid healing
- Set bonuses and Idols
- Consumables & enchants

It's a really thorough guide, and a great resource, especially for newer druids who aren't sure how to use all of our healing tools. If you've ever asked, "what rotation should I use?" then you should check out Lissanna's guide.

5. Dreambound - Raid Icons

This one speaks for itself - a guide to our available raid icons, and the best ways to use them.

6. HoTs & DoTs - Patch 3.2 Resto Druid Gear Guide: for the Casual/10 Man Raider

This is Part 1 of a planned two-part series from HoTs & DoTs. This part covers:

- The casual player who runs heroics with friends & occasionally PuGs 25s
- The fairly serious 10man raider who occasionally PuGs 25s
- The 25man raider gearing up a Resto alt or dual spec set
- The player back from a break, who wants to get back into 25man raiding

7. Mad Cow Chronicles: WoW TCG Fundamentals

Llanion has set out to teach us a little about the WoW Trading Card Game. If you'd like to give the TCG a go and you're not sure how it works, this is a great primer.

The second installment can be found here.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Val'anyr - and why I want it to just go away

Warning - this has nothing to do with item mechanics, healing, theorycrafting, or anything remotely informative. This is purely a personal post about things near and dear to me as a player, and will probably just end up as a silly ramble more than anything. Feel free to skip over it if you're not a big fan of that kind of thing.

I wish we could put items on ignore. Once upon a time, it might have been Foror's Compendium of Dragonslaying.

These days, it's Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings.

I don't want to see it, I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to see it linked, I don't want to see screenshots, I don't want to read about buffs or nerfs or anything else that has anything to do with it.

I want it to go away.

It's not sour grapes

You're probably already thinking I'm sulking because I don't have one. Classic sour grapes, right? I suppose it looks that way to most people. Straight-up jealously probably forms a small part of my feelings, I'm sure.. I think it would be silly to try to claim that it has nothing to do with it. But the jealousy over not getting a shiny weapon is a tiny, tiny part of why I feel so bitter when I see it. Few people would believe that, though, I suspect.

The truth is, only a few people close to me would probably appreciate how I really feel about that weapon, what it really means to me, and that I'm not just pouting because I'm not sporting one (and I probably never will).

I never set out to earn it, but I believe I did

I did a lot for my guild. A lot. I didn't do it to be rewarded, or thanked, or celebrated. I loved helping, and teaching, and serving. I enjoyed researching fights, spending hours creating diagrams and plans, stocking the guild bank, and helping people with quests. I helped to keep the forums running, and over time seemed to fill the role of "guild PR".

I helped the newbies, I ran some guild events, dealt with problems in whispers (sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much), ran the recruiting threads, and spent time being a "good influence" on the forums and in dealing with other guilds. I farmed for potions and fish, I brought spare consumables for the healers, I sat out or passed on gear to new people, and I always carried candles, symbols, pet food, bullets, and campfire materials, so that nobody ever got stuck mid-raid without something.

I'll never forget the day in Black Temple when the tank ran out of bullets for pulling, asked if anyone had any, and I put some in a trade window. Better, though, the confusion from the tank and half the raid - wondering why on earth I was carrying bullets around with me. But it was precisely for moments like that - I loved saving the day, making things smoother.

I gave away large amounts of my own bank supplies to help guildies level professions or buy mounts, always loving it when someone asked 'has anyone got a ......' and being able to say, "I have it on an alt, I'll go get it for you". I kept the guild bank tidy, and helped to sell BOEs and other materials to keep our gold supplies up. I ran instances that I didn't want to do and had no need for, purely because someone needed my help.

Everything I had, I gave freely to the guild.

I loved helping, teaching, being a shoulder to cry on or a spare ear to listen, saving the day, coming prepared, supplying what we needed, greasing the guild's wheels, being someone to look up to, and keeping things running.

And while I never, ever did any of that because I wanted recognition, a trophy, a pat on the back or a medal... I believe I deserved that mace the most, and I defy anyone to say that I didn't.

I nearly lost it to a /random

I envy the guilds who are able to unanimously agree that Bob the priest has been around for 3 years, never missed a raid, is a tremendous healer, and he just deserves it hands down, no question. I had to campaign for it. I had to stand up and say no, I'm sorry, but I don't agree with a /roll between all healers, or even a /roll between the "finalists".

There were three of us. All long-standing members of the guild. All with excellent attendance. All good healers, in our different classes and styles. So the majority of the healers said that we were equal and should just /roll.

At the risk of sounding like a brat who wanted the shiny for herself, I put my foot down. All things were NOT equal. If our attendance, dedication, and skill were too difficult to separate, then why wouldn't it come down to the person who had done far and away more for the guild?

Wasn't it obvious?

Val'anyr is more than just a shiny weapon

Even worse was that - even after it was finally agreed by the officers that I would receive the first mace, Blizzard released the patch a week earlier than we expected and I could not get time off to raid on the Wednesday, or I would risk losing my job. The inevitable happened, as I knew it would - a shard dropped, while I was stuck at work, so it defaulted to the only finalist who was able to raid that day, because he didn't work during the day.

I had to fight to convince one officer in particular that it was unfair to then change things and give the entire set of shards to that person purely because he was lucky enough to be there on the day - during a raid time that was not the norm. If I had missed a normal scheduled raid, that would have been my fault - but I could NOT get time off work (and having a sick day would risk my job), and he wouldn't accept that.

The main arguments were "If you really wanted it, you would have found a way to get time off," and "Why is it such a big deal that you get the first one? What does it matter?"

I think that was what drove me crazy, really. Well, two things.
  • that people couldn't recognise the MASSIVE effort I had put into the guild, which in my mind would mean I was the obvious choice, all other things being equal; and

  • that you're DAMN RIGHT the first one is important, how can anyone say that?

It's not just a cool weapon - and I suspect the above argument is typical of people who are more concerned with loot than other issues. That weapon was not important to me because it was orange, or cool looking, or because I'd have lots of people /inspecting me on the Dalaran steps.

It was a testament to just how much I had poured into that guild.

And it hurt so much that I wasn't the obvious choice.

25 fragments short of a guild

But the guild split up. We never killed Yogg without a watcher. We didn't even get to kill him with all of the watchers.

Everyone went their separate ways. Some to hardcore guilds more progressed, others to play with friends. Some quit entirely.

So I will never get my mace. I will never get my trophy.

Instead, I have five fragments sitting in my bag. Five fragments to remind me of the fantastic team I was once part of, that I poured my heart into, but will never get back.

To some people.. it's just a silly weapon in a fleeting game. It doesn't matter. But to me, it symbolises friendships, hardships, hard work, good times, bad times, triumphs.. and everything I gave to my team. It was a small token to say "thank you for everything you've done for us."

You may think it's silly to put so much emphasis on a trivial pile of pixels.. but to me it means so much more than just another item in the game.

And that's the story of Christmas

So, ex-guildmates, friends, rivals, strangers... that is why I get sad when I see those fragments, or see other people with their new maces. It's nothing personal - but I can't help but feel a little bitter, because they have two things that I had, but lost:-

a shiny, orange "we couldn't have done all of this without you"..

..and, more importantly, a family to belong to.

Official word on Vezax and no more Clearcasting

To follow up on my previous post about the apparent nerf to Clearcasting:

Blizzard wrote:
We wanted to make players aware of several changes made to the General Vezax encounter upon the release of patch 3.2, which weren't noted in the official patch notes.

These changes affect both 10-player and 25-player modes. First off, when considering the hardmode of the encounter, the mechanics were overly favoring groups that made heavy use of Restoration druids (Omen of Clarity procs) and “Enhancement” shamans using healing gear (Shamanistic Rage and Improved Stormstrike) to circumvent the mana restrictions. Omen of Clarity will no longer proc for Restoration druids, and Enhancement shamans receive a healing debuff similar to the ones Retribution paladins have had since the encounter’s initial implementation.

Recognizing that this would make the encounter far more difficult for raid groups that have come to rely on those mechanics, we also made changes to ease the overall mana burden when attempting the hardmode. The health of General Vezax and the Saronite Animus was reduced by roughly 25%, and the Animus will now spawn after six Vapors, down from eight, assuming none have been killed.

In addition, prior to 3.2, General Vezax could be very erratic in the use of some of his abilities, leading to long gaps between Shadow Crashes in particular. His behavior in this regard is now more consistent. As a side-effect of this change, in 25-player mode in particular, he will also cast Searing Flames slightly more often – whenever his Fire school isn’t locked out by player interrupts, essentially. Finally, because the “more consistent” Crash use ended up being a bit on the frequent side, a minor hotfix recently increased the period between Crash casts.

(my emphasis)

Edit: oops, it wasn't GC - force of habit! Also edited to include the link.

So there you go, trees - it's official. Any tree-punching on this boss will now be purely for entertainment purposes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wild Growth bug fixed! Wait, no..

Resto druids have a long-standing (it's been months, now) problem with Wild Growth not playing nice with our mouseover macros. The digest version of the story, if you're not aware, is that if you have a dead or out-of-range person targeted and you try to cast Wild Growth using a mouseover macro, the Wild Growth won't fire (you'll just get a "your target is dead" or similar error).

There are ways around it, specifically a /canceltarget macro:
/cast [target=mouseover]Wild Growth
..but it's incredibly annoying to have to use clumsy workarounds when the issue shouldn't be hard to fix (GC even said that himself).

Edit: the above macro may not be correct - if it doesn't work, try this one:
/cast [target=mouseover,noharm,exists] Wild Growth

This one comes from Restokin from a while ago. (PS - ignore my comments on that Restokin post - I thought my own macro at the time worked, but it turned out I was just lucky enough to go a long time without noticing the problem.)

After months and months, druids are still wondering what's going on. Why isn't it fixed? What's the hold-up?

Then GC said this today, and I had to laugh:
I was going to post that we fixed this, because we did. But I'm glad that I didn't because sometime during the 3.2 patch it broke again.

Sometimes when we don't address simple things head on, it's for reasons like this. We'll try to get it fixed (again) as soon as we understand what happened.

It's a serious issue that we want fixed.. but this really made me giggle. Glad they finally gave us word on what's going on, though.

Back to waiting!

I don't think it's much to ask..

Along with big changes rolled out in every patch, there are usually a lot of tiny changes and seemingly insignificant changes to the game; but often these tiny changes are often some of the most anticipated and celebrated.

Recent triumphs in the "finally" category:

- moonglade mailboxes
- being able to track quests that don't have any "objectives"
- turning off XP at will
- updated feral forms
- an extra stable slot for hunters
- flight form affected by Crusader Aura
- potions stacking to 20
- the ability to swap items after a misloot
- Ravasaur mount

With that in mind, here is my list of little things that I really can't see as being terribly difficult to implement.

Blizzard - I don't think it's much to ask:
  • ..that our characters to be sortable on our character collection screen.
  • ..that we have a tabard storage system similar to pets and mounts.
  • ..that we have a better pet/mount UI, with a search function.
  • ..that we have another druid race per faction. It's about time.
  • ..that we might upgrade our original 16 slot backpack.
  • ..that "lowbie" mounts could scale to the speed of our epics.
  • ..that we have a search button on our achievements.
  • ..that Blizzard fix our ongoing mouseover macro issue with Wild Growth.
  • ..that we have a 2000 Fish achievement.
  • ..that we have a 100 pet achievement.
  • ..that Chillmaw be made to be a summoned NPC.
  • ..that we could display the number of quests remaining in Kalimdor and Azeroth by zone.
  • ..that Australia would get its own servers (ha!)

What are yours?

What are the things that you wish would be implemented, and you just don't understand why they're not in the game already - after all, it's not much to ask, right?