Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad tree. Bad.

I have a confession.

Fact: Trash healing in Sunwell with the mob nerfs and player buffs is now ridiculously easy. Read: dull.

Fact: I use Grid + mouseover macros for point-and-shoot healing. It means I can switch targets fast without.. well, switching targets. My mouse can zip over my Grid frames and heal really fast, pew pew. No mouse clicking required. If you haven't tried mouseover macros for healing, you're doing yourself a disservice.


Confession: in Sunwell last night, during a humanoid pull with constant/heavy raid damage, I was pretty bored. Instead of being a good tree and doing things properly, I drew swirlies on Grid with my mouse while rapidly punching my Wild Growth button. Swirlies and squiggles and circles and scribbles - think toddler with fingerpaints. All while mashing that WG blindly.

The result? (other than a screen full of SCT events..)

Hitting 19 people at once and healing for over 9500 in one second of Wild Growth ticks.




Aertimus said...

Oh... mee... gee... Going to try it tonight in SWP.

Keeva said...

Disclaimer: I do not condone or promote "squiggle healing".

(but boy was it funny!!!!!)

trev said...

is that why you let me die on brut :/


Keeva said...

No, that's because I was so lagged that it was literally a slideshow.. at that point I was just tossing heals and hoping they were "landing".

Then I got disconnected, and when I came back, you were dead :(

Milky said...

thanks keevie i now look like a retard... correction

MORE of a retard laughing at my puter when every1 went silent... dam u funny post tho.

help me ingame with mouse over macros kk?

and if u dont know who i am by me called u keevie and nibbling ur earlob then i think ur dumb :)

Keeva said...

1. I knew who you were from your username, before you called me Keevie.

2. Happy to help with your macros anytime :)

3. Very few people get near my ears and live to tell the tale.