Thursday, October 16, 2008

Echoes of Doom: Initial Impressions

I've had a couple of days to play around with the changes in patch 3.0. Here are a few of my intial impressions:


Pet & mount changes:
Thank goodness..
  • Our OOC rez
  • My new horns
  • Mixology
  • Achievements
  • Omen of Clarity
  • Wild Growth
  • Super fast raid clears
  • My Bloodsail Admiral title
  • Spell damage
  • No cooldown on Hurricane
  • No snare on tree form
  • My new pet and mount!
  • Making $$$$$ on herbs
  • Buffing the entire raid with one cast
  • 70 bag slots freed up
  • NS+HT, buffing & decursing in tree
Not loving quite so much: 
  • Potion Sickness and one health stone
  • No cooldown showing on potions - hard to get used to
  • Wild Growth targetting Greater Fire Elementals >_<
  • Struggling to keep up with other healers' spam healing, feeling sad :( Trying to stay positive, things will change.
  • Healing without my normal mods - getting there though!
  • Lag, lag, lag. I'm hoping it will clear up over the next couple of days, because it's awful at the moment.

So far, I'm pretty happy. A couple of my mods are a little broken, but as long as I have Grid, Pitbull, Bindpad and GridStatusLifebloom, I'm fine - I can just turn everything else off. I've gone from being at the top of the meters to near the bottom, but it's impossible to keep up with the raid healers (priests in particular) with all of their buffs. Staying as positive as I can, I know that things aren't very balanced at the moment, and once we head to level 80 our gear won't be as good, mana will be more of an issue, and healing will have to be smarter.

I can't wait to get started on the way to 80!


Blòód said...

Hey Keeva!

I haven't had a prob with healing meters at all... That said, I wasn't raiding sunwell after 3.02 but BT runs still see me at the top of the charts and that is with LB still my number one cast.

While WG is going to see us putting out more total heal numbers (until we get a CD) I think if you look at the amount of overheals those priests are racking up we can be pretty happy with the state of things :-)

A question though - Now that we have Nourish sitting in our arsenal - How do you see this fitting in to your rotations? I'm thinking it renders the glyph of Healing Touch useless but do you think this flash heal will become our number 1?? I certainly hope not... and yes, I know you have only had it for a matter of days like me :P but intitial thoughts are usually good

Keeva said...

From what I've read, glyphed Regrowth is better; but Nourish is cheaper, so if mana becomes an issue, the direct heals inside your HoT rotation might be Nourish instead of Regrowth.

I think efficiency is really all it has going for it at the moment.

Blòód said...

Absolutely, efficiency is the main game and how much we can defy Blizzard while they work to deplete our mana. Thanks for your input :-)