Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally - 8/8

FINALLY. Finally, after wearing the same boots from Hyjal since January, Felmyst finally gave me her booties.

I usually only care about loot that will help my raid team get further - it's very rare for me to covet gear for the looks, prestige, etc. Sure, we all like having shiny purples and having people admire them, and while I do prefer to look nice, my priority is always to improve my gear for my team, not really for me.

I have never had a full set of anything though - I only ever got a couple of pieces of Cenarion, one piece of Stormrage, and I never had a chance at Dreamwalker. Even the dungeon sets eluded me. I had T4 antlers, T5 shoulders and pants, but never a full set.

Finishing my Tier 6 set was what I really wanted to do before WotLK, and I'm so glad I did it - and just in time. I think I earned it this year.


Phaelia said...

Congratulations, and I lurrrrrrrrve the picture!

Keeva said...

It's an accurate re-enactment of what has been happening the last few weeks :P

Aertimus said...


Keeva said...

Thank you :)

Still wearing my pretty SWP dress though.. I like to look pretty.