Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting the hang of Wild Growth

I'm definitely getting the hang of using Wild Growth in my rotations. Here's tonight's Felmyst:

I was 4th on Twins, but spent most of my time spamming on the warlock, so my rotation wasn't so great in terms of weaving in WGs. I did it when I could, but sometimes it was difficult. Nature's Splendor would probably make a difference because my hots could tick for longer and allow me more time for other spells. As "expensive" as GotEM is, I'm definitely grateful for anything that lets me squeeze more casts into my rotation.

It still feels spammy and brainless on trash, but on Felmyst and Twins, WG is definitely a very deliberate and proactive heal. I got used to knowing when the melee were going to take damage, for example, and would throw WG onto them as it happened. That feels pretty good - knowing that you're not just mashing WG and hoping it will land, but actually predicting where to put it next, watching the damage land, and seeing them tick back up straight away. Very satisfying. I'm really looking forward to learning new fights and working out a rotation for each.

If only they would fix the AI..


David said...

I am a new Wild Growth convert. I'm not a raider type, but I did 740,000 healing using primarily WG in an AV!

Keeva said...

740k in one game? Crazy!

I haven't been to AV post-patch - I did so much grinding for all those mounts that I would have been happen to never see another AV or AB again. Unfortunately I haven't done my G.N.E.R.D.S achievement yet - I'll probably do that tomorrow.

I'm thinking Stormpike Graveyard + Wild Growth = Profit!

Emybloom said...

I'm glad you say that, I've been trying to get the hang of the spell and pondering - wasn't even going to spec into it >.<

But yes, Felmyst converted me totally, though doesn't look as though I'll get to play as much as I'd like the next few weeks - so I'll keep nosying here I think :)