Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GridStatusLifebloom 3.0 fix

My guild piled into Black Temple for some laughs - cleared in under 2 hours, 17+ minutes left on enrage for Illidan.

My mods (mostly) survived intact - the most important being Grid and Pitbull - but one of my most crucial mods broke. One that I really can't live without - GridStatusLifebloom. Instead of my usual color-coded timer (red for one, yellow for two, green for 3 stacks) counting down from 7 seconds, the counter was stuck. I couldn't keep them rolling properly because I couldn't tell when they were about to run out. It felt clumsy, as though I was just button mashing.

How things should be

Calico0 on the WowAce forums comes to the rescue with this tip:

A change in 3.0 broke this addon I changed one of its functions to keep mine working:

function GridStatusLifebloom:CountHOTs(unitid)
local maxbuffs = 40
local currentTime = GetTime()
if unitid then
for i = 1, maxbuffs do
local buffName, rank, texture, applications, debuffType, duration, expiryTime, isMine = UnitBuff(unitid,i)
if buffName and expiryTime then
local timeLeft = expiryTime-currentTime
if self:isLifebloom(buffName) then
return applications, timeLeft
return 0,0

Worked like a charm - I got my coloured timers back! To fix yours, exit the game and then:

1. Browse to your your GSL folder, most likely C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\GridStatusLifebloom
2. Make a copy of GridStatusLifebloom.lua (in case you need to restore it)
3. Open up GridStatusLifebloom.lua in notepad
4. Edit > Find - search for "CountHOT" to find the right section of the file
5. Select from "function" through to "end" for that section
6. Paste the new code over the top, save, and go back into the game.

Voila, GSL fixed!


OutlawTorn said...

I'll try it again. I'm starting to think there might be something in my WTF folder that's messing up stuff.

Aertimus said...

Oh God! It shows OTHER peoples lifeblooms too! Any fix for THAT?!