Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Welcome to my little blog. It will mostly be about playing a resto druid and healing in general, but it will likely be littered with other snippets about what I'm up to in the game, such as my pet collection, achievements, my obsession with farming (and fising), playing the AH, mods, general druid stuff and basically anything that catches my interest in the game.

Confession: I also made this blog to help pass the time between now and WotLK. The new achievement system will help with that by giving us things to work towards in the meantime, but I am still feeling very antsy - normally I spend a lot of my time writing boss strategies and other things to help my guild (and friends' guilds), but with raiding on hold for now, I was going a bit crazy. TBJ will be a bit of an outlet so that I don't drive my guildies nuts leading up to the expansion.

About me
My main character is Keeva, a Tauren druid on the Oceanic realm, Caelestrasz, and I am an officer in a raiding guild. I also have a 70 hunter, two other 70 druids on another server (retired), and a bunch of alts over a couple of accounts (I like to multi-box sometimes). Since my first few days in WoW I have played a resto druid, and although I occasionally stray to my alts or play feral solo, I will always be a healer at heart.

I have 4 high-level druids in total, although the two NEs will likely be permanently retired at 70 because I don't play alliance anymore.

I love what I do - healing - and I consider myself very lucky. Not a lot of healers truly enjoy healing. I adore it, and I'm always looking for ways to improve. I'd like to use this blog to share things that may help other druids and healers, because sometimes it is the tiniest piece of information that can really turn your performance around - I can look back and pinpoint several turning points in my gameplay where trivial changes or passing advice resulted in a marked improvement in my healing. I'm not great with numbers though, so for the most part I'll leave the true theorycrafting and number-crunching to the experts, rather than embarrass myself...

I hope you enjoy reading - I'd love to make a few more druid friends :)

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Kalanna said...

Very nice to meet you too and so glad you've decided to start blogging! You've *almost* got me motivated, but I might not need to with your awesome posts. lol