Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post-patch blues

I live in Australia. Whenever we have patches, the servers are usually still down when I leave for work in the morning (whereas in the US, they come back up around the time most people would get home from work - perfect for peak time play). This means that every time we have a patch, particularly the major content patches, I am stuck at work wishing I could be home playing with my new toys.

Except.... every patch has bugs and issues, and invariably I hear stories from friends that their realms are down for hours or they are suffering all kinds of troubles trying to play. Ventrilo is apparently full of people complaining and swearing at the game in its unstable post-patch state.

As a pet and mount collector, I was concerned to read that some people jumped online and "learned" their mounts and companions in order to get their Leading the Cavalry and Shop Smart, Shop Pet Smart achievements (which was my own intention, had my server been up before I left for work) - but then lost them following a disconnect. They just.. disappeared. Worse, BOE pets on bank alts would become instantly bound or go straight to the pet window. My Hyacinth Macaw is sitting on a bank alt at the moment waiting to be transferred - I would be horrified if it became bound to a lowbie mule! I won't be logging onto that one until I'm sure the pet bugs are ironed out.

So I'm stuck at work, horribly jealous....... but at the same time, relieved.

By the time I get home, most of the glitches SHOULD be fixed.

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