Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rats and fish

I came home from work today and found that one of my pet rats, Titch, had died suddenly. She was the youngest of my rats and showed no signs of being ill so it was a big shock and very upsetting. She was such a cheeky little sweetheart and I will miss her very much. I'm a sad panda today.

So I did what I usually do when I am stressed or upset - I fished. I like to throw myself into fishing - you can really zone out, I find it quite cathartic.

I figured I would cross off a few more fishing achievements to keep myself busy. I finished off The Scavenger, and then thought I would go to Stormwind for The Fishing Diplomat, and then I would head to Ironforge to try for Old Ironjaw. Unfortunately I forgot one vital thing: the Stormwind guards are now level 75 and see through my untalented kitty stealth from a million miles away.

I sprinted and threw myself off the bridge leading into Stormwind, healed up and swam under the archways. Here's a tip for those of you trying to do the Diplomat - fishing under those archways (some of them have land inside) counts as being in Stormwind, and you will get credit for the achievement. This saves you having to run into the city.

Sadly I think I will have to wait until 80 to try for Ironjaw. I *could* do a bunch of corpse runs into the city, but that really doesn't appeal, especially since there is no fast way to get to Ironforge should I get tired and decide to try again another day. So instead I think I will put that achievement on hold until I can sneak into the city again.

I did, however, manage to fish up Old Crafty! But for some reason the game wouldn't let me loot him :( I got the achievement, but I still really wanted him in my bank. I put in a ticket but it wasn't answered before the servers went down. I hope the GMs send him to me in the mail.

For now, I'll keep plugging away at the 1000 fish achievement and trying to catch one of the rare fish for One That Didn't Get Away. So many of my alts have these rare fish - but now that I want to fish one up, I'm not having any luck. But... that's okay, in fact I probably prefer it that way, because I just love to sit and fish for hours. I'll likely be slightly disappointed when I've finished all of the fishing achievements.

I'm looking forward to trying for the sewer rat from Dalaran - I love my ratties.

Bye Titchy. <3



Phaelia said...

I'm also a huge fan of fishing, though I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to try to get into Orgrimmar for that particular achievement. Is there perhaps a safer place I could try fishing? Maybe near the less-frequented entrance from Ashenvale?

Good luck on catching your rare fishes, even if it will be a little disappointing to be finished. =)

Keeva said...

That's probably the best bet - I think if you come in from that side, the guards will still spot you but you *should* be able to get far enough in to be able to rez in the valley of spirits (where the water is). Then it's just a case of finding a spot to stand where people won't notice you (and the npcs won't alert the guards).

I'm annoyed that I didn't consider the 75 guards earlier.. now I either have to corpse-run into the city, or wait til 80. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get to Ironforge more easily, but it's a fair trip to get there each time I want to try for Ironjaw. But I suppose it wouldn't be an achievement if I didn't have to work for it! Even so, pvp will be enough of a challenge without having to avoid those 75 guards, so I think I will leave that one for later :)

See, this is another reason we need dual-specs asap, so I could change to feral and have imp stealth!

Einholt said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, me and my partner keep 14 rats and love them to death, and have been relatively lucky in only losing 2 so far, one we had put down due to 3 mamory tumour removals before the last one came back in the same place and we decided to not put her through anymore invasive surgery and to let her go with dignity, and a boy who had mico very badly for 3 months before he ended dying in my arms gasping for breath :(

Our thoughts are with you and incase you hav'nt read this yet heres a link for you for a poem called the rainbow bridge:

Keeva said...

I've had rats for years.. very lucky in the last couple of years that none of them have had to have any surgeries, although for a while there I was joking that I had paid for my vet to renovate his surgery, I was there so often. Titch was actually found by him on his back lawn, she was given to me very scruffy and scared and bitey, but I handled her a lot and she quickly became one of the sweetest rats I've had.

At the same time my vet also gave me two boys that had come in with their tails injured (we suspect someone picked them up by their tails), and both had to have partial amputations. I still have those two boys and another girl, but they are getting old now. I think after these three are gone I will take a break from owning rats for a little while.. although they only live for a few years you just get so attached to them and their little personalities.. it's too heartbreaking.

It's hard to turn them away when people surrender them to my vet though.

Thank you for your message :)