Monday, October 20, 2008

Twins, M'uru - back on top!

I'm so happy - we killed Twins (ridiculously easy fight) and then headed to M'uru. We had a lot of attempts on him, and on all of the longer attempts (~5mil damage) I was either second or sometimes first on the healing meters.

I don't really care at this point whether I "win" on meters or not - I'm just thrilled that we will probably get to kill KJ before WotLK. I had resigned myself to not even killing Felmyst. I have to admit though that now we're here, and I have the reports, it is a huge relief to be back up at the top of the meters after being SO low in BT and Hyjal (sometimes dead last, ugh).

Lifebloom still made up the majority of my healing, rolling on two tanks (with rejuv), and Wild Growth second after that. That's exactly the kind of healing I would love to do in WotLK - still maintaining a buffer of HoTs on a tank (or tanks), but tossing group heals between refreshes. I really have my fingers crossed that this kind of fight will be common - I love being a hybrid tank and raid healer.

I loved it, I'm so happy now!


Phaelia said...

Have you decided what your second spec will be? Do you think you'll go healer/tank? Talk about a guaranteed raid spot! ^^

Keeva said...

Hi Phae :)

We have an overabundance of tanks, so I don't think I will ever need to raid as one - although I do really like the idea of being able to "save the day" by having the flexibility to throw on some tanking gear and help out with trash, for example. I'm really excited about being able to offer more versatility - even if it's just to tank a heroic if we're short at the time.

We've always had the potential to do this, sure, but I always found it annoying to have to port around and respec, so I never bothered going feral very much due to the inconvenience. Now I'll be able to enjoy playing feral solo, as well as offering my guild a spare tank for 5 mans, heroics, and maybe some raid trash.

As much as I like the idea of occasionally tanking bosses, I am the only full-time, reliable resto druid at the moment, so I will always be needed as a tree in raids.

It probably makes more sense to make balance my second spec because of the gear/spellpower synergy, but at the same time, I think I will get more fun and more use out of having two polar specs.
Moonkin has never really interested me much, and even small periods of dpsing in raids is quite dull to me.. so I would rather leave that to the couple of people in the guild who actually love doing it.

I'm definitely very excited - it will add more spice to the game outside of raiding, and I really love the idea of being even more valuable because I can tank, dps or heal at a moment's notice.

What's not to love about us? :)

Aertimus said...

We are going back into SWP tonight. We downed Felmyst and Brut last time we were in there. Thank you for giving me a light at the end of my tunnel, that once we are on somewhat real progression I was have a chance to be useful again!

I'm also really glad to see you hit Phae's blogroll today. This is a great blog, I'm sure everyone will love it. I wish you much traffic : P

Keeva said...

OMG.. I did?

*rushes off to look*


Emybloom said...


Absolutely awesome to hear really, don't mind me- I'm not stalking.... no not at all *hides*

Keeva said...


/wave :)