Monday, October 20, 2008

Wishlist: Attunement checklist

Something that I would really like to see implemented, perhaps as part of the achievement interface, is a way to track your attunements and possibly your unfinished quest chains.

For example, in the past I have on several occasions abandoned a chain part-way through (eg Onyxia, Karazhan, Arcatraz) because I needed the space in my quest log and intended to pick the chain up again later. Predictably, I would then forget which stage of the quest I was at, grr.

And if you have a few alts, like me, sometimes it's hard to remember whether you ever got around to becoming attuned to BWL or Naxx or Onyxia or whatever (again, sometimes the attunements are removed, but I'm sure you see what I'm getting at).

I think it would be wonderful if there could be an Attunements tab in your achievements, showing all of the attunements you have completed (even if they were later removed), plus the ones you have yet to complete (grey). Instead of wondering whether you're attuned for something, you could just look up your attunements list and know for certain. Each attunement could then drop down to show which parts of the quest chain you had completed, and the last stage that you were at (it wouldn't show the parts that you are yet to complete because that would be cheating a bit - well, kinda - wowhead shows those parts anyway). Just so you could say, "ah yes, I remember now, I killed that dragon and collected the Scepter of Awesome, then I was up to the part where I talk to that guy at the bottom of the lake" and pick it back up from there.

There are, of course, druid-specific benefits: how many of us decided to go back for our Aquatic form or Swift Flight Form at a later date? I completed most of the flight form chain but didn't do Heroic Sethekk for months (laziness). It would have been nice to be able to open up a window and check which part I had to go back and do.

Wouldn't that be nifty? Not only for the convenience of being able to finally pick things up and finish them, but also so that you could go and complete all of the attunements that don't necessarily finish with a key in your keyring. Just to check them off your list. That would be a bonus to achievement-nuts who like to complete everything and tie up loose ends.


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