Friday, October 17, 2008

Things I hate to hear druids say - #1

Y'know, one of the things that I can't stand to hear druids say is, "Lifebloom spam is boring and takes no skill".

Irritated tree is irritated.

I've never "spammed" Lifebloom. How do you spam it anyway? Spamming refers to mindlessly casting something over and over. I assume they are referring to rolling Lifeblooms on 4-5 people (meaning that you have no space in your rotation for any other spells). But how often are we required to do that? Not very often at all. I never had any need to roll lifeblooms on more than three people at once, rarely more than two, really. That left plenty of time to do other things - Rejuvs, Swiftmends, a Regrowth here and there, decursing, etc. I can't think of a time that I've ever stood in one spot and just rolled Lifebloom and nothing else.

I'm a firm believer that healing is as fun and challenging as YOU make it. Lifebloom isn't supposed to be "spammed". It's not about mashing a button over and over without thinking. I love the fact that Druid healing is a mixture of pre-emptive heals and thinking on your feet to react to spike damage or damage in the raid. I like keeping HoTs rolling on the tank/s constantly and still being able to save the day with an emergency heal on someone.

Basically, I'm always doing whatever I can to push out as much healing as I can between those Lifebloom refreshes - I don't just blindly refresh Lifebloom and do nothing else. I have tight rotations and squeeze everything I can into those few seconds. That IS fun and DOES take skill - if you make it that way.

I honestly think that the majority of people complaining that they've been forced to spam Lifebloom are settling. They have resigned themselves to cycle Lifeblooms on the tank/s and not bother to try to do more. They do their job, and nothing more. They possibly don't bother to time refreshes carefully in order to be able to cast well-timed heals in between. They just Lifebloom, Lifebloom, Lifebloom.


Can you get by just doing the bare minimum and "spamming"? Sure, most likely - especially if you have gear. But why on earth would you want to? Why bother playing if you could essentially put a brick on your keyboard and end up with the same result?

Someone wake me when things get interesting..

For me, progression is not just about a group of 25 people killing a new boss. I also have to come out of that kill knowing that I did my job and I squeezed every last bit of healing out that I possibly could. You will never find me "going through the motions". Adequate performance will never be good enough for me - I am always looking for ways to do more.

I think the problem is that too many people think that using one or two spells exclusively makes you a spammer, and that's false. Spam implies mindless button-mashing with no thought, no knowledge, and no care. Good players don't spam. Druid healing can be fast-paced, challenging and extremely fun. Alternatively.. it can be dull, dull, dull.

Ultimately though, it's your choice.


Aertimus said...

When people say they are spamming lifebloom they have got to be talking about one of two things: 1) Throwing a LB on every random raid member who takes damage, which is really mindless, and since buffs to regrowth, isn't always the best thing to do. Or 2) Rolling LB, which IS mindless (yet horribly horribly efficient)if you are rolling on 4 tanks (why I hate Hyjal), but is ANYTHING but if you are rolling on 3 or less tanks - For exactly all the wonderful reasons you listed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 2 or 3 tank fights, with the challenge of keeping LB up on multiple tanks while trying to pump out some raid or OT healing. I LIVE for multi-tank fights! (Okay, maybe thats a LITTLE extreme, but it sure is close!)

Keeva said...

Me too, Illidari Council was my favourite fight in BT because I would keep LB & RJ on two tanks, possibly LB on the mage tank, and throw emergency heals on whoever the rogue poisoned.

I've never been in a situation where I've had to sit and roll LB on more than 3 people - there's never been any need to. But even if there is, the number of fights that you'd have to do that on would be very limited, so it's hardly as if we have to do it all the time (which would be boring, yes).

I sincerely hope that there are more fights in WotLK where we have to keep hots on several people and still squeeze in some direct heals or raid healing between refreshes. It's my favourite :D