Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cruel, cruel internets - why must you thwart me?

I missed out on my chance at the Vampiric Batling pet from the new boss in Karazhan. All signs point to him disappearing at next maintenance, so I've missed out. Hmph.

There were two chances to get him; last week I had organised a "speed clear challenge" for my guild, so most people already had a Kara team when the new boss appeared. That was cool though, there was still the following week to grab my little bat pet, which is a 100% guaranteed drop for everyone in the raid. I just told everyone I would get him next reset.

We pulled a team together last night and went in to kill him, but I was having a lot of trouble with my connection, and kept dropping in and out. I was disconnected as we were standing outside his chamber, and when I got back, he was dead. My guildies didn't realise I had been cut off before the pulled him. Sadly, since I wasn't there for any of the fight, I missed out on the pet, and since we had killed Attumen, I am now saved to Kara and can't try again.

So that's that - I guess that's one pet that I will have to cross off my collection.


I didn't want the stupid stinky bat anyway. *pout*


Anea said...

That's disappointing! Hopefully your wow-luck will make it up to you some other way!

Keeva said...

Well, I did get the HH mount and pet, so I shouldn't be too sulky :)

Aertimus said...


Keeva said...


Anonymous said...

Paw Paw Keeeevie

Keeva said...

I know.

And people know I'm such a huge pet collector, so they keep saying, "Hey Keeva, did you get your bat?"


Keeva said...

PS - have you seen my HH mount?

It's awesome.


trev said...


Anonymous said...

You should open a ticket. The gms might be able to fix this for you.