Monday, November 10, 2008

Hoarded quests WILL give XP after WotLK release

Blizzard has confirmed that quests completed before the expansion but turned in after you upgrade WILL give experience.

Q u o t e:
I'd assume I'd get XP, because the XP-or-gold determination is made at hand-in, not while performing the task.



NB: some people are misinterpreting this and saying that you shouldn't waste your time doing daily quests because Northrend quests give 20k xp each. That's fine; but when people mention this, they are not talking about ignoring Northrend for a couple of hours in favour of doing TBC dailies instead. They are referring to doing 25 dailies this week and keeping them in your log. Then, on Thursday, after you upgrade to WotLK, you zip around and hand them in (15-20 minutes tops) for somewhere in the vicinity of 20% of a level.

I already have a list of which dailies are the most beneficial, and a plan for where to park my toon and how to whip around to hand them in on the day.

20% of a level for around 15 minutes work is definitely worth it, in my opinion.

Edit: Here is the list I put together a while ago. You may find it helpful - there are still a few days left to get your dailies done!


If you have all the Netherwing quests, my suggestion is:

- park at Netherwing ledge (or use your BT neck if you have one), hand in quests
- hearth to Shatt, port to the Isle, hand in quests
- use your scroll to get back to Shatt, hand in quests
- port to Orgrimmar or Stormwind and head to Northrend

Make sure you do the quests ahead of time (don't do dailies on release day, that is not a good use of your time as Northrend quests are worth a lot more). This should only take 15-20 minutes to zip around and hand them in, since you can port to the major quest hubs.

If you are able to do the Netherwing daily quests, this is the list of quests you should aim for.

Call to Arms: AV 12000 (EoTS is 12,300, the others are less. AV probably the easiest)
Cooking 12650 (lolwtf)
Multiphase Survey (Nagrand) 9500
Sunfury Attack Plans (Netherstorm) 9500
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal (BEM) 9500

Include Gaining the advantage (gathering) 12650
Exclude Maintaining the Sunwell Portal (BEM) -9500

Isle of Quel'Danas
Rediscovering your Roots 15800
Further Conversions 9500
Arm the Wards! 9500
The Battle Must Go On 9500
The Air Strikes Must Continue 9500
Know your Ley Lines 12650
Keeping the Enemy at Bay 12650
Crush the Dawnblade 12650
Don't Stop Now 12650
Atamal Armaments (SMV) 15800
Disrupt the Greengill Coast 12650
Open for Business 12650

Netherwing Ledge
Deadliest Trap 15800
Picking up the pieces 15800
Dragons are the Least of our Problems 12650
Netherwing Crystals 12650
A Slow Death 12650
Not so Friendly Skies 12650
Booterang 12650
Disrupting the Twilight Portal 12650

Include Nethercite Ore/Pollen/Flayer Hides 12650
Exclude Multiphase Survey (Shatt/Nagrand) -9500

TOTAL XP: 306,150 (312,450 if you have a gathering profession)

You'll be short 8 extra quests. Substitute:

Blast the Gateway 9500
Blood for Blood 12650

Banish More Demons 12650
Bomb Them Again 10100
Wrangle More Aether Rays! 12650

Fires over Skettis 12650
Escape from Skettis 9500

Include Gaining the Advantage (Shatt - gathering) 12650

TOTAL QUESTS: 24 (25 if you're a gatherer)
TOTAL XP: 278,350 (281,500 if you have a gathering profession)


Daily instance
Daily instance - Heroic

The Relic's Emanation



Anonymous said...

Hi Keeva /wave
You're a pretty tauren

70 Tauren Shaman

Aertimus said...

Darn it! I thought I was almost done with my pre-wrath to-do list!

Brian said...


Just one more thing to make sure I do before the big day! Guess doing the rep dailies will have some purpose!

My only wish is that the servers are up and running smoothly by tomorrow =/.

Keeva said...

Lots of people are mad at me for posting this :P

If the servers are up tonight when I get home from work, the plan is to finish off my 25 dailies - I had to drop some to be able to go around finishing my Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms this week.

Brian said...

One question, if I can't do the cooking quest, should I just try and do something that gives the equivalent? I'm probably gonna just shoot for Gaining the Advantage.

Keeva said...

Pretty much, yep. Gaining the Advantage is a good one.

trev said...

I picked all the highest turn in quests. I have the BT neck and will start out handing in quests at ogrila then dashing over to HFP to hand in the blood quest. Once that is done i will port to BT and hand in my netherwing dodads, hearth / hand ins via SSO and Shat. Then hi ho on my way to Northrend we go.

Also hows the instance updates going :D WE RUN TOGEVA K!!!!

Hjalte said...

Some of my guildies are claiming that dailies doesn't provide experience. How can you know that they will?

Keeva said...

The quote at the start of my post is a Blizzard poster confirming it. If you click on the part that says "Blizzard has confirmed" it will take you to the blue post :)

Tormentd said...

Great guide, Keeva.

YeOldeGit said...

Hooray indeed! Now if only those Netherwing quests weren't so frustrating (yes, I'm looking at you, A Slow Death).

Anonymous said...

Confirmed in-game. However, as smug as I was for my 95k xp right off the bat (for Netherwing quests), turning in a quest from Utgarde Keep for 25k and one for 40k kind of shut my mouth.


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good post :)