Thursday, November 27, 2008

Malygos down

So I was Keeva, Conqueror of Naxxramas for a day; now I'm Keeva the Magic Seeker. :)

Now to gear my character, level my fishing, do some heroics, level my hunter to farm for me, grind some reps, and work on some achievements until Ulduar!


Aertimus said...

Does it feel really backwards to be doing all that stuff that was historically done to HELP with clearing content, AFTER the content has been cleared? I'm very nervous about what this game has in store for me come level 80.

Congrats however on both those titles! I'm glad Blizz gave a reward to server firsts.

Scruffie, 80 Tauren Resto Shaman said...

Grats Keevs.
Glad to see i got a blog to read today, even though its only small. My guild finally has enough ppl to do some heroics, which we have been smashing through. its progress for us, but nothing compared to what you guys are doing. BIG GRATS

Blòód said...


It was probably the only wanted spam I have seen in a long time. My guild and I harmoniously cheered for you and your team, while some were kinda in awe and amazement.

Nice work!

80 Tauren Druid

Keeva said...

Aww.. thanks guys :D

Sorry about the spam :P

erumel said...

Congratulations! =)

Anea said...

Good job! I'm so jealous! Magic Seeker is such a great title.

Keeva said...

Aertimus - yes, it is a bit strange to do things in a backwards kind of way. At the moment I am filling my time with heroics for badges and rep, and then fishing for buff food, and levelling my hunter because she is my herb-feeder. It's very odd to "finish the game" and then go back to finish your gear and rep..

Anea - isn't it? I wore "Bloodsail Admiral" for a while, but then lots of people went and got it and it lost a lot of its appeal. The Magic Seeker is an awesome title! I missed the Obsidian Slayer one, so I'm really happy to have this one.