Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes, he's not just for Halloween. I know.

So apparently Tenris Whats-His-Face is still in Kara. Not sure why - Blizzard said he would be around for "about 10 days" which coincided approximately with Tuesday's reset, which is why I assumed I had missed my chance.

Then a friend told me on Wednesday that he had just killed the boss again. After I stopped hyperventilating I posted a very eloquent thread on my guild forums to politely ask for assistance to go and get my pet bat. *cough*

We went in after Sunwell and I kept bouncing on the spot to show I was still online. We started the fight, and about 10 seconds in, I disconnected AGAIN. What is up with my net, geez..

But.. I was there for the pull, and made it back just as he died, so I got my bat. Everyone cheered and we all went home, the end!

<3 to my guildies for accommodating me :P


Aertimus said...

aw! They must have much love for the tree.

Anonymous said...
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Kae said...

Awww congrats! I felt bad for you when I saw you'd missed it. He's quite cute for a little blood-sucking batling, but as a tree druid, I suppose the blood-sucking thing is not as much an issue :D