Friday, January 30, 2009

And now, we wait

Keeva only needs a few final upgrades now, and to be honest, I'm in no rush to get them. Probably because I know that if she has nothing in particular to work towards, I'll be even more bored as I wait for new content.

As a raider and as a guild officer, I really feel our biggest challenge now is keeping everyone interested in the weeks to come, until Ulduar arrives. It's a big concern for me that our raiders may get bored in the meantime.

A lot of people are turning to alts. And why not; Naxx is easy to run, and even 25 man content is puggable. Now is probably an ideal time to level alts, while we're clearing content in two of our four raid nights and we're often left looking for things to do. Later, there may not be as much time.

I have a few alts. I actually have several accounts; but only a few alts that I play on a regular basis. I have little to no interest in raiding on them, as most people do; they are mostly for farming or crafting, and for a little fun on the side.

Here are my babies:

This is my hunter, Earka. I love female orcs so much, I think she is really pretty (no, really). She is my mining & herbalism alt, and I need to get organised and level her to 77+ so she can spend most of her days in Sholazar. My gorilla, Emma, is a bit unruly and makes me frustrated at times, but she's funny and I love her.

I wish I wanted to do more with my hunter than just farm, because I really like playing her. I just have no desire to do instances or raiding with my alts.

And this is my baby mage, Thawm. He was a Refer-a-Friend baby, dragged around by my feral druid to level. He just hit Hellfire, and I quickly learned that wearing 35 greens and trying to kill stuff in Outland doesn't work so well. It's ok though, I spent some time in the AH and now he has a delightfully mismatched set of gear that is.. adequate. Please, if you feel the need to inspect him or look at my armory, don't judge me too harshly. That refer-a-friend deal is great, but it really makes you look bad when you hit 60...

He is my JC/enchanting alt (read: prospecting slave). He used to live in Dalaran, prospecting ore daily, but I felt like picking him back up and levelling him, particularly with the JC dailies in mind. So he's on his way up - and so far it has been cake. The nerf to levelling 60-70 is very obvious. Pew.

I also have a level 64 feral druid that I miss a lot, but I shelved her after the announcement of the development of dual specs. I used to have double druids because I hate respeccing; so I had a full-time resto druid for raiding and a full-time feral for fun and profit. Now though, why would you - I can pick up unwanted 25man feral gear - epics - and change specs with dual spec anytime I want. But I miss her a lot and feel sad that she got all the way to mid-60s and no further. Oh well.

Apart from these alts for fun and farming, I also fish (for money and stockpiling), play the AH, and do the odd few dailies depending on my mood. I have a few reps left to do (working on Timbermaw at the moment), and some achievements, so hopefully I'll be able to stay interested until Ulduar.

Already though, I feel very antsy and want new bosses to conquer. I don't feel right unless I'm really working towards something, nutting out strategies, plugging gear into spreadsheets, photoshopping diagrams...

*bites nails impatiently*


Bell said...

I understand about the recruit-a-friend thing; my little warlock was still wielding her level 19 blue staff when I hit Outlands. Don't worry; you'll gear up fast!

Anonymous said...


Believe it or not I've been "following" Tree Bark Jacket since Phaelia had it on her new blog listings. I try to get as much information on resto as I can to make my play better. I very much do love the work (especially the random stuff like the mount and cooking guides). Best of luck on finding those random things to do while waiting for new content!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keevs,
No way you have a female orc hunter. Mine is lvl 64 lol. they are just so cute.

Dropbears of Funk

Anonymous said...

hi, know exactly what you mean. if we're not going for s3d then we could almost finish raiding in 1 night for the week...

i have exactly the same thoughts with my feral druid. shes currently 71 and just sitting in darnassus, i log her once a week to 'discover' a new alch recipe. for the first time in his lifetime, krizkin is picking up feral loots... i feel so dirty

if you haven't yet keeva, you should really start a DK and at least do the startup quests. great for the story line, it was the first thing I did once i got home with wotlk. Kryzt is now 80 and tanking heroic raids ;) and my hunter is 20% to lvl 73 almost entirely off JC/cooking dailies... haha