Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best patch ever.

And here's why:

It really is like a laser now. All it needs is a space invaders-style "pew" noise to go with it.


Aurik said...

o.o.... woooooaaaaww....That is very pretty - I didn't realise they were changing the graphics.


I may be spending some time on my druid today looking at pretty lights...


Keeva said...

Go forth and moonfire random thingies!


Jason said...

That's no moon... it's a space station!

Anonymous said...

Holy Shi-!

SpaceStationLazerFire GO!

Now if only they could make druid forms as pretty as that!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone say SHOOP DA WOOP?

Meg said...

I spy Tony Manero, and he's stayin' alive.

Anonymous said...

After seeing this post yesterday, I then went into Naxx and pestered our boomkin mercilessly to moonfire stuff so I could see the moon on top.

I even went so far as to whisper her after I took an unfortunate slap from Razuvious (fumbling priests) and spent the rest of the fight dead.

I giggled and squirmed and screenshotted and laughed and made a general nusiance of myself the whole night :D