Monday, January 26, 2009

Grid followup: copy my layout

Since my post on setting up HoTs and Lifebloom in Grid, I've had lots of messages asking how to actually get the rest of my layout. So rather than reply to everyone with the same info, I thought I would post it here.

This is just a basic explanation of how I set up my widths and text and whatnot, I won't go into extra addons like mana bars or how do set up individual debuffs, how to set the border as your aggro alert, etc. If people need help doing these I might do another entry in the near future.

For now though - I'm just going to show you my settings to get the same "look" as my current setup:

You can experiment with things like scale, width, text size etc - but here are my settings if you'd like to directly copy what I have. I've posted pictures of each screen so if you're confused about the options I have listed, you can just directly copy what I have in each screen.

1. Layout
Padding = 1 (space between boxes)
Spacing = 0
Scale = 2
Border = set to 0% opacity
Background = set to 0% opacity

Note: you may find you can't drag the Grid frames around if you have Padding set to 1. If you want to move it, temporarily set the Padding to something higher and then to drag, put your cursor in a blank space between two of the frames and then click & drag. Later, you can reset your Padding.

2. Frame
Center Text Length = 5 (length of names)
Invert Bar Color = checked
(Checking this box makes the frames coloured to match each class. If you uncheck this box, the frames will be dark, with the text matching the colour of the class.)

3. Frame > Advanced
Enable Center Text 2 Indicator = checked
Enable Health Bar Color Indicator = checked
Icon Border Size = (I don't use icons)
Icon Size =
Enable Icon Cooldown Frame =
Enable Icon Stack Text =

Corner Size = 6
Font = Friz Quadrata TT
Font Size = 8
Frame Height = 23
Frame Texture = Gradient
Frame Width = 44
Orientation of Frame = Horizontal
Orientation of Text = Vertical

4. Frame > Advanced > Corner Text
Corner Text Font Size = 7
Corner Text Font = Friz Quadrata TT

The most common question I've had is how to make it so that all your texts fit into your frames without being cluttered. Various things will govern this:

1. Overall Scale (see step 1)
2. Center Text Length (see step 2)
3. Font Size (see step 3)
4. Corner Text Font Size (see step 4)

If your scale is set high and your fonts are all high also, you will run out of space and they will start overlapping with each other. Try experimenting with the font sizes and center text length to see what is best. Some people have the center text only 2 or 3 letters long (because they know who people are in their raid, and don't need the full names). Make sure the names and texts aren't too small - you still need to be able to read them easily - but see how small you can make it to save space and avoid overlapping.

You can also make your frame width slightly wider if you need to fit more information in, or if you need to use slightly larger fonts to be able to see them more easily.


It's really quite hard to cover every aspect of Grid in one big tutorial, because there are just so many different ways to do things.

I'm always happy to answer questions though - if there is something specific you'd like to do with your Grid or you're not sure how I've set something up, please let me know and I'll try to help :)


Kender said...

Thanks Keeva - great post!

Bigheart said...

Thanks for the info! I would have figured it out eventually but your post made it a cinch! I just found your blog about a week ago and have already gleaned info. Thanks

Starlightw said...

is anyone else having problems with the border surrounding the entire raid/party? any idea of ow to get rid of this greatly appreciated :)

Aertimus said...

When people ask me "How do you set up your grid that way?" my mind swirls and my only answer is "Over a year of play time and over 10 hours of intensive Grid configuring and reconfiguring" (Initial download and patch 3.0 mostly.) Good job explaining yours and attempting to transfer what I know is meant to be a VERY personalized thing.

Paean said...

Thanks great post

Drogo said...

Dear Keeva
I hit 80 about 7 days ago (on Cael) and have been healing only 5 man groups prior to this.

I tried to heal a 10 man VOA, and it didn't go so well (they tried to 9 man him against my advice) I was using the standard UI and they refused to put me in the tanks group. I found tabbing the only useful way to switch targets as Archavon has such a big arse. Though I have now figured out I should have set focus on the tank.

Is there some beginners guides that you could point me in the direction of. A preconfigured UI would be a great help. I have looked at grid & healbot and am totally confused.

Also comments on my spec/gear would help.

My main is a rogue and is 100 times easier to play!



Anonymous said...

Having the patience of an ADD kid hooked up on red smarties I found the grid settings overwhelming.

Thanks for a good start.

I'm having difficulty getting the names to show when people are dead.

It just shows DEAD

Pugged NAXX25 and was told to b-res a specific person. Thing is there was more than half the raid down.

By the time i found the person it was to late.

Any advice would be good

Keeva said...

To show the name and "DEAD", you'll need two center texts enabled (so make sure you enable "Center Text 2".

Set your first center text to the person's name, and the second center text (which usually shows things like your lifebloom counter, or health deficit number) to "death warning".

That should give you the name + DEAD side by side if you use horizontal layout, or name with DEAD under it if you use vertical layout.


Aertimus said...

Another option, if you prefer only one row of text, as I do (I found two rows info overload): Uncheck the death warning for your center text and pick something else to show when they are dead. In my case I set grid up so their box turns gray and has a pick outline when they are dead.

So Keeva has definitely mentioned the easiest solution, but don't forget that there are a thousand grid options!

Keeva said...

There really are so many..

You could assign a red border to their frame.

You could make their frame turn grey.

You could assign a colored corner square.

So if you don't want to use texts.. experiment with those different options to show who needs a rez :)

That's going to be a problem when I do my comparison of the big raid UIs.. I can't POSSIBLY cover all the options available - so I'm just going to go through the stuff I personally need or like to see, and assess whether I can do that with the other mods.

There are just way too many options and modules to go through everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keeva,

Love the blog and info.

Just curious though I noticed you have a separate bar for raid pets. Could you please share how you do that?

Aertimus said...

I got one for you - as of 3.1 I can't see mana bars... like the option used to be under Frame Alpha and it isn't there anymore... Ideas?

Aertimus said...

Hmm... it randomly fixed itself on one of my many "BRB Restarting to Save My Mods"... I have NO idea how I fixed it, so I hope no one else has this problem!

Keeva said...

Mine seemed to come and go. Sometimes it would be fine, other times it would display our other druid's hots.

My LBs are fine because I still use GridStatusLifebloom (despite it being redundant).. but not being able to see if that's my rejuv or the other's ... argh. Must fix.

Aertimus said...

I feel SO much better because I am having EXACTLY the same problem. (And if you are having it, I feel slightly justified.) Every time I think I got it fixed it shows other druid buffs. If I change ismine to unitcaster in the lua file one more time... I might just repec Boomkin. Sometimes it isn't saving I guess.

Good news is mana bars seem to be stable.

Keeva said...

This is the fix from EJ and the forums:
It didn't work last night for me - it removed ALL counters (eek).

BUT - I'm not sure which version of GSH I have though, so it may be that i need to download 3.11 first, perhaps I don't have it and that's why the fix isn't working.

Or maybe I pasted it wrong or something.

More testing tonight, and if we find the proper fix, I'll blog it ASAP.

I feel crippled without accurate timers.

Aertimus said...

I downloaded the version from Feb 12th, because Gridreadycheck was busted and now its built in, so I had to download the new version to fix it.

Well I just tried link you put in, and screwing around in Dalaran with 3 other druids, it is working. But I have not brought it into a raid situation, let alone a crashing raid... I have seen it fixed before tonight and unfixed 2 attempts later, so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. I will try it out in some 10 mans tomorrow, but let me know if you can get it to work!

Also - my lifebloom never broke either, so gridstatuslifebloom seems to be the safe way to go for lifebloom, if anyone else is looking for fixes.

Dennis said...

Hi thanks!
I first off, Thanks! its great. I was also wondering if you ever made a follow up post on how to set up personal debuffs and stuff. thanks!

Kitias said...

Is there any way I could get you to post your Grid.lua. That would make everything a lot faster for everyone new to grid that want your setup. Thanks

Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

good post :)

Anonymous said...

Keeva it's Holy from GH.. I want to know how you got the mana bars on your grid mine has no option for it.

Briez said...

I set up my Grid on my druid they way I wanted it, everything is fine. I log on my priest and instead of the box being white for the class color, it's just black with my name in white and I can't figure out how to fix it or why it's doing that. Would love some help please! Thanks

Keeva said...

Hi Briez - look for the "invert bar color" option - see in step 2? It sounds as though you might have that turned off, which gives black bars and coloured names. If you check that box, you'll get coloured bars.

Briez said...

Thanks, I did have it checked but the box was still black, however when I reset the profile and started over from scratch it worked.

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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JJ said...

Thanks a ton for this. Love grid for my shammy and priest but was stuggling for a setup to track all the hots for druid.

Yours is perfect. TY!

JJ said...

Thanks a ton for this. Love grid for my shammy and priest but was stuggling for a setup to track all the hots for druid.

Yours is perfect. TY!