Sunday, January 18, 2009

How-to Grid: HoT tracking

I've always tracked Lifebloom on Grid, but for some reason could never get GridStatusHots to work properly for me to show my Rejuv and Regrowth in a meaningful way. Instead, I had a purple corner square and a green corner square, to tell me who had Rejuv and Regrowth on them.

It was an alright band-aid solution, but had two problems; a) I couldn't discern my own HoTs from someone else's, and b) I had no way of knowing how long was left on the HoTs - all the corner dots told me was that there was a HoT active. The fact that it showed other people's HoTs meant that I often saw a purple corner square and thought my Rejuv was still up - when in fact it was someone else's. Not good!

So for a while I used HoT trackers - bar style trackers that would show all the HoTs that you have on various targets. They're great, but it's hard to watch two different chunks of information at once - moving your gaze from Grid to HoT bars and back isn't very efficient and you can't really process the information quickly. I prefer to have all of the data right on Grid, so I don't have to look to different places for different info.

GridStatusHots was updated recently and works like a charm (really not sure why I had trouble before, plenty of people swore by it). So now that I have updated, this post is to show you how to get all of your HoT counters onto Grid (without clutter).

My setup

Here's what I have right now:

As you can see, I have counters showing for Rejuv, Regrowth, and Lifebloom. I don't bother with a counter for Wild Growth because it is so short and to be honest I don't really need to know how long is left on it, just whether it is up. Druids who lean more towards raid healing may want a WG timer for when the patch goes live and you are using WG+Nourish on the raid. This is just personal preference.

From the above picture I can see that the druid has 12 seconds of Rejuvenation, 21 seconds of Regrowth, and 5.8 seconds of a triple stack of Lifebloom remaining. The warrior has two stacks of Lifebloom (yellow) and the pally only has one (red). I can also see who has aggro, buffs, etc.. but that's a story for another day.

Addon modules you'll need

1. GridStatusLifebloom
- shows the Lifebloom counter, coloured by the number of stacks on your target (red=1, yellow=2, green=3).

2. GridStatusHots
- shows your other HoT counters, coloured by time remaining (green>yellow>red as the timer approaches zero).

3. GridIndicatorCornerText
- allows you to add counters to the corners of your Grid squares.

How to set things up


Edit: I think GSHoTs will do this for you if you want, but I've never used it for Lifebloom and really like GSL. If you don't want to use two mods, you can follow the above instructions for Rejuv/Regrowth and copy them for Lifebloom, but I haven't tried this myself so I'm not sure how it would display.

1. Make sure you have "Center Text 2" enabled. This allows you to have both the target's name and another set of information (in this instance, Lifebloom - but it could be "DEAD", "FD", "OFFLINE", their health deficit.. etc).
Click here to see how to enable.

2. To set up your Lifebloom counter, you need to set Center Text 2 to show "Lifebloom duration".
Click here to see how to enable.

3. Next, check that your Lifebloom stack colours are correct. I set mine to be red when I have only one LB up, yellow for two, and green means I have three stacks and can just keep refreshing them from now on.
Click here to see how to set these colours up.

NOTE: If you use Center Text 2 for multiple things (in my case I use it for death warning, FD, offline warning and health deficit) make sure you set those things to a lower priority (eg 80%) and set your Lifebloom counter priority to 99%. This means that your Lifebloom counter will always override the other texts that you show in Center Text 2. Do this in the same window as your colour settings.

Rejuv & Regrowth

1. In the Frame menu, select "Corner Text Top Left". Check the "My Rejuvenation" button. Repeat this for "Corner Text Top Right" and My Regrowth. Obviously you can pick different corners if you wish.
Click here to see where to find these options.

2. Now for the complicated part. For Regrowth and Rejuv, you'll need to set your base colours and define when the counters should change colour from your base colour to red, to warn you that it has almost expired. I also turn off the option to show how many HoTs are on the target - I find this isn't really useful information for me, but that's personal choice again.

First, click on the coloured squares to set up your colours. The top square is your "base" colour - when you cast your HoT on someone, the counter will show up in this colour initially.

Next, the two other coloured squares are for the colours that will show you that your HoT is running down and will expire soon (by default these are yellow and then red). If you don't want them to change colour, just set them to match the first colour.

Finally, you can adjust the timers that decide when the colours change - so if you would like it to turn red at 1 second left, you can set it to do that.

And that should be it - now you can see Rejuv, Regrowth and Lifebloom on your targets easily, and see at a glance how long each has left, along with how many stacks of Lifebloom you have and when to refresh.

If you're a chronic early-refresher like me, it should go a long way to helping you break the habit and refresh when you should be, saving a bunch of mana. If you have the Regrowth glyph, it will also help to make sure you don't lose your current Regrowth ticks prematurely and lose the 20% bonus.

Happy HoTting! :)

Edit: You should also check out Phae's post at Resto4Life - it's very thorough and goes through a lot more setup options (not just HoTs).


Aertimus said...

Interesting that GridStatusHoTs wasn't working for you... I wonder what mod it wasn't playing well with... I fall into that category of swearing by it. I got it for exactly the reason you mentioned - I was sick of not knowing if I was looking at my HoTs or somebody else's. When did this corner counter come out? I think I must go look into that. I'd like to know what other awesome stuff you have your grid configured for. I've spent hours and hours setting mine up and I'm thrilled with all the info I can fit in one little box.

Aertimus said...

I had to get the new version of GridStatusHoTs to be able to turn off the counter and I had to move around my Gridmanabars, but it looks like it is working well. I'm off to Violet Hold to try it out. Thanks for the heads up on that addon!

Keeva said...

I can't really remember why it wasn't playing nicely with the other kids - it was quite a while ago that I tried it and since it wouldn't do what I wanted, I pushed it aside.

Much like the fact that I disliked the way the original Healbot chose heals for you I believe, so I decided forever that Healbot was bad.

I know that a big turnoff for me with GSH was the counter. I don't really understand the point of being able to see that there are 8 HoTs on your target - maybe if you're trying to make sure the other healers are putting HoTs up as they're supposed to? Or is it more for raid healing to see that there's already a HoT on them?

I just never saw the application and it was a huge amount of clutter. My Grid is fairly small but already had two lots of text and four corners, I couldn't afford text overlapping.

The new version let me ditch that feature and I love my new display. Now I can easily see all three of my HoTs and their timers all in the one place - very happy with it - and I wanted to share in case someone else wanted the same kind of display.

Glory said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, I can finally get rid of Lifebloomer mod and have all my information in one place!

Just one thing though, your image link to show lifebloom colour settings is linking to the wrong image.

Also, for some reason I can't get that part working for me, I can only see Lifebloom information if I select My Lifebloom instead of Lifebloom Duration, any ideas why that might be?


Keeva said...

OOPS! The dangers of cutting and pasting links late at night.. Thanks so much for letting me know - I've fixed that picture up now.

If My Lifebloom is working - I would say just go with that.

GSHots works in a similar way as far as I know (meaning you probably don't need GSLifebloom) but GSL is what I know and like using. I haven't really played around with Lifebloom in GSHoTs, I just stuck with GSL.

Is My Lifebloom displaying in a way that you like? Or is it not what you wanted?

Have you got the newest versions of everything? Older versions of GSL don't play nice with Nature's Splendor and the Lifebloom glyph - they will mess up your timer display.

Hope this helps :)

Greylane said...

I'm having the same issue as @Glory -- the Lifeb* buff's aren't showing, only the My* ones. (I'm fairly sure I have the latest of each.)

Nevertheless, thanks for the post -- this is a great leg up.

Keeva said...

How does the My Lifebloom look - does it look okay?

I haven't tried using GSH for Lifebloom before (I'm just used to GSL instead) so I don't know how that would look and whether it would do exactly the same job.

If it does, I might need to edit my post to show instructions for that instead!

Aertimus said...

Last I checked (which was a long while ago) GridStatusHoTs didn't give you the time out to a 10th of a second, it just rounded to a second. So I use GridStatusLifebloom because the time is more specific.

Keeva said...

Ah.. if that is still the case, I'll definitely stick to GSL.. being able to refresh at the last possible moment is really important to me.

Wish I could think of a reason why GSL isn't showing for others, though.

Aertimus said...

Could they have something else set as priority 99 for their center text? Thats the only thing I can think of... I think I have everything disabled for My Lifebloom.

Keeva said...

Good thinking!

I remember back on Brutallus trying to frantically teach people how to set up to show Burn on Grid. It invariably didn't work the first time, because the priority was set lower than whatever they had there.

I set the health deficit, death warning, FD and offline warnings to 80% or something similar. The lifebloom counter (and anything else that is super important) is always 99%.

I might edit the original to explain that.

Kender said...

First off - a question, what do you have your Frame Texture set to in Grid? It's really pretty and I'm having a hard time finding it.

Secondly, I had the same problem as Glory and Greylane.

erumel said...

Excellent post!

Keeva said...

Hi Kender - I can't remember offhand what the texture is, I'll check when I get home and post another comment to let you know.

Regarding the Lifebloom not showing - do you have anything else set to your Center Text 2? Eg health deficit, offline warning?

If you have other things assigned to that space, you'll need to set Lifebloom's priority (slider bar in the lifebloom counter window) to 99 and the other things to say 80 to make sure Lifebloom always shows up on top.

Other than that I'm really not sure why it wouldn't show. Is Center Text 2 definitely enabled?

Kender said...

Keeva - thanks a ton, it looks sweet.

I finally was able to get it partially working. In the Grid addon family I have Grid, GridIndicatorCornerText, GridManaBars, GridStatusLifebloom enabled.

CenterText2 is enabled, and the only thing ticked is Lifebloom Duration. Under Status/Lifebloom, I have LB Duration enabled for a 99 priority, and this setup works.

Of course I only get the tag "Rejuv" in the corner on corner text, but I'm working my way through it slowly. Thanks again for the guide!

kellen said...

Hey Keeva, thanks for responding to my PM on Elitist Jerks and for linking me to your excellent blog.

I was a hunter for TBC, but rerolled druid for WOTLK. I've struggled in the past to get Grid configured properly. Your post and links to Grid addons was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.

Szandos said...

I'm the author of the corner text addon. It used to exist before, but was abandoned, so I wrote a new one a week or so ago for my needs. Good to see that it is appreciated and used. I can't live without it myself.

Great guide to setting things up, I'm going to link to this from my guidls forum!

Szandos said...

Oh, I'd alos like to tip you about GridStatusMissingBuffs. It lights up an indicator when someone is missing a buff. I use it for pink paw. For me it's easier to see a bright, pink square light up when the buff expires, than having an indicator showing when it's there (that I miss when it falls off)

Keeva said...

@Szandos: oh, thank you. I had considered doing it that way, but just hadn't got around to finding out how to switch. I'll have to do that sometime.

@Kender: finally checked my texture - it's just "gradient" but with inverted colours (I don't like the dark look that a lot of people use).

Kender said...

Thanks Keeva! I'll fiddle with it whenever Northrend starts working again for more than 30 seconds at a time. ^_^

Kieromaris said...

I'm having a bit of trouble with Lifebloom, and wondering if anyone has any ideas to fix it.

It seems the newest version (or maybe my version is old) of GSL is a little different. I can't seem to get the lifebloom count to go away. I'm able to make it change color based on how many LBs are in the stack. However, it always says 1-time. I would like it to just be time, with no 1-.

Any suggestions?

Aertimus said...

Are you using GridStatusLifebloom? And/or GridStatusHoTs? I use both and I have to uncheck the enable on the GridStatusHoTs lifebloom mod, so that only GridstatusLifebloom shows. I have no idea if that will help...

Kieromaris said...


Yeah, for some reason, even though I installed GSL, it wasn't enabled. So, now that I've enabled it, I can get it to do what I want.

Thanks a lot!

Clombo said...

I got rejuv and regrowth to work for me, but lifebloom's just being stubborn. I've got everything turned off on centertext2 except lifebloom so it's not the priority thing. (Lifebloom's priority is at 99 anways). Um.. been trying to do this for like 2 days now, any thoughts? Could 3.0.8 of screwed it up maybe?

Aertimus said...

Clombo - Which "Lifebloom" do you have enabled? There are three options, "Buff: My Lifebloom", "LIfebloom Duration", and "Lifebloom Stack". I have "Lifebloom Duration" enabled and all the others disabled.

NOTE ON THIS THREAD: If I am putting in my 2 cents too much, I apologise. I couldn't function without Grid (okay maybe I could but I would be very very sad). Once, GridStatusLifebloom broke and Keeva saved me. Since then I have like...worshiped the ground she walks on (okay thats an exaggeration too, but at the least I have read every single post.)

Anonymous said...

I know its a stupid mistake, but I made it too so just pointing it out for anyone else having problems:

Keeva's settings work with Grid. I downloaded Grid2 thinking it would be the same, but gridstatuslifebloom does not work correctly with grid2.


Cyberg said...

Thank you so much for putting this up, I could completely get rid of DoTimer addon as soon as I had this, an immense help.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, helped me greatly.
Also, anyone else having an issue as of 3.1 where you are seeing other peoples hots? mostly LB's... and i know they are not mine cause i am barely casting LB any longer lol.

Keeva said...

Yes, it's giving me a lot of grief in Ulduar.

There was something posted on EJ's as a fix, but it actually disabled ALL of my HoT counters, leaving me healing blind.

As soon as I find a workaround, I will post it.

heyhomes said...

also having the tracking other druids in raid HoTs, only done the 10man ulduar atm but thats a real pain for me. Got a new problem aswell which might not be grid related was thinking clique, issue is if i have anything as my main target using xperl.. it can be a dead target/mob, a dead player or a player who is out of range of my healing no matter what i cant not use wild growth on mouse over on grid using clique. This is a major issue for me as i target bosses alot when i heal or mobs and im not always 40 yards of them. All addons updated since 3.1.0 any help would be great

Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

good post :)

Scott said...

I'm having major issues w/ Grid, plus any HoT tracking add-on. It shows other peoples HoTs, buggy LB tracking (if I can find an option that works), my boxes disappear if they have a certain # of LB stacks on the person, etc. :( I'm quite sad.

T said...

I like the mod and I wish I could get it working. All I seem to be able to do is get it to type text in the center text 2 line. =\

Treeonidas said...

With grid showing other druid's HOTs it is really causing me trouble. I have been unable to find a fix anywhere.

bahmrockk said...

i have one problem: I followed your guide (i hope ;) ) and it really worked nice until now - i met another Raiddruid who also heals and i dont see 'my' hots only, but his as well and he is overwriting mine - so when i have a 5 sek rejuv left and he casts one, i get a full timer from his cast - any tip on that would be realy nice :)
Thanks in advance,

bahmrockk said...

reading > me, sry for that ^^
Short: I have the same problems as the other guys above me ;)

alex said...

Hey mate I just wanted to tell u that ur tutorial helped me a lot I didn't need 2 do anything but 2 see pictures and configure something for myself later on, thanks again, appreciated

Briane said...

Hi, I followed your guide, great btw and I got LB to work correctly, however Rejuv and Regrowth are not showing up at ALL, I can't figure out why. Any ideas/help?


Briane said...

I think Grid just doesn't like me much. lol I finally got my Rejuv to show up, so now the only thing not showing is my regrowth. Still not sure why, I can't find any reason for it to not show up. Any ideas? suggestions?


Keeva said...

What versions of Grid and GSH do you have? :)

Anonymous said...

I recently set up Grid following your posts as a guide. It looks great, but I have one problem. The first stack of Lifebloom doesn't show up. As soon as I add a second stack it pops up in the center. I can't seem to figure out what is causing it to happen. If you have any insight I would be grateful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I see your grid has Horizontal Name icons how to i get that. i have my grid to show the groups hoizontal but not that name, can ya help out?

Zyn said...

Hi Keeva,

Just wondered if you have taken a look at Rewatch? I use Grid for raid healing but also pick out the tanks into Rewatch as I like the way it displays the HoTs.

Keeva said...

No, I haven't - I used to use HotCandy but I changed after a while because I really prefer to have all of my HoTs displayed inside Grid, so that I'm not looking in two different places for the same information.

I've heard good things about Rewatch though :)

cisco said...

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Menu said...

Awesome help on setting everything up, tho i seem to have the issue where instead of a timer showing duration left i just get the words 'Rejuvenation' or 'Regrowth'. Im 99% sure i have everything put in right, do you know what i could be doing wrong ? ;\

Keeva said...

99% sure you have chosen "Rejuv" and not "My Rejuv" as your top left text.

if you just choose "Rejuv" it will simply write the name of the spell, rather than put your timer up.


Menu said...

Argh now i feel so silly, ty for your help !

Keeva said...

No problem, I did that once too :)

Justin said...

Hi. I've just recently (today) downloaded grid status hots - I set it up exactly as you have yours set up, but I can't get the timer to display properly...well, it won't display at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Keeva said...

Hi Justin - do any of the above comments help?

A common problem is that people choose "Rejuvenation" when they should be choosing "My Rejuvenation".

It's hard for me to know what you may have missed in your settings, unfortunately :(

Justin said...

Everything is configured properly, but the timers just won't show and I can't figure out why...

Do you know of any add-ons that don't allow for GSH to work correctly?

Keeva said...

I'm not sure what might be conflicting. You could try turning everything except Grid and GSH off.. and see if it works - that way you'll be able to see if it's a mod conflict.

Justin said...

Alright thanks, I'll be back ><

Justin said...

Not a mod conflict

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aya said...

Question regarding a problem with this. We run two resto druids in our 25 mans but getting this all set up its tracking the other druids hots as well as my own *wince* So basically I won't have hots on a target thinking I already do and its causing me a mess. Any idea how to remove the other druids hots from my grid? =)

Anonymous said...

There is an option in Grid, I think it is in the options of the buff itself, to only show it when cast by you.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of problems with hot tracking, can you post something to help me step by step ?

Critz said...

Hello, i have a problem with my duration on regrowth as the threshold to activate color only goes from 1 to 10, so my Regrowth duration starts the countdown when there's 10sec left, and i would love to show the durtain from the start, the 28secs, is there any way to make the threshold range larger? thx <3