Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More flagrant self-grats

This was our first real night of attempts - we gave it a couple of tries a little while ago but without a real strat, just testing the water.

Tonight we went with this strat, which I highly recommend. The most important point is not to try to stack a million sparks - just four - and that is all you need to get him down. In fact, it was surprisingly easy - I thought it would take us several nights of attempts.

Still working on Sarth10+3 though, that one is a real challenge. Hopefully Sunday or Monday!


AllianceGirl said...

I just found your blog today and I love the layout. It's so clean and professional-looking. :) Grats on the Malygos achievement and Loremaster - I'm trying that one now and you're not joking - it's a ROYAL pain! :P

Keeva said...

Thank you :)

Loremaster was a long task and got very difficult towards the end when I started to scrape the bottom of the barrel of quests, and they were all of the type where you start at one end of the continent and travel to the other and back.. very slow and tedious. It really is an achievement.

The extremely stylish tabard is worth it, though ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Keevs,

Grats on ANOTHER achievement, is there even any left besides Sarth 10 +3? Very good job. /wave


Keeva said...

Sarth10+3 and Undying/Immortal to go :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Keeva, found your blog a while back but its a bit hippy for my liking so i kinda passed over it :P but I've only just realised you're on caelestrasz! since you posted on our Warlord forums and I put 2 and 2 together! hehe so anyway, i read the whole thing (well looked at all the pictures) and love what you're doing here. If theres any interest you have into that other druid caster side of things i'd be happy to discuss! I also have 2 druids... heheh. I've never seen you in game but i'll keep a lookout now. See you at Ulduar


Keeva said...

Hi there!

A guildie actually told me last night that he's been reading my blog for a while, but didn't realise it was mine until yesterday. It made me giggle.

I'm curious though - how is it hippy? The look, or the writing..? Just wondering :)

I shouldn't be too hard to spot in-game, I'm a girl tauren and there aren't too many of those around!

Anonymous said...

Haha it's hippy because you are such a tree lover! Whereas I have much more admiration for the pew pew laser side of things. I've played Balance for over three years and although i've tried the other playstyles and classes, nothing will ever match it. And ok yes, a female tauren should not be too hard to spot ;)

Keeva said...

Ah.. I getcha!

I was boomkin while levelling but honestly I really disliked it a lot - when I kill things I like to be all about the teeth and claws and ripping noises.....


I still love my boomkin brethren, though. :D