Thursday, January 8, 2009

Patch goodies

Some patch notes goodies that I am particularly interested in:

Genesis: Now works with Tranquility and Hurricane.

Moonglow: This talent now also benefits Nourish.
Nourish: Wild Growth applied to a target now increases the healing done by this spell by 20% like other heal over time effects.

This makes Nourish more attractive to me, but I'm still not thrilled with it and it will probably continue to be a sometimes food. I tend to focus more on tanks than raid healing, so being able to Nourish the raid after a Wild Growth will have limited application for me. I suppose that since we can no longer hit several WGs or CoHs in a row there may be more of a need to help out on raid healing by tossing some Nourishes around following some AoE damage, but I suspect that the shamans will return to their spot as kings of this role and there won't be much call for druids to do it in 25 mans. Just speculation though.

There will probably be times that I really like using it, and for the rest of the time I will barely touch it. For example, it will be REALLY good for Gluth after a decimate - I run around at the back with the zombie kiters, so when we take Decimate I can hit us with a WG and then Nourish up to full. That's pretty cool and novel and a breath of fresh air if you're feeling tired of rolling HoTs - but still such a situational spell. But I think I like that idea - I like doing things "the normal way" most of the time, and every now and then having a gimmick fight where I have a special job or my role is really switched up.

I think at the end of the day though Nourish will be a spell that will be most effective in 5 mans, good in 10 mans, and quite situational in 25 mans - with limited use if you're focusing mostly on the tank/s. It'll be a fun tool for a few fights, but won't be any kind of staple unless you're on raid healing.

Still waiting for a glyph...

Opening doors and objects should no longer cause shapeshifted forms to be cancelled.
Trivial, but really very annoying. Glad this is being fixed.

Polearms: Now trainable by Druids.
Booyah.. pitchfork here I come.

Wild Growth now has a 6 second cooldown.
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Meh, it's unavoidable. Honestly, sometimes I find myself hitting WG a few times in a row ("spamming it") out of laziness or boredom. At this point I am actually looking forward to a cooldown, maybe it will add a slight challenge. And let's face it, druids already play World of Timercraft, so it's not like another cooldown or timer to watch is a big deal.

I think it will just make me use proactive Rejuvs a lot more when I know the raid will be taking damage soon or constantly (although I already do this a lot).

And some random other stuff I'm looking forward to:

Alchemy research down to 3 days from 7.
Higher chances to discover transmutes.
Chance to discover Elixir of Water Walking.
New fishing recipes to allow us to get 160 for the Chef title.
Mining veins now require only one tap to mine.
Ebonweave & Spellweave now created in Dragonblight.
2pc T7 bonus changed to reduce cost of Lifebloom.
That wild mustard under the ground in Dalaran is being fixed.


Aertimus said...

As for Nourish and Regrowth: I was swapping back and forth between nourish and regrowth to top off tanks when I was tank healing, but after Phae's posts and graphs I switched totally to Regrowth. I'm looking forward to more of her yummy math to see which I should be using after patch.

Keeva said...

Yes, I'm looking expectantly in her direction :)

However - I do not have, nor do I intend to wear four pieces of Dreamwalker for the Nourish bonus, so my Nourish will be markedly less effective (compared to people with the bonus) even with the change.

I don't do math but I'm going to assume the answer will be something like - "if you have 4pc T7 and your healing style is X, Nourish will be slightly cheaper and beefier. If you don't have 4pc and your style is Y, you'll probably prefer Regrowth."

I'll wait for the numbers, though. I suspect I'll still stick with Regrowth most of the time, but if Nourish is a bit cheaper I will use it in fights where mana may be tight or I have tighter HoT rotations to weave into.

To be honest - if my target is living (and I like to think I do a pretty good job) and I'm not straining for mana, then I'm pretty content with the tools we had. Nourish would have to do some amazing tricks at this point to drag me away from Regrowth, which has so many talents and extras attached to it - with the only negatives apparently being a slightly longer cast time (usually), and a difference in mana cost. Big deal, really.

I do use Nourish sometimes, in particular situations on particular fights.. but Regrowth is my staple direct heal and I don't really think that will change.

Kayeri said...

Yeah, I agree. I'd have to see some major benefits from Nourish to switch from Regrowth... right now my use of Nourish is a top-off spell on the tank IF my glyphed Swiftmend is in cooldown... Otherwise it doesnt get used a lot. I think the Swiftmend Glyph is the best tool they've given us so far.

I've been working hard on training myself to the Wild Growth cooldown now, before it becomes a factor after the patch, so I dont use it again until the first one expires. Before that, I would drop one on the melee group and one on the ranged to cover minor splash damage. :;sighing for the diminishing of a useful spell::

Blòód said...

Same here Kayeri - the restraint of not casting WG until the first expires should make it easy I so we can get a feel for the change, albeit a small one.

I don't think it will take a ground-breaking buff to make Nourish effective either. With a good glyph and a tweak, things may change quickly. I agree that Regrowth is the way to go at the moment, but it really annoys me that I am wasting the left over HoT component of my previous RG when casting it again. This is where I thought Nourish would shine - but it just hasn't worked out like that yet...

Keeva said...

Yeah - pre-expansion I thought our rotation would be something like:

Rejuv - LB,LB,LB - Regrowth - Nourish - LB - Nourish, LB, Rejuv, Nourish, Regrowth (etc)

Using Nourish to (usually) fill in the gaps during a RJ/LB rotation. Regrowth kept up in case you needed to recast it as a beefy heal sometime, but generally Nourish would be the top-up between HoTs so you don't keep overwriting your RG HoT.

Like you said, it kinda hasn't worked out that way..

Keeva said...

Oops, I meant to put more Nourishes between those Lifeblooms, but I think you get the point :P