Thursday, February 19, 2009

GC clarifies the OO5SR regen changes

For those who may be interested, GC has given a little more detail on the future regen changes (bold text is my emphasis):

The goal is to have mana last about the same for all healers. We don't think many players would be that interested in a style where you heal crazy good for a short period and then run OOM. How classes manage their mana varies a lot, and we are making tweaks to it for 3.1 to try and keep them in line. For example, the shadow fiend needs to be more reliable.

I am still not following the logic that Int now trumps Spirit by even more. It may have been a better stat already, but these changes shouldn't affect it that much unless you A) skip Meditation and Intensity, or B) relied a whole lot more on OOFSR regen than the average raid healer of reasonable skill.

I will break from our normal practice and go ahead and provide the numbers, just to make sure nobody is guessing about the details when doing their estimates:

-- The amount of base mana regen granted has been reduced 40%. We called this "Spirit" in the notes, since most players associate OOFSR regen with Spirit, but in reality Int factors into the equation as well and we only lowered the constant, not the relative contributions of Int or Spirit. In retrospect, this probably caused more confusion than it alleviated, but mana regeneration is a fairly technical concept.

-- The effects of talents that provide mana regen while casting have been increased by 67%. This includes: Arcane Meditation, Improved Spirit Tap, Intensity, Mage Armor, Meditation, Pyromaniac, and Spirit Tap. For example, Intensity and Meditation are now 17/33/50% mana regen while casting (up from 10/20/30%). For most dps classes who never got much mana from OOFSR in the first place, the results should not be noticeable. Boomkin may be a possible exception because of Innervate, and we'll take a look at that.

-- This should leave mana regeneration while casting (even the contribution of Spirit) relatively unchanged, but reduce mana regeneration while not casting by 40%. (If you don't understand our logic, I suggest you re-read the excellent post I quoted above.)

-- Since paladins don't rely on any of those abilities for mana regeneration, we lowered the healing penalty of Divine Plea to -50%. We are also likely to make Spiritual Attunement provide less mana for non-tanking paladins. We are not touching Illumination for the moment. Nor are we lowering the effects of Replenishment (though as I have suggested, it would be our likely next target if we aren't happy with the results of these changes).

Intensity will be yummy, but Innervate, at least for now, will remain untouched. That is, they won't be including it in the list of buffed abilities. Here's GC mentioning that changes to regen will mean Innervate will be less effective:

I don't think it will suddenly make druids regem from Spirit to Int. We'll see.

If you mean these changes will nerf Innervate, yes, it will. On live Innervate can be 120% of your bar, say 25,000 mana. Historically it was more like 75% of your bar, and it should be closer to that with these changes.

So thirsty...

Ok, my skeleton friend is a bit of an exaggeration. I'm not particularly worried about this. I don't often use Innervate on myself now, and when I do, I feel like much of it is wasted (even if I'm "spam healing"). I don't need that much; 75% would be fine.

Honestly, I'm actually looking forward to a bit of a regen nerf. I'm not a maths-head like a lot of people, I don't do the sums to work out how long I'll be able to last in a particular fight, etc.. but I do know that it is dead boring to feel like you have unlimited mana and you can spam all day without caring. Not to mention the fact that some of the other healers have so much mana that they can spam their heals all over the place too. So I'm actually ready to embrace this nerf and see if it helps to create the challenge I've been so antsy for.

I want to have real assignments, feel like the healing is deliberate. Managing mana (to an extent) adds to the drama and thrill of a kill; being able to scrape through on Lifebloom refreshes.. to really agonise over whether I should use my innervate or whether I can spare it... I miss that stuff. I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what regen is like after this "nerf". I want to jump in and get a feel for things and see what longevity is like with the changes.

I'm excited to be nerfed and to see how I adapt.

I'm a weirdo.


Kayeri said...

I cant say I'm excited about it, Keevah, but I dont think it will have much of an effect on my work during a boss fight. Who doesnt like having mana? :)

The worst I'm seeing right now is that I *may* have to drink instead of just walking from mob to mob knowing my mana bar will be full when we engage. I can hope it wont be worse than that...

Kayeri said...

and oops... sorry about the misspell... thats what I get for posting before caffeine...

Averna said...

Hey, I feel the same way! I *want* healing to be more deliberate, more thought out. I know that sometimes I can be willy nilly with my heals (refreshing a LB stack way too early, throwing a rejuv on someone who has one already with 12 seconds left, etc) and it will be exciting to have to plan and pay attention more (/cross fingers that I won't be totally stressed out about it at the same time... =P).

@ Kayeri - I hear ya, I usually pick up 80 mage food at the beginning of a raid, and at the end there's like 79 left. If not 80. Out of combat it just regens *so* quickly.

Blòód said...

I agree about your current Innervate thoughts Keeva. On the rare occasion that we are using it, it's slightly over the top.

Feels like a turbo button that I need to spam heal through. I avoid the dismay of watching it tick when you have a full bar.

Will I miss it in Ulduar will be the question though...especially during the learning stages it would be nice. But def not a game breaker.

Mage utility in a raid just went back up a notch, nom nom nom.

Keeva said...

If mana is REALLY a problem in early Ulduar, I'll swap my Lifebloom (or possibly Regrowth depending on the healing style required in there) Glyph out and bring the Innervate one back - just for the learning stages.

Anonymous said...

Sadly intensity won't be any better than it always has been. The regen nerf takes it to only doing 60% of what it has been doing, then it gets a 67% buff so it ends up doing 100.2% of what is currently on live. (0.6 x 1.67 = 1.002)

This is why GC said in combat regen should remain relatively unchanged.

Keeva said...

Oh yes, I understood that.. I didn't think it was some kind of new super version or anything.

The percentages on Intensity will be bigger on paper, but in the grand scheme of things there'll actually be little difference due to the nerf bringing it back down to where it was before - which is why GC also said that in-combat regen would be about the same and that people shouldn't notice much of a difference unless they're odd and skip talents like Intensity.

Chewbaca said...

I made a blog but i haz no idea whatz to doing!!!

Keeva said...

Yay! :D

Kiryn said...

People keep calling it a "nerf" but really, do those people actually think it's fun to spam whatever you want and tell the raid "who wants my innervate? I'm sure not gonna use it on myself!" When I do use it on myself, I'm back up at full with 7 seconds left on the timer. That's just ridiculous.

I think of it as a fix, not a nerf. I miss the way my priest healed in BC, actually needing to use mana potions and all my mana-regen cooldowns, trying to stay outside the 5SR as much as possible. I'm really looking forward to 3.1 and its so-called "nerf".

Though to be honest, if they're only changing the OO5SR mana regen, I don't see my healing style changing much. My druid really isn't outside the 5SR very much during fights, so the only effect I see this having on my healing style is that I might actually have to USE those 30 stacks of lunar festival dumplings in my bank someday.