Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My current UI

It's been a while since I took UI shots. I often get people asking to see my UI, but the last time I took a screenshot to post was of us just starting to attempt Felmyst.. so the shots were slightly dated.

Here's what I use currently (click for larger images):

Solo (no target):

Showing the fact that I have no visible buttons on my UI. Any buttons that I do use are hidden; most of my abilities are bound and only seldomly used items are on invisible bars (see pictures below).

Solo (target, ToT, cast bars):

Secret stuff revealed:

This mostly speaks for itself - all of the hidden elements on my screen. I don't use any bars to play; the hidden button bars in this shot are for things like mounts, tradeskills, food, etc. I have a few oversized empty buttons that I use for gimmicks or quest items. Generally speaking though, there are no buttons on my screen that I use in combat - everything is bound.




Joakim said...

Nice and clean. Have you tried having the player/target frames and Grid closer to the center? I would have a problem seeing stuff in the game world I need to react to with your setup. Also, you can free up a Grid corner by not showing GotW all the time and instead show it in the center or somewhere else when ppl lack the buff.

Keeva said...

I used to have Grid in the center but I prefer to have everything at the right to have my UI as empty as possible, and make sure that there is no clutter around my character. This makes it easier to see that I'm not standing in fire.

Most people like to have their UI elements centered and even right up near their character.. but I prefer mine off to the side to keep the center of my screen as clear as I can. It might seem counter-intuitive, because I'm looking at the right of my screen and not "action" but I actually find it better this way.

I could make the change to having GotW show as missing, but I've done it this way for years and it works for me. I don't need any extra corners for anything either, so I'm not desperate for corner real estate :)

Malivis XXXXXX said...


Level my fishing :(

Need Northern Spices for Ulduar but I really cant do it, I'll die.

Keeva said...

Cooking is easy to level.

Download Ackis Recipe List. Open up your cooking. Hit "Scan". This will show you the recipes you are missing and which ones will give you levels.

Search on the AH to see which of those recipes have mats up at the moment.

Buy the mats, buy the recipes, win.

Make sure you pick up 12 Zesty Clam Meat, 10 Giant Eggs, and 20 Alterac Swiss (buy from the innkeeper in Freewind Post) for your 225+ cooking quest.

Have fun :P

Paean said...

Very nice UI, especially no buttons or bars. Any chance you could show us how you bind your abilities, i can never get them all binded :(.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a UI that I would try out. I love how clean everything is. I really like the HUGE debuff idea. It strikes me as funny for some reason :)

Gwyd said...

Can you list the mods you're using please?!?!?

You wake it, you tank it. said...

Yes, I'd be interested to see your list of addons as well! I've been thinking of something very similar to this and have been toying with my UI design for the last couple days.

Anonymous said...

Very nice UI! What is the name of UI addon?

Heather said...

This is really gorgeous! I've been trying to decide on something more streamlined for my priest alt. One issue I've run into, though, is the amount of screen real estate that Grid takes up in heroic raids. Your UI looks gorgeous for 10-man situations, but how does this change for heroics?

I'm curious too about which addons you use - is that Satrina's Buff Bars with.. which one for cooldowns?

Keeva said...

Hey guys - I'll make a second post soon about the mods I use and what they do - rather than try to put it in a comment :)

Anonymous said...

Very well done! I recognize most of the mods you're using but can't wait for your list.

I had been planning on doing a UI post in the coming days but this completely blows away my own set up. I get the feeling I may incorporate some of your ideas to something for myself.

erumel said...

That's a very nice UI you got there! =)

I have to thank you again for your Grid posts by the way. Especially mentioning GridIndicatorCornerText, it has greatly improved my efficiency.

Shanna said...

Keeverz, hurry with your second post. I want to know which mod you use for your target and for your nameplate. I love the cast bar in the middle you have.

Keeva said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I'll post it all in the next couple of days :)

Xoria said...

I've adopted a similar grid setup to what you use there. I am experiencing an issue with and updated version of GridStatusLifebloom. I get a LUA error on start and it wont show the duration properly (I used to have this working properly) Instead I'm having to deal with the annoying '# of hots - duration' format. Any ideas?

Keeva said...

@Paean: Sorry, I didn't see your comment until now. Here are my bindings.

I find scroll-wheel shifting to be extremely fast (I was unconvinced at first, though). Here are my shifting bindings:

Scroll up: cat
Scroll down: cancelform
Shift up: flight
Shift down: travel
Alt down: bear
Ctrl down: tree

For my heals I use pairings for things I consider logical, eg Lifebloom is 3, Wild Growth is like a group Lifebloom, so it is Shift-3. Rejuv (4) is often used with Swiftmend (Shift 4).

Lifebloom: 3
WG: Shift-3
Rejuv: 4
Swiftmend: Shift-4
Regrowth: 5
Nourish: Shift-5
Barkskin: 2
NS+HT: 1 (1 is an emergency button on most of my characters - eg Ice Block on my mage)

Other spells are bound with modifiers to letters I remember, such as Shift-I for Innervate, Ctrl-R for Rebirth/Revive, Alt-M for Moonfire, Alt-S for Starfire etc.

Hope this helps - please let me knwo if you'd like more help :)


@Heather - I don't have a background showing for Grid, so when in a Heroic or 10 man, my Grid is only one or two rows high (it grows upwards as the size of the raid grows). So in a 5 man, it's just a nice single row of Grid frames.



Are you running GridStatusHots also? Could it be that you have GridStatusHots showing your Lifebloom counter instead of GridStatusLifebloom?

As far as I'm aware, GSLifebloom doesn't actually have a stack number display, it just has a timer countdown. I could be wrong though.

Check that you don't have "My Lifebloom" active as one of your center texts.

Good luck, let me know if it's still giving you trouble.

Xoria said...

I got it to work by updating all the little grid addons. I think I had one that was out of date and wasn't meshing well.

I kinda looking for a way for my bags to show when i have them open. I tend to just swap the whole bag out for things like offspec or resist sets. Right now I have Bartender4 showing the bags with 5% opacity in one of the corners, but it bothers the hell out of me.



Also, I have a macro that takes care of the whole 'traveling form' situation, and saves me keybinds. I just use the one key of all 3 forms.

/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form

It doesnt work in Dalaran, but that shouldnt really matter.

Another one:

#showtooltip Shadowmeld
/cast [nocombat,form:3]Prowl; [combat]Shadowmeld;

I stole that one from my rogue where it's usually stealth and vanish.

All these conditional macros make for fewer buttons needing to be bound.

Parsley said...

May I ask what cooldown addon you're using?

It looks kinda like CoolDownTimers2, but that one splits items and spells into two, and yours looks a bit more elegant than that.

Keeva said...

It is CDT actually; I've probably just fiddled with the appearance a little.

I'm not sure why it keeps growing upwards when I have definitely set it up correctly to grow down, though, GRR!

Parsley said...

Ah well, back to the addon configuration for me then, I never found the option of combining the two timers, but it must be there since you can make it work.

And yes, it's strange it grows upwards, even in the default setting, CDT2 grows down.