Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obsessive compulsive tendencies: bags, etc

I have an entry I'm working on at the moment, but I stumbled across this snippet on wowinsider about weird habits that people have in-game, and wanted to share mine.

My problem: my bags.

My bags, bank, guild bank, money and equipment must be tidy. I can't log off for the night until this is done. I used to joke that it was a mini game for me - and people have actually asked me to help tidy up their bags and banks for them. A kind of Warcraft Clean House or something... I come and salvage your hideously cluttered bank before it collapses on you one day in an avalanche of old blues, trinkets, and items you'll never need but you can't bear to part with "just in case".

I get all tingly just thinking about it.

Here are my self-imposed rules:

  • My bags must be tidy at all times. This extends to my bank and my auction alts' guild bank. Everything must be placed in the right spot, greys vendored, etc.

  • I use Arkinventory to keep my bags tidy, potions with potions, gear with gear, trade goods where they should be. Prior to that, I used to hand-arrange items so that consumables were in one bag, equipment in another, etc. As you might imagine, this was a time-consuming task at the best of times.

  • The guild bank (both the guild and my own private guild banks) must be tidy, with items stored in columns (not horizontally), and in a meaningful order. I spent hours arranging all of the glyphs into class order...

  • I repair at every opportunity (much easier now that I have a mammoth). I can't log off at night unless my gear is repaired.

  • Everything in my bags must be topped to full stacks at every opportunity. If I have 3 extra elixirs that won't fit into a stack, they are banked or sent to an alt so that they are out of my sight. In the past, I have given away potions and food purely because they didn't "fit" - much to the amusement of the recipients.

  • When I farm for something (eg fish, cloth, eternals) I have to keep going until I get full stacks. If I get one or two extra by accident, I have to keep going until I get another full stack. If I absolutely can't keep going, I have in the past destroyed the ones that wouldn't "fit".

  • Only full stacks of items are placed into my personal guild bank. Part stacks are left in my alt's bags and never placed into the bank until they become full stacks.

  • I have a particular order for checking my bank alts; I always follow this order. Priest first, then hunter. First thing when I log on for the day, and last thing before I log off.

  • I never keep more than 250g on Keeva; any surplus is mailed to an alt, whenever I am near a mailbox.

  • I only ever keep multiples of 250g in my guild bank (eg 1000g, 3750g, 8250g). I have a friend who has an alt in my personal guild who threatens to log on and throw 37c in the bank just to upset me. I also often go to the main guild bank and add enough gold, silver and copper exactly to top the guild's gold up to a round figure.

  • I'm so obsessed with tidy bags and a tidy bank that people often sabotage my efforts for laughs. While standing at the bank and rearranging things with my usual tunnel vision, I realised guildies were giggling on vent, and found out they were standing there too, moving one item so that it was out of place, and then timing how long it took me to find the item and move it back.

    Who did this? Wrong.
    Wrong, wrong, WRONG!

    Current guildmembers have put vendor food, level 5 potions, and other junk in the bank to irk me. One dumped about 500 raw fish in there purely to fill up all the tabs. In the Sunwell days, it was that awful free oil that you got from the daily quests - I had to change the guild MOTD to say NO MORE BLESSED WEAPON COATING, and threaten people with violence if they put anymore of the stuff in there (we're talking about 4 columns of it at one stage). Occasionally someone would do it anyway, just to push me. I would vendor it and loudly claim the 15s as "stupidity tax" or a small wage for the time I have to spend cleaning up after people who dump vendor trash in the bank.

    If you guys are reading this, and you know who you are, I'm shaking my fist at you.

    Possibly the best abuse of my sickness was the time that a friend spent about an hour rearranging the entire guild bank alphabetically (which, of course, meant that potions were not with potions, gear was not with gear, and trade goods were not where they were meant to be). My head nearly exploded. I couldn't stay mad for long though, because I really had to admire his diligence and dedication to the cause.

    Tidy bags make me really happy.


    Anonymous said...

    Maybe try TBag, a bag and bank addon that groups everything together when you hit refresh button. very neat and tidy.

    Dropbears of Funk

    Keeva said...

    I use Arkinventory :)

    It only helps make things look neat though, I still have to have full stacks, arranged how I like :P

    Blòód said...

    Happy to accept those things that don't fit and erk you :P

    Kayeri said...

    Keeva, you sound as bad as me! lol! I've had similar experiences...

    ::chuckle:: Although, you have me beat in that I dont use and add-on for those tasks...

    Anonymous said...

    I'm a little like this too. I'm working on leveling out my fishing and cooking, and for a LONG time I had stacks of fish in my inventory that I couldn't cook yet because I wasn't done fishing but I didn't have the time to spend there fishing so they sat there taking up so much space. I finally ground out that part of the guide and I'm at a point where I'm NOT carrying around 40+ Mithril Head Trout and it feels SOOOO GOOOOOOD

    PS - I cannot exist without bagnon. It's impossible, I've tried.

    Anonymous said...

    You and I are two of a kind. While I don't go to such great lengths with the guild bank (as a new recruit, that might be a little much, yes?) but about the bags (I use Baggins - I get to make all the little anal retentive categories I want!) and repairing, reagents, full stacks of things.... all me.

    Anonymous said...

    Errrr.. I am the opposite, which shows in RL as well.

    Every now and then I get frustrated when there isn't bag or bank space and do a cleanup, otherwise there is trash everywhere... including gray items in the bank when I have done a quick dump and run at the beginning of the night

    Siha said...

    Reminds me of my parents ;) The bookshelves for their novels (we're a family of avid readers) are organised alphabetically by author, and chronologically within each author.

    One day my mother was bored, so she sat down and reshelved all Dad's sci-fi novels by spine color, in a rainbow. Dad nearly had a heart attack on the spot when he came home and saw it. :)

    (Appropriately, the captcha word for this comment is 'prank' :D)

    Meg said...

    I didn't realize there were others like me. I have found my field of bumble bees!!!!!! <3