Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick post re: Wild Growth and Vortex

No more annoying "Invalid Target" during Vortex on Malygos:

We identified a bug preventing Circle of Healing and Wild Growth from being able to find targets in Vortex. It was not our intent that these heals be prevented during Vortex (beyond the nerf we already made to prevent them from being spammed).

We should be able to fix this in the next couple of days. (Source)

I usually pre-HoT (Regrowth and Rejuv, depending on raid size) to heal through Vortex, but we had a couple of deaths in 10 man last night just from people ticking down and not really being able to do anything about it when Swiftmend is on cooldown. Being able to toss one Wild Growth again will make a big difference.


erumel said...

That's good news! I also tried to precast hots to alleviate this problem.

Anonymous said...

Precasting hots is a must during Vortex. I'm glad to hear I'll be able to use Wild Growth during this time as well! Up until now I had been waiting to use it after everyone had hit the ground again. Either way, very cool.

Keeva said...

Last night I was pre-casting HoTs, swiftmending the lowest person in the air, refreshing Rejuvs that fell off, and using Barkskin on myself so I didn't need much healing.

Then as we started to fall I would mash Wild Growth so it would go off ASAP and hopefully save the lowest people.. but we still lost a couple of people in the air.

Being able to throw just one Wild Growth may make a difference (although I used to find that it was unreliable and sometimes would only hit one or two people :/)

Something is better than nothing.