Friday, February 13, 2009

A shave and a haircut

Well, not exactly.

I got tired of my blog being so narrow; mostly because my posts are often fairly lengthy, and the narrow format makes them seem as though they go on for pages and pages. Plus, I am restricted to pictures being about 400px wide, and sometimes I want to put wider objects like screenshots or diagrams in.

So I finally decided to dive in and pick through the template to try to make it wider. It took me a while - I know nothing about xml - but I got it in the end.

Of course, that meant that my header was the wrong size, but I couldn't find my original Photoshop document (naturally..). I decided it was probably about time I freshened it up a little, gave Keeva her real horns, and dressed her in something a little more current.

I'm very pleased with the result. Please let me know though if you notice any formatting problems or funky layout issues. :)


Bell said...

It looks very nice :D

AyshWyrk said...

Love the blog and it has been very useful, just got grid was using another raidframe that was having dk issues.

Question on grid, I'm sure you use the NS+HT macro to cast an emergency healing touch as fast as possible. I've been having an issue with it's interaction with grid. If I click on a gridframe, it casts on myself, the only way I have gotten it to work is to select a target, and then click on my target frame. Did you ever have this problem?

Keeva said...

Are you referring to a macro, or click casting (eg Clique)?

I use mouseovers for most of my heals, but my NS+HT macro is actually not a mouseover macro, it is just a simple /cast Nature's Swiftness /cast Healing Touch.

I can't remember why that is - maybe I was having similar problems and decided not to have it as a mouseover, I'm not sure.

But now I am so used to it that I automatically quickly select the target before I use the macro.

Xoria said...

Finally! It always looked so puny on my widescreen.

Anonymous said...

I call shenanigans on the shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Looking good!

Averna said...

@ Keeva - Hey, I like it! The header looks great, too. :)

@ Aysh - I have this same exact problem too. I have the NS + HT macro, and I use grid and Clique - and yes, I have to actually click on the grid target (to target the person), and THEN click-to-cast my macro. I've never been able to figure out how to cast it on someone in grid without having them targeted.

Keeva said...

@Xoria: I finally decided it was silly to have so much wasted space - and I often want to put bigger pictures or objects in, but they're always limited to about 450px, which is annoying. All that spare space and I couldn't use it. Much better!

@Anon: My real shoulders looked bad :( Don't be so mean :(

Thanks Raine and Averna.. I really like the new header :D

Aertimus said...

Looks very sharp!

Anonymous said...

The new banner looks great! I always really liked your first one, it looked so... different and awesome.

Text area width was always an issue for me, in both my personal and WoW blogs too, so I can relate, haha.