Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sixth Screenshot

I've been tagged by Bell and Phae to dig out the sixth screenshot in my WoW folders. They're ganging up on me so I'd better do it :/

I laughed when I grabbed this, I'm glad it turned up as number 6. It's a great picture of me being ultra-noob:

Level 23 on my first druid, standing in Westfall. I ask a friend, "Why are their names in yellow?" Heh, what a noob. Check out my awesome minor beastslaying enchant.

Baby Alliance Keeva, d'awwwwww ;)

Raaff from Druid Heal!
Aertimus of HoTsTree
Averna from Nerf this druid
Keredria from Tree of Life
Raine from Orbital Bombardment

You're up!


Bell said...

XD Sweet pic! I wish mine was more interesting like yours.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha, I remember not understanding what the yellow names meant either. But I knew they were some scary things I had never seen before, so I stayed away :P

Keeva said...

I think I knew instinctively not to get involved or something about those yellow names would make bad things happen...

Anonymous said...

look at those unsorted items in your bags!!! tsk tsk