Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy busy

I just wanted to post to let everyone know that I haven't dropped the Healbot vs Grid project - I just haven't had time to do the final stage, which is running both Healbot and Grid simultaneously in an actual PvE raid setting, the purpose of which is basically to see if Healbot does all the things that I normally have Grid do for me (that I now consider "must-haves" in my raid UI).

Unfortunately for the past two weeks I have disconnected on almost every boss in Naxx, which is frustrating to say the least. Infuriating? Depressing? All of the above.

I always used to disconnect on 4H when the first meteor came down, but whatever they did to Naxx to "optimise" it has made it absolutely unplayable for me. Obviously as a dedicated raider, the prospect of not being able to do Naxx anymore is rather upsetting. I only have a couple of upgrades that I still need, but mostly it's just the idea of having to sit out of raiding AGAIN. It's so boring. I really hope this week is better.

It's not my mods, I know this for certain, but running two raid UIs at once is probably pushing my luck a little.

Luckily most of the info has been pre-gathered, I've already taken a lot of comparison screenshots showing how both mods display things like debuffs etc. Once I have my bonafide raid test sorted it will just be a case of putting everything together in a meaningful way. So it won't take long, it's just Naxx's weird prejudice against me that is holding things up.

Last week I was booted from every single boss, and several times in between, excluding the bosses that I logged off for entirely so I didn't mess up Immortal for my team. I missed out on "Shocking!" - curses. The only boss I didn't disconnect on was KT. We finally got Immortal, despite chronic disconnection problems plaguing me and another healer, random disconnects for other people over the course of the night, and another healer being severely ill - but still soldiering on. What a team!

Still, I think I would relinquish my title and rewards if someone could just give me a guarantee that I could stay online for Naxx. It's like Felmyst all over again - but an entire instance. Makes me a very sad panda.


On a brighter note, shortly I'll be jumping into work on strats for Ulduar (mostly for my guild, but I'm sure I'll end up posting them here too). That is something I have been looking forward to ever since we stopped doing Sunwell. I'm itching to Photoshop me some diagrams...

I've also been super busy with a bunch of guild-related work, annnnnd I'm going back to my second RL job soon, so I have a bit to juggle. Lots of irons in the fire.

But I really love being this busy! :)


I'm really looking forward to finishing this part of the experiment though, so if Naxx goes well this week, I'll be able to finish my comparison post. If not, I may be able to test it on Sartharion, but I'll just have to wait and see how things go. If all else fails, I will go do a 10 man to test it out.

Stay tuned!


Bell said...

I hope it gets better for you! I had a really frustrating time with latency issues when I was raiding in BC, so I understand completely.

Aertimus said...

Wow! Good luck with all you are taking on. You are also a much better player than me for sticking around despite D/Ces.

Gosh I miss doing healing strats! It was totally one of my favorite things when I was healing officer. I'm looking forward big time to seeing your stuff. Your OS video rocked.

Keeva said...

We only had 5 healers, so we didn't even have anyone who could sub in (we had dpsers off-healing actually).

But I was still helping.

For example, on Patchwerk, I healed for a whole 20 seconds before I disconnected.

Then when I managed to get back on, one of the mages spammed me with his "INNERVATE INNERVATE INNERVATE INNERVATE please" macro. I hit him with an innervate, and disconnected again.

I helped!

Everyone laughed.

I cried. A few times.

*kicks Naxx in the shins*

Sojourner said...

Heya Keeva! I was using Healbot earlier but I simply could not get used to it. As it turns out, I'm back to using Grid and i just LOVE IT! Haha. Sorry hope this doesn't throw you off :D but i suspect despite everything Grid's still gonna come up top! :P

Kiryn said...

Remember me? Well I tried out Healbot in tonight's raid (got rid of PitBull in favor of the new PitBull4 for my player/target frames), and I'm really loving it.

Well, once I turned off all of that silly click casting stuff. I think that was the reason I never used it before -- it kept wanting me to click-cast, and that's just not how I do things. I felt bad using a mod with such a big feature I didn't use. All I wanted to do was hover over the frames and use my mouseover macros, and I couldn't figure out how to simply click on someone to target them!

But now I've got all that figured out, and I was spending the entire raid today doing little tweaks to it between each fight so it would show things in the right colors (for some reason, disease and curse were backwards) and not take up so much space on my screen.

I think I healed better today than I ever have before :) Not that meters mean anything, but I came in 2nd on healing but 7th on overhealing :D

Keeva said...

Awesome - I'm glad you found something that you love :)