Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Community spotlight

Here are a few great blogs that you may not have visited yet. Some are new, others have been around for a while but I have only recently stumbled upon them.

Druid Heal

Raaff from Druid Heal describes himself as a "hardcore casual gamer" - unable to adhere to a hardcore guild's schedule, he wiles away the hours playing with stats, talents, and gear (to our benefit!)

Druid Heal is home to the Resto Mega Guide, which covers everything from talents to idols to gems. Updated 24 March. Also check out his mana regen calculator here (updated for 3.1 as information becomes available).

This is the blog I lean on when I don't understand the numbers (which is always). :)

Nerf this Druid

Nerf this druid is a relatively young blog - it has been around since October last year but has been gathering a lot of momentum in the last couple of months, with some great posts about the upcoming changes in 3.1.

Another druid who isn't afraid of numbers (yay!) - she was kind enough to put a lot of us out of our misery and finally test the Nourish glyph to see if it stacks with 4pc T7 - big brownie points right there.

Passport to Shandris

Passport to Shandris has been around since 2007, but I only found it recently :(

Recent posts include a fantastic wrap-up of the 3.1 changes (so far), and an ongoing guide to different facets of druid healing. Check out this guide to the best raid heal to cast.


Restokin is a brand spankin' new blog written by Lissanna, a druid who is well-known on the official forums and beta/PTR forums for posting helpful and informative threads.

She got a huge plug on WoWInsider today (prompting a few bandwidth hiccups, I'm certain..) with particular emphasis on the guide to 3.1 healing.

From the caliber of her forum posts, I know this will definitely be a blog to watch.


This is another fairly new blog - another Aussie druid! Check out this great guide for the G9 mouse and G13 gameboard.

So far, lots of great druid-centric addon, macro, and peripheral info. Nom.

Another blog to watch :)

Do you know of any other great druid blogs (new or established)? Let me know and I will highlight them in another Community Spotlight post in the future.


Averna said...

Aw, thanks for the mention!!! <3

Kiryn said...

Thanks! More blogs to add to my reader so I have something to do during my breaks at work :) of course, I have so many by now that they're starting to cut into my WoW-time, but I must resist!

Dave Ciskowski said...

Thanks Keeva! I think it's clear that it will take a half-dozen of us to carry on for Phaelia. :)

Seriously, there's a lot of good blogging going on; thanks for including me in the list!

Lissanna said...

Thanks for the plug. We got all the technical bandwidth problems taken care of for my restokin site, so it's been up and running without many problems since the initial slam our service provider wasn't ready for...

Mel said...

Nice!! a few more to add to my bookmarks :)