Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Ulduar 25 man badge gear - sneak peek

MMO Champion has released screenies of the new 25 man badge gear available on the PTRs. Here are the healer-centric items - click for pics:

Leather belt
Leather legs
Leather gloves

Cloth belt
Cloth legs
Cloth gloves

Spi/haste neck
Crit/mp5 neck

These items are purchased with new tokens - Emblem of Conquest.

Just like Heroism and Valor tokens, these Emblems will be used to purchase your Tier items, as well as "Runed Orb" (the next version of the Frozen Orb), Deadly Gladiator gear, and Emblems of Valor (1 Emblem of Conquest can be exchanged for 1 Emblem of Valor). Current prices are here if you are curious.

Couple of nice items. KT refuses to drop his legs and I'm way behind other people on DKP so I doubt I'll get them anytime soon; these new badge legs are a nice upgrade on my current legs. The belt might be good for a haste set (I find particular fights call for haste, but at other times I don't care much about it), but I lose regen. I need to reserve judgement on my regen needs until I see how much the Lifebloom changes affect me.

I am also still waiting to confirm whether or not the Nourish glyph stacks with 4pc; if it does, I'll need to stick with my T7.5 gear; if it doesn't, I'll be free to pick up new gloves, for example. Half of me is hoping for stacking for chunky Nourishes; the other half is wishing it wouldn't so I could wear my BiS shoulders, chest, and helm (which is finally going to be buffed in 3.1). I would hate to have them gather dust in my bank.


I'm impatient, I want to start planning my Ulduar wishlist, and have a revised "best in slot" list. I'd like to follow the lead of Phae, Sydera and others who have put lists together, and perhaps have a BiS guide for each level according to the content you have access to, eg:

Quests + 5 mans + BOEs + crafted gear
Heroics + Heroism badges
10 mans + Heroism badges (some people can do heroics but can't do 10 mans)
25 mans + optional hard mode drops

I can see a table in my head with the content levels across the top and armor slots down the side, so rather than having 4 separate lists, it's all together in one table.

Another project to piece together over the next few weeks :)


Anonymous said...

That table in your head about the different BiS based on the content level available to the level 80 player is one I have been looking for at many different sites on the internet. It is a sad truth that not all players have the schedule that allows for several hours a day, several days a week, to devote to raiding. This idea of yours about dividing the gear into its different levels is one that would benefit many who simply can't raid 25s. I look forward to the finished table.

Corgii said...

Gah. I really wish they'd get a little more creative with how the gear looks... I've seen those same models since, what, Naxx10?

That said, I'm eager to see your BiS list! I've been using Rawr for now and it'd be nice to see some opinions from a living, breathing person, not a program =)

Andrew Culture said...

I guess the challenge with game graphics is making them look exciting, but not too far fetched! It's a challenge all right!
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