Friday, March 20, 2009

Possible change to ToL talent - no need to be "in tree" to get cheaper HoTs

A recent quote from GC regarding PvP as trees:

One change we are (probably) going to make that will help Resto PvP a little is this:

The Tree of Life talent currently grants bonus healing to group members and reduces the cost of your hots in tree form. We would like to change the talent to say "Reduces the mana cost of all your hots and also lets you go into tree form, which grants bonus healing."

In other words, you would not need to be ToL to get the cheaper hots (in PvE or PvP) so long as you had the ToL talent. In PvP, you could still use tree form when you wanted to be more tanky but your efficiency would not be so bad when in caster form.
So, basically, if you are specced into ToL, you would ALWAYS have cheap HoTs and good efficiency, even if you're not in tree form. The benefit of tree would then be the bonus armor, ToL aura, and extra healing from ToL and Master Shapeshifter.

This has been made as a change for PvP, but I can see benefits for PvE - there are times in fights when I need to do a little DPS, but I feel like I have to keep shifting into tree because I'm drying up, fast. With the changes to Lifebloom (and, to a lesser extent, OOFSR regen), this would be handy. Not a huge deal for PvE, but handy.

I wouldn't be running around often out of tree form - but it would be good to not have to have to worry so much about wasting mana if I do happen to be out of form and casting a heal or two.


Pixielated said...

This would make me a very very happy Tree (erm, non-Tree?). I like the idea of not needing to be in Tree form for certain heroics/raids/etc! =)

Corgii said...

I was wondering EXACTLY what that comment was talking about; OMG my prayers were(kinda) answered! I really like looking at my femtaur, and doing this to tree form would be AWESOME!

Keeva said...

There are a lot of times when I don't really NEED to be in tree - when that extra healing isn't going to make or break things.

It will be good to have the freedom to be out of form and not be wasting mana when I need to heal.

... either so I can DPS occasionally, or just to enjoy my character a little more!