Friday, March 13, 2009

Tasty Tier 8 bonuses

Good old MMO, what would we do without you?
Druid T8 Restoration 2P Bonus (Class: Druid) -- Increases the healing done by your Swiftmend spell by 10%.

Druid T8 Restoration 4P Bonus (Class: Druid) -- Your Rejuvenation spell also instantly heals your target for its periodic healing amount.

Before you have a heart attack over the 4pc, it's not an instant heal for the entire amount that RJ heals for; rather, an additional tick as soon as you cast it, rather than the spell having to be on the target for 3 seconds to start ticking.

It's understandable that you might read it as the entire heal, I think Blizzard's tooltips often leave a lot to be desired. I blinked at it, at first :)

Very tasty - having Rejuv start ticking instantly will be great for tank and raid healing alike - particularly raid healing.

But.. I can't help but worry that people will complain that druids are sniping heals by throwing 2k insta-juvs around the raid to patch up small amounts of damage before anyone else can get to it. Wild Growth + Rejuvs = unhappy Shamans, at the very least. I think rejuv may be headed for a nerf sometime.

Hey - I needed to edit this to say something.

I have two words for you:

Frost. Blast.



Lesaun said...

Ahhh go and ruinin it for me, lol :)

Bibbers said...

Yay, this makes me so happy.
I am a real Rejuv-healer, so this will improve me even more.
Lets just hope rejuv wont get nerfed after. :)

Mariposa said...

The 4 piece is a very similar effect to one of the new priest talents Empowered Renew (, so I think its highly unlikely Blizzard will either change their mind or nerf rejuv.

Sydera said...

I think Rejuv will probably stay as is and they'll think better of the set bonus.

It's dangerous to have the bonuses be too good. Players then depend on them. The 2pc T7 bonus got turned into a glyph.

I expect the 4pc T8 bonus to change to a mana efficiency bonus of some kind, not a throughput bonus.

Alamein said...

I totally admit I read the 4pc as a full Rejuv. The bonus you describe is a lot more reasonable!

I have to call you though on the 'sniping heals' bit. If your healers are fighting each other to heal the raid, then you have either a bored raid running easy content... or a dysfunctional group that's not going to progress far.

We're on the same team here...

Ursine said...

Keeva, love the blog - been following since the grid discussions.

The 4p is making me drool, right now my raid heals are about 60% rejuv, 25% wg, 10% lb so that 4p along with revitalize affecting wg is making me the happiest moo cow on the planet.

imho - I agree with alemain, if people take the 4p bonus into account, then they know they may not need to worry about topping when you have a couple of hot machines spreading the love around a raid.

i say to them, save that mana, oh ye envious healers, it won't be so easy to come by in 3.1.

Minstrel said...

4p T8+ GLiph of Rejuvenation = 5k instant heal in objetives with -50% health. I like this combo. I don´t speak english, sorry. ^^

Un saludo

Averna said...

That 4 piece bonus is really really nice.

I wonder if we'll miss the reduction in mana cost for lifebloom, the 2 piece tier bonus from T7?

Ray said...

Like many said, the empowered renew of the priest is similar to the 4pT8 reju. Add +40%healing to CoH and PoH on any group and holy priests will still kick anyone's ass at raid healing.

I do have pity for shammys though. Blizz seems to go for bigger and bigger environment which tend to make ppl spread out more and makes it harder and harder for Chain Heal to be efficient with a maximum of target.

Alex said...

I read it as healing all of RJ then the hot, that would have been great :P

I came he straight away to check it out, and sure enough you had the answers, although not one I was hoping for hehe

Corgii said...

Aww! I think I was one of the many that was going "OMG REJUV INSTA HEALZ!!!", but this is still actually very nice!

Thanks for the clarification, Keeva!

Kiryn said...

I blinked a bit at first too, but then thought "well obviously it's the tick amount! ...but that's still close to 2k healing!"

I am going to be drooling over this bonus until I can get it. It will really be a goal for me, since after all, it is the 4-piece bonus, and it will probably take me quite a while to get that much T8. After all, I only just got my T7 4-piece bonus last week.

I LOVE using Rejuv to raid heal, and as long as my other healers know that I have this bonus and can insta-heal people for ~2k, I don't think sniping will be that much of an issue, especially with the increased mana concerns in 3.1.

Of course, this is under the assumption that I'll be reasonably well-geared by the time I HAVE this bonus, so maybe the other healers will be as well have less mana issues by then and sniping will be a problem after all. We'll just have to wait and see, but I think it's very reasonable as a 4-piece bonus.

And Minstrel: yeah, I hadn't even thought about the combination with the Rejuv glyph... that just might make that glyph worth using.

Keeva said...

Well guys, I am just assuming it is only an extra tick at the moment. If it was a heal for the entire amount of Rejuv, I'd be throwing 12k instants around.

I think it's a fair guess to say this isn't the correct bonus :P

Regarding sniping - I don't toss raid heals around to "steal" healing from my other healers, although I think in boring content people are more inclined to do so. I do know some people who deliberately throw HoTs around to get higher on the meters.

My point though was that instant 2k heals will probably not go over well with the shamans (and I am inclined to agree, as much as I think this new bonus is delicious).

I think it is a delicate balancing act - giving us the ability to raid heal in the absence of other raid healers, while at the same time not making it so that we push them out.

I already use Rejuv quite a lot, but I don't often bother with raid healing if there are assigned raid healers. This new bonus will be VERY helpful for spot healing - saving someone with a 2k instajuv and following with a Swiftmend if you need to.

Interesting stuff.

Aertimus said...

I never read the description as the full heal of Rejuv. Does that make me observant or pessimistic? Not going to get my hopes up about it yet, but it would be a nice consolation prize to the lifebloom nerf. Although, I can't help but hope Syd is right and that the bonus will become efficiency based.

And yes... the six year old in me said "Oooo... this will be good for sniping when I am bored!" *Hangs branches in shame*

Sydera said...

I've gotten irritated at heal sniping too, but I've had to make my peace with it.

Sniping happens. The day it stops will be the day incoming heals become a part of every healer's UI, even the standard one. And even then, the more "competitive" healers will still do it. It's just the nature of the human being--particularly the Type A sort. I'm kind of Type B most days, so I'll stick to my assignment, but sometimes I wish I had gotten more of the glory with a few miscellaneous heals.

Actually, if the healing meters could somehow not count sniped heals, or would put a big frowny face over people's names, maybe that would help. A big green frowny would be nice.

Until then... it's going to be a snipe hunt.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this will count as a direct heal for all those trinkets that have procs on direct healing. Tasty bonus either way.

- Camel

Kvast said...

Can just read that it will heal instantly with one tick! so if ur ticking heals are 2k it will just start with a 2k heal!

Love it!

Just rolled druid and have started to heal 25 man naxx!! Nice nice ! cant wait untill full t8:D

Anonymous said...

Hey i think the Rejuv will stay, with ulduar coming out its going to be a new and extremely hard instance, been gettin reports from friend on the game that repair costs are immense and even thou they are wiping several dozen times on the game the percentage of success is very very low, this extra little heal i think is just to bring the raid group up to scratch