Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tier 8 & 8.5 stats released

Another quickie for you - the 10 and 25 man Tier 8 item stats have been released, thanks MMO as usual. Click for larger versions of these images.

Tier 8 (10 man):

Tier 8.5 (25 man):

There's also mention of Tier 8 idols, with the resto one being:
Druid T8 Restoration Relic -- Increases the spell power of your Nourish by 187.

I wish they would reverse the sets - I think the brown 10man set looks the best. But - I like both sets, so that's okay I suppose. I used to lament the amount of brown in our gear, but the Tier 8 set looks really nice. Perhaps because it's more brown and gold rather than just dull brown.


Corgii said...

Squee! I love both sets! I'll probably end up getting both since I'll be going for the drakes for both 10 and 25 man achievements.

The purple-y set is rather nice too!

Notabear said...


Purple? What in the hell, man. I'm a druid, not a shaman. Grrr. Bad designers... bad. /slap

Sem said...

totally agree on the t8/t8.5 color reversal. The kinda golden t8 looks much more polished

Vargarth said...

Yay for purple fruit-tree shoulders..?


Sydera said...

I have to agree with you on set colors. So far I have liked both 10-man colors better than the 25-man versions. I'd like my purple to have more oomph--this is kind of dirt purple.

But whatever!

I'm still a stalk of Broccoli wherever I go.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what happened to the version with pants?



Feral sets shouldn't be dresses :(

Of course, now we all get to make jokes about restos finally getting apples in their boughs.

Averna said...

I just hate how they always model druid clothes on a human male. =/

@Secretagentcat: ME TOO ME TOO.

wtb legs. hmph.

Camel said...

Some of the gear has less spirit on it than t7. I do like the look of it though. I cant wait to be moonfaced.

Beruthiel said...

Averna! Eiwww...pants?!?! I can tell you are a NE! No respectable female tauren wants to be seen in pants! In vanilla WoW I even went as far as usuing deviate fish to avoid having to look at my legs =( Damn you Ragnaros with my dress! Damn You!

Aertimus said...

I am THRILLED to have purple back. Maybe I can rock something other than T5 around town!