Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ulduar "Immortal" to be per-boss, not per-lockout period


The Undying/Immortal achievements in Ulduar have been created on a per-boss basis; that is, you don't have to do the entire instance without anyone dying; you can keep working on the achievement over as many raids as you need to.

The Undying, Part Two has been renamed to "Champion of Ulduar" and now require you to kill each boss without dying, but not necessarily during the same reset Title Reward: Champion of Ulduar.

The Immortal, Part Two has been renamed to "Conqueror of Ulduar" and now require you to kill each boss in Heroic difficulty without dying, but not necessarily during the same reset. Title Reward: Conqueror of Ulduar. (Source).
While I do think this "dumbs down" the achievement a little, I really can't get away from the hatred I feel towards the current Immortal achievement. There's just too much random luck involved; too many times that you are put at the mercy of a bad internet connection.

Previously, I would have (sullenly!) sat myself out of a raid rather than risk the title for others. In Ulduar though, it won't matter - because I won't be jeopardising an entire week's work for 24 other people by disconnecting on the final boss; at worst, it would stop them from getting one boss. That's still not good, of course, but it wouldn't be the way it is now - slog your way through the entire instance for several hours, allllllllllmost get the achievement, and then have someone disconnect in a void zone, YAY! This time around, if they disconnect and die, it hasn't ruined the entire week's effort - it just means that there's one last boss to finish off for the achievement.

Some quick notes, as summarised on the WoW forums:
-2nd attempts in the same reset will not count, only first try
-Can be done over multiple resets
-Algalon is not apart of this achievement, which is intentional
-The titles are currently placeholders and should change when the patch hits
-Naxxramas Immortal/Undying will not change, this is for Ulduar only

I'm all for tough achievements and skill and whatnot, but the Naxxramas Immortal is horrible, stressful.. I hate it. The fact that Ulduar is per-boss actually makes me WANT to do it, rather than dreading it - I'm actually looking forward to it now!


Vargarth said...


My guild has also missed out on "The Immortal", due to a bit of bad luck on Raz (breaking and 1-shotting someone).

Although this makes it slightly easier, it still means that, eventually, you have to have a perfect kill of each boss. Only difference is, if you mess up by -one- person on one, you can just go back and correct it next week!

Mel said...

This is a nice change! Especially for us loser Australians with bad latency. I'm glad that this is becoming something we can work on gradually, instead of something that makes us want to pull our hair out when someone is accidently killed when a healer DC's or something.

Sydera said...

I very much agree. My guild would have had Immortal long ago under these rules.

Beruthiel said...

We are currently working on our Immortal acheivement, and it is the last thing the majority of the members of our guild need for their Proto-Drake. I am optimistic, but realistic as well. We have such limited time, I'm not sure we will be able to do it. This week we had a tank on Gluth get parry gibbed (4 parries in a row...what are the odds of that?!).

I am very happy with this change. It certainly is much less frustrating =)

Notabear said...


So much for 3.1 being harder. Maybe next we'll get a magic fairy who can one-shot a boss for us, too.

Niniel said...

Let's not forget the amount of hard modes. You'd probably not try any of the hard modes while shooting for an immortal run and if you then fail on the last boss you'd miss out on a lot of extra loot.

I'm glad of this change because it encourages doing all bosses the hard way.

Keeva said...

Notabear: I do partly feel disappointed, because per-boss is going to be really easy. REALLY easy. But on the other hand, Immortal was never really about skill; most of the time the week's attempt was ruined by ridiculous bad luck or disconnects.

The reason it is such a huge achievement now is not because it takes amazing skill, but luck and server stability. A lot of high-end guilds on the older servers have just given up on trying for it because the servers are too unstable and it's too frustrating for them. Achievements should be about skill and hard work, not come down to lag.

Ninie: Precisely. Now I don't have to choose between one or the other, and we don't have to "sacrifice" a week of hard mode loot trying for Immortal. That's a great thing :)

Notabear said...

Alright. I'll give you that.

I still think that the next major boss will be a giant pillow.