Thursday, April 30, 2009

Arbor Day Submissions!

Better late than never, right folks?

Basically I had gathered everyone's submissions together (I have over 30 pictures!) and just had to create thumbs, upload, and post them all up - but we had somewhat of a guild "hiccup" last week that threw everything up in the air. Our guild MT and raid leader transferred to another server. To make matters worse, when members of the guild expressed their anger at his sudden disappearance, he removed our forums and guild website. Whee.

Luckily I grabbed a backup of the forums in anticipation of such a thing happening, secured my own corner of the internets, and with the help of some friends, they were back up within a day. I'm still working on the guild website, which is a fairly hefty job. On the bright side, I'm getting a handle on using WordPress, so if I ever decide to put TBJ onto its own web plot, it won't be so daunting.

Bringing things back up has taken up quite a bit of my time, plus I've had to jump into damage-control mode, so I've been absolutely flat-strap as we Aussies say... and I do apologise.

But enough of that ghastly business - bring on the trees!

1. Averna from Nerf this Druid says, "This is me keeping watch over the Argent Tournament with the guard on the hippogryph. I mean, *someone's* gotta do it, and the poor guy must get lonely up there sometimes. So I decided to pay him a visit =D"

And here she is getting around in style:

2. Here's Lissanna from Restokin relaxing with her treant buddies in the jungles of Northrend:

3. Jurik on Kel'Thuzad US enjoys dinner with friends, long walks on the beach, and base jumping:

... and hanging out with the local fauna in The Underbelly. Personally I'm not a big fan of being stung in the face by wasps, but to each their own!

4. Lanatha of Icecrown US says, "Since Lana's not used to the whole tree thing, she figured it'd be perfectly fine to hang around by the mushrooms growing by the moonwell in Zangarmarsh. (They kinda look like trees, right?)"

5. Moojoos from Caelestrasz (yay!) with is PG entry:

6. Naavi on Skullcrusher likes living on the edge and sleeps over an open fire, eep.

7. Ekzee from my own guild has a few snaps to share:

Even trees "gotta go" sometime! Where did you think they went? Behind a tree? UGH!


and the sneaky thing took this picture of me in Mimiron's room:

8. Kagrra of Cenarius-US and blogger of The Druid Team sent these multicoloured trees:

9. Blakro (pronounced Blackcrow) of Durotan US says: "Here's my beloved Resto druid main BEAR jumping (which stands for Building, Earth, Antenna, RAWRBomb) without a [Parachute Cloak] near one of the big crystal trees in Crystalsong Forest. Taking this picture was easier than "falling off (as) a log" and I didn't "bite it" thanks to Swift Flight Form. In the immortal words of my teecher Alamo, "when tree durid is FALL do not ask for HEEL and NINIRVATE!"

10. My buddy Camel getting a little big for his britches!

11. This is Homunkuhlus from EU Aman'Thul:

12. Adeanna of Lanakila on the Proudmoore (US) shows us the classic cranky-tree-casting. I'm not sure why we always look so mad when we're healing..

13. Gadfium from Emerald Dream EU shows us how to fall "with style!"

and here he is about to solo Kologarn (nerf)

14. Keredria US Drenden wishes everyone a happy Azeroth Arbor Day! The dispirited ent and angry oak spirit aren't quite so enthusiastic..

15. Aertimus from Darkspear US and blogger of HoTs Tree sent this - which was really weird because I was thinking of doing the same thing!

16. Stompalina from has a sandbox tiger. I love it!

17. Maiara, Hartigen and Aidia of Evil Eye on Bloodscalp EU say there's no better way for a Tree to pass its free time than waterskiing in the waterfalls of Sholazar Basin. "Our roots make for excellent rudders and the leaves catch the wind perfectly!"

18. Podog from Aggramar takes it easy in Dalaran with a couple of friends.

19. Sylly from Rolling Hots says that this screenshot depicts the natural reaction of all other creatures upon encountering a tree, which is to immediately feel humbled by it and to need to pay it proper respect. "We got the shot by me eating a giant feast, and my guildies all eating a small feast and kneeling down around me while I was up on a little platform in Naxx."

20. Thedoctorr - Dark Iron US sent this one, I think it is gorgeous (it appeals to the photographer in me!)

21. Livith sent in these great moonwell pics:

22. Beruthiel from Falling Leaves & Wings asks, "Are you my Mother?"

"That is what I wanted to know, as I followed this tree =) Perhaps she is the one who dropped the acorn that spouted me!"

Goodness, I'm exhausted now.. what a marathon!

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful entries - please let me know if I have accidentally missed you - I had so many that even searching through my emails carefully I still kept finding extras that I had missed. I do apologise if I haven't included yours - just let me know and I will put it up.

Happy Azeroth Day - hooray for trees!


Wooglie said...

Nice tree pics :)

Aertimus said...

Thank you for compiling all those awesome shots for us! Trees are so creative!

And I still want to see your four season trees someday!

Naavi said...

Aahh awsome! I love most of them! Really nice submissions :D