Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Too soon, Executus

Just a super quick note to say that 3.1 caught me by surprise (I was counting on it being next week), so I may not be posting much for a little while.

We're a hardcore raiding guild with a #1 spot to defend, so my priority in the coming weeks will be raiding and server firsts.

The final Healbot writeup IS coming, I just haven't had time to polish it lately. No doubt I will also post my thoughts on Ulduar, our nerfs and changes, and whatnot in the near future. I also expect to have much more to post about from now on, that we have some new content and challenges. I actually created this blog to have something to do while we waited for WotLK, but Naxx etc didn't really present much of a challenge (plus everyone had the strats already). While I enjoyed doing up a Sarth MT healing guide etc, but there hasn't really been much to write about, really. I miss creating diagrams and strategies, walkthroughs, etc. So I'm hoping Ulduar and beyond will give me more to sink my teeth into - both in raiding and blogging.

I have big hopes for 3.1 - for myself, my guild, and for this blog.

Hopefully by the time I get home from work the servers will be stable and I can jump into Ulduar and get started!



Notabear said...

Your post caught me by surprise. That's my realm, Executus and we've had nothing but issues since the patch. So much so that only one guild made it into Ulduar tonight, and not until 1 am. I am so angry with Blizzard's shoddy work right now. Seriously have been considering playing a new game.
Good luck to you. (^_^ )y

Anonymous said...

GL Keeva, love to see you in there and compare notes but ur on the wrong side :P


Niniel said...

Good luck! Go go go! :)

Mel said...

I wish you and Inexorable the best of luck Keeva! Looking forward to see some Conqueror of Ulduar titles on you guys soon :)

Anonymous said...

We luuuurve you! well i do anyway :P

Keeva said...

Thanks guys! :D

I had to work today so I missed a lot of the action.. but got some fun in tonight. Very buggy though.

Looking forward to a race, we have some real competition this time :)

I dropped NG out of my spec because it was kinda meh.. but already I am thinking I might respec back into it. Things feel sluggish. I'll change when I get a chance tomorrow, probably.

Must be more hasty!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Keeva!

We sink our teeth into Ulduar tonight =) I hope it's yummy!

Sylly said...

woot! best of luck going after the server firsts! Can't wait to hear about your adventures. =)

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm eager to read your final writeup for the HealBot Controversy (tm) but good luck with your guild and server firsts!

Good luck to you!

Pixielated said...

Good Luck!!! =)

Camel said...

I'll chase you as fast as my stumps will carry me =P Gluck Keeva