Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My thoughts on new forms announced

I'm late for work but here's my two cents on the new druid forms changes:


What if I want Keeva to have white skin but I want a black bear?

What if I want Kiiva to have blue hair but I don't want a blue bear?

Am I being ungrateful?

I just think that this is like giving us something awesome, being really flexible by allowing us to change at a whim in the barber shop (that's great!) but then on the other hand being inflexible because you have to like both your caster hair/skin and your feral skin at the same time... what if I think bluebear is great, but I can't stand blue hair on my Night Elf?

For example, Keeva has white skin, but I don't like that white bear - I like the black one. So I either have to pick a caster skin that I don't like, or a bear skin that I don't like. I can't have two that I like at the same time.

Not only that, but Keeva, as a tauren, can't really just change her skin colour after 2 years. White skin for two years.. suddenly I'm a black Tauren instantly! ....mmmno.

I want to stay "me", but still be able to have interesting feral skins. Is that too much to ask?

They do look MUCH better though - they've done a lot to improve the overall look. It's smoother, has more definition. The face and horns especially look better. I wonder if they will change the big NE ears?

Keeva has had white skin for over two years. I know that to a lot of people, skin and hair colour doesn't mean a thing. But to some of us, our characters are important. You might be able to get a haircut, but you can't just magically change from having white skin to having black spots. I'm Keeva and I have white skin. And I chose Kiiva's hair colour very carefully and deliberately. I don't really see it as something I want to change every now and then when I feel like turning purple in bear form.

I honestly LOVE the new bear model. It looks fantastic. Awesome idea, love the new colours.. but it doesn't quite hit the mark in terms of implementation. It makes sense that all of your forms would have a visual link between them (such as blue highlights, or white skin/fur), but I really don't like the idea that I might have to sacrifice my preferred caster appearance in order to get the feral appearance I want.

Why should I have to throw away a big part of my character's identity in order to have a good feral appearance? Or, to reframe that question, why should I be lumped with a feral appearance that I don't like, because I choose to keep my character's appearance the way I have always wanted it?

I don't know if it is possible/realistic/practical to change the way it will be done.. but I really hope that there is a way around this.


Lissanna said...

I'm pretty sure they are tied to those things because that was the only way Blizzard could work it out without having to be limited to glyphs, quests, or only having 2 color options...

Keeva said...

I don't like it at all.

Keeva has white skin.

The white bear is ugly.


So now I feel worse off than before - normal bear was a bit bland, but now I have a bear that I *hate* the look of - that I can only change if I change my character's fundamental appearance.


Keeva said...

Oh, something I do want to mention though, is that although it doesn't really make much sense to be able to change the cow fur you were born with, that would grant us more flexibility in terms of appearance, which IS something I have complained about in the past.

The barbershop only lets us change our horns, and choose from OLD hairstyles (buh?) - all we got was a few new horn types, really.

So for people who want to change their fur colour, this gives them more options.

But I really don't want our feral forms tied to our caster forms. From the picture posted, I'm either going to have to live with a hideous white bear, or change Keeva's skin colour that she has had for the past 2+ years. I don't think we should have to change our characters' caster look in order to get a cool look for our feral forms (or in my case, to not have an ugly form that I hate).

Trying to reserve most judgment until release, but so far I am sitting in the "cool idea, great images.... bad implementation" camp.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with you on the whole don't want to change my skin color thing. I loathed having to spend 7g on the barber shop achievement after I saw the lackluster attempt to give us more customization. We couldn't even get a nose or horn ring? Jeez...

I've stylized myself as the "lil' black raine cloud" so it would be pretty silly to call myself that if I want a blue or brown looking bear.

Hopefully there isn't too drastic of a change to the tree of life form. A friend gave me a Teldrassil Sproutling that I'm toting around everywhere I go and dancing at every opportunity with it. It's so awesome having a mini-me around...I'd hate to see that spoiled now with a completely revamped healing form.

Maybe that's just me.

Keeva said...

Some people have said to equip a helm, or just stop whining, who cares if you have to change your hair colour, etc.

I care. People care.

We've played these characters for years. Some people don't care what their character looks like.. and that's fine. They think changing hair or skin colour every 5 minutes is no big deal. But I'm really attached to Keeva, and I don't want to change her to an entirely different Tauren to make my forms look good (or bearable, no pun intended).

I just don't think we should have to settle for a caster look we hate in exchange for a cat form we like, or a bear form we think is ugly in exchange for our classic caster appearance.

We have these cool new skins, but we may have to sacrifice the caster appearance that we like best in order to get the feral skin that we like.

I don't think that's fair.

Kae said...

It's more likely among us resto-mains that we'll sacrifice our caster looks for our choice of the new skin variations in tree form :)

Sassafras said...

I think this is typical backhanded blizz giving us what we want in a way that we don't want it. The gov't does this with import/export regulations all the time.

I am happy enough to have a better skin for my bear form that I will accept it if I can't have purple hair.

Pathis said...

I don't see why you can customize the forms themselves directly from the barbershop. I am no programmer, but I would imagine that could be done. Still, I am trying my best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Aynon said...

Maybe its not that we really want, but I am happy to have a different look from others druids. Better than nothing.

Notabear said...


Are we really letting them put out a sims recolor job for Bear Form? How weak.

There have been a plethora of amazing reskins done by the fan community for years and THIS is the best the could come up with? RECOLORS?


I'm glad they took 4 years to learn how to touch up and recolor a form. I am so proud. Now maybe they can get to work on that bug that stuns me after a knockback in treeform. Maybe they can use a blue tree skin to fix it.

apocriva said...

It's been stated that the mouth is normally closed. These pics are just showing a bunch of /roaring. :)

Kae said...

The skin is not exactly the same in shape, just similar. There are several noted differences, not limited to the horn direction and that they are now coming from behind the ears, and the number of claws on each paw. I don't think it's really such a big deal for the tauren bear, as it was a decent enough skin already... the real test will be to see what they did to tauren cats.

Also, they have already stated on the official forums that the screenshots were taken while the bears were *roaring*, and that the bears will close their mouths otherwise.

Aside, I won't be so worried if my tauren turns out to be a polar bear. She may also end up the sandy-furred one, a "Pooh bear," and I could live with that, too. I just hope whatever tree variations they come up with look nice and have a feminine side!

Kayeri said...

I understand the textures and all have been fully updated to LK standards as well. I do like what they've shown us, but I'm not really getting into the debate over caster form being tied into bear form because let's face it... I'm never in bear form! I'm a tree, I'm a happy tree! I am happy for druids that this long-promised change is coming... but I'm feeling kinda left out because I just don't use feral forms much.

Once in a while, I go play cat a bit so I dont forget, but maybe I'll feel more strongly about things when, like Keeva, Kayeri refuses to change her long dark green hair (I've tried twice, but she just puts her foot down and says NO!), but dont like the tree form its tied to.

I just hope I get to join the debate soon. :)

Copernicus said...

From a lore standpoint, it makes sense that your colors would stay the same in different forms. I can't see any reason why this black tauren turns white in bear form while that one turns blue. However, this is a game and they can make it do whatever they want. If enough people want to be able to choose which they want, it will likely happen.

Since I spend a good 95% of my time in bear form, I hardly recognize myself in elf form. It wont bother me to change my hair in order to get the bear I like.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that they don't directly correspond nelf hair color to bear color. Becuase honestly, I don't want to be a purple bear. I mean, seriously? Purple? What about that teal color-a TEAL BEAR?

I'll happily take the same-you know, normalish?-bear colors as the Tauren, thank you. Have purple haired nelfs turn bears, or something.

Anonymous said...

I am *never* in bear form...and only in cat form if I have to sprint somewhere. So I really don't know that I have a thought one way or the other on the new forms.

I will be a white bear, but I kinda like the white bear graphic =)

I do however, see your point on "dying" all of your fur. I don't think I could change Beru's coloring after all these years. She's familiar to me, I don't want to make her a stranger!

Erinys said...

Agree completely. My nelf druid has bright green hair and whilst I think it looks fine for her hair (a small part of her), I'm really not sure I want to be a really seasick green looking bear/cat. I'm the only druid in our guild with that colour hair and its been that colour since she was made in 2006 so I also don't want to change it. I'm waiting for the release of the alliance versions rather nervously.

Anonymous said...

I think I love you.
Where do you live? I want to take you out to a ball game and buy you some cracker jacks.

Mel said...

I love the new bear forms. So much that I'm inspired to take Amarant and make him into a feral druid. Plus I like bears. RAWR!

Yeah I changed my druid back into a boy-tauren. He's probably going to be a white or grey bear unless I change his skin colour... but I like all of them!

Keeva said...

Anon: I live in Australia. What's a cracker jack? :P

Mel: Poor Amarant must be so confused.. male, female, male... o_O

Mel said...

shame we can't make hermaphrodite toons then Amarant could just be a he-she :B

Martyyr / Tichondrius said...

You are so far away!


Keeva said...

Oh - they're like Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs, plus peanuts.