Thursday, May 28, 2009

Night Elf bear forms

Night Elf bear forms have been released.

I actually REALLY like the white bear in this series, so I feel better about being "stuck" with a bear that matches my hair colour. I still think linking directly to hair and skin colour is a little inflexible for people who are very particular about those elements of their character.. but I won't complain about how the white bear looks for elves. I'm happy with how it looks. In fact, it's probably my favourite of the bunch! :)

Also, last night I played a NE bear for the first time in years. I noticed something very glaring - the eyes are TERRIBLE on NE bears. They look painted on, and as if they don't really fit the model mesh properly at all - you can barely see them. I never realised how much better the Tauren face looked.

The new eyes look great, and fit the whole "glowy elf eyes" deal that Night Elves have going on.

And the ears... they seem a little less goofy.

I think the Taurens look better overall, but they always looked beefier and a little more.. bearish. But these new NE ones look really nice, they have much more elf elements blended with the bear skin. I like them a lot - nice work Blizzard - they look awesome!

Cat forms to come now.. nervous about that. Four years of complaints about the hideous Tauren version.. will they fix it? Or just rehash the same idea? If we're still wyverns, I think there's going to be a huge outcry. I'm also slightly concerned about the NE versions because I adore the current NE cat. I hope the silver/white corresponding cat looks good, because I do spend a lot of time in kitty.



Kayeri said...

It is up on the official page now!

Corgii said...

I've been leveling a Night Elf from scratch as well over on Averna's server; I'm pretty excited for these models; I have dark blue hair so I think I'll get the bottom right model, but I might go back to white hair (which I always had when I was Alliance)... that white bear looks awesome!

Keeva said...

Thanks Kayeri - edited :)

Corgii - I don't like the white hordey bear much, but I love the NE one, so that's good! I particularly wanted white/silver hair on my elf druid.

I can't wait to see the cats!!

Sassafras said...

I think the horde bear and the nelf cat have always been the better skins between what we had on offer over all.

I still think the horde bears will look better, but I can accept that.

As for fixing the cats, I really do hope they give horde cats something to love, and then fix the hitbox on nelf cats while they are fixing the graphics.