Thursday, May 28, 2009

RL PvP with bears: ur doin it wrong

Forgive me, I'm on a bit of a bear kick at the moment, having just got my bear form on Kiiva, and having fun with it (the header *does* say "predominantly" resto-flavoured, after all). By the way - it turns out that if you've done that bear form quest 6 or 7 times, you end up REALLY pro at it! Who'da guessed it?

Avoiding bear PvP IRL

Concerned about being ganked by a bear druid IRL?

Are you constantly looking over your shoulder in fear of a RAWRBOMB attack?

Never fear! Bear spray is here! Simply spray all over yourself to deter those pesky bears.... no, wait... don't. That would be STUPID.

From one of my favourite sites, Not Always Right - funny & stupid customer quotes:
Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [outdoor supply store]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, um…I bought some bear spray from you earlier today and now my skin is burning.”

Me: “Your skin is burning? Did the bear spray come into contact with your skin?”

Customer: “Of course! I sprayed it all over myself!”

Me: “Did you read the instructions?”

Customer: “No, I thought it was like bug spray.”

Me: “Sir, you’re not supposed to spray it on your skin. You’re supposed to spray it in the bear’s eyes. You should probably go take a shower.”

Customer: “So I can’t repel the bears by putting bear spray on my skin?”

Me: “No, sir…are you sure bear country is the right place for you?



Corgii said...

LOL! Clearly he never trained 'hibernate' :X

sendekyo said...

I think it's awesome that you decided to make a reference to NotAlwaysRight. I subscribe to their RSS feed along with yours. ^_^

Mystic said...

Haha! Now I'm reading the Not Always Right blog like a mad woman! These are hilarious!

Nadi said...

Please be careful in browsing the NAR site if you're on a Windows machine. It's a hilarious site, but one of their advertisers is currently (or, at least was yesterday) taking advantage of a known exploit in PDFs to infect viewers' machines with Trojans.

If your machine is *not* up-to-date on security updates, specifically the latest Firefox and Acrobat versions, NAR is a risky site.