Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The same, but different

Meet Kiiva.

Kiiva is (as of tonight) a level 10 Night Elf druid. I didn't quite manage to get bear form before the server went down, but that can be tomorrow's project.

A lot of people will probably think I'm nuts, but I thought it might be fun to reroll. Again. This makes druid number.. 5. Well, officially. There have been others - but this will be the fifth druid that goes somewhere.

Contrary to popular belief, I DO actually have other characters, but only a couple have made it to the post-60 bracket. I have a hunter mid 70s and mage mid 60s.. but I just keep coming back to the druids. I honestly really enjoy levelling druids, plus I know them inside out, so I don't have to learn to play a new class (some people would argue this is the point of rolling a new character - some variety - but I just love druids that much). I keep the same bindings and UI, so as my lowbie druids acquire new skills, the bindings are already set and ready to go - and I don't have to teach myself new abilities.

I do, however, often forget that I don't in fact have Wild Growth at level 7.

Starting from absolute scratch

I have absolutely nothing. I started with nothing. No money, including my Alliance auction alts - they sent all of their goods to the other side, and I gave my small amount of gold away, so that my alliance characters had zero cash and no assets. I wanted to start with absolutely nothing.

Why? Probably because I'm nuts. But also because one of my favourite "mini games" in WoW, aside from actual farming, is making money - and making it from scratch is a lot of fun.

To not have the luxury of a level 80 that can farm, quest, or dump hundreds or thousands into the Auction House to turn a profit. I had to start with zero. It's surprisingly exciting (to me, the nutter..) to start with nothing, and sell a half stack of linen cloth that you scraped together for 50s. Fifty whole silver - that's a lot of Refreshing Spring Water!

To start with zero copper and earn every penny, no loans, no favours, no help.. and turn that into a couple of gold in the first few levels - it's exciting. I love it. I could easily send over 5000g from Keeva, but I'm really enjoying this. Everything from scratch - levels, achievements, money.

I'm excited again.

Loremaster, server firsts, turtle mount..

I love improving my characters, and at the moment Keeva is really just doing dailies and grinding out the last few reps that she wants. It's.. dull. And while I do appreciate a bit of a breather, I need something to work towards. Achievements and rep grinds alone will not sustain me.

So I'm starting over. For fun. Problem is, I lose a lot of big achievements that I really like having. My server firsts. My Of the Nightfall title. My turtle and rocket mounts. Things I won't likely get back. And of course the fact that on Keeva I have 34 exalted reps, and on Kiiva I have none. Particularly the ones I'll probably never get back - like Hyjal and BT. My many, many pets.. my Brewfest mounts (not to mention the rest of the meta achievement), my Headless Horseman mount. My titles. Loremaster. Mr Pinchy. The Immortal. Five shards of Val'anyr (HA!)

I've put a LOT of work into Keeva.

Masochism at its finest?

It stings to leave those things behind. I'm not tossing them away - just shelving them for a bit. I couldn't walk away from Keeva entirely.

But the loss of all the achievements, levels, reps, gear.. it means that I am starting with a clean slate, and every achievement will be one that pops up on my screen as I go, unlike when the achievement system was implemented and a lot of the achievements were already in place. This time, I'm earning them one at a time.

One painful rep at a time..

And I just did Argent Dawn, Cenarion Circle, and almost finished ZG.. *weep*

I've missed the Alliance

It's been a couple of years since I played on the Alliance side. I miss the cities - I love the music of Ironforge, I miss the quest lines. And I haven't seen the Alliance side of Northrend yet. That is the same reasoning I used when I rerolled Horde - that I had basically been missing out on a chunk of content - I'd never seen Orgrimmar, I didn't know where all the Horde towns were. I'd like to see that part of the Northrend content.

I've missed so many old-world things too. I've missed Stormwind, Elwynn, and Westfall (note: I have NOT missed the Defias).

Number 5 is alive!

I brought Kiiva over to Stormwind on the boat (I prefer Elwynn for lowbie levelling). I started with nothing, and quested and vendored greys until I had enough for herbalism training. I got my fishing nearly to 20. I put two stacks of linen on the auction house and got excited when they sold for a gold or two. When a green training sword of agility dropped I was thrilled - it actually felt like treasure, rather than something I would normally vendor out of laziness. I raced back to put it up for auction - jiggling at the prospect of my odd collection of auctions getting my purse to 5 or 10g, so I can start playing the auction house.

I'm looking forward to levelling professions. Fishing. Northrend greens. Reputations. Heroics. Badges that I can use for things instead of having them gather dust. Harold's Rejuvenating Broach. Dual specs. Healing and raiding in poor gear while I work my back back up (yes, I enjoy this - I used to take off half my gear to do heroics). Not leaning on my big bank or Ulduar gear.

I know it's nuts, but I am really enjoying this.


Mystic said...

Honestly... this sounds like what I am doing at the moment, so no, you are not nuts! At least... I don't think so. Granted my Druid didn't have NEARLY as many achievements and goodies that Keeva had, but I still had put quite a bit of work into her. When my old raiding guild fell apart I transferred her to the server where my sister plays on (since my husband and I are moving 5 hours away from family it's nice to get to still hang out with my sister in-game), but all I am doing is exploring, cooking, and doing dailies. So I also decided to reroll (though I stuck with the Horde-side) and am also starting from scratch with a Troll Mage (I don't quite share your enthusiasm for Druid leveling). It really is quite liberating to do this, it's fun and it keeps things interesting. I also miss my Druid, but like you said, I'm not giving her up entirely. I actually really enjoy not having to raid and schedule around this game like I would a job.

So, good for you! I think what you are doing is great!

And if that means we're both crazy, then so be it! Us crazies need to stick together! *fist pump*

Aynon said...

Well... I dont think you are crazy, but you have a lot of will to reroll a druid all over again! But I have to confess, sometimes I just see my druid and feel like to play something a little different. Specially when a raid ended and I had to use all my hability to heal and keep everybody alive.

Sometimes you just want something different or you want to experience all the good moments you had while leveling.

Copernicus said...

I don't think you're nuts, because I always start off new characters fresh. I don't send them any money, bags, gear, nada. It is indeed exciting to build your own fortune without the help of others. It's a huge boost to your self confidence too, knowing that you are quite capable of supporting yourself.

I'm tempted to roll a horde shaman (I like my druid a lot, but oh how I love my shaman) so I can learn about the horde.

katsaramac said...

My main is an Alliance Druid that I have been playing for 4 years. I recently created a Horde-side druid alt on a far-away server and started her from absolute scratch. You're right. It's tons of fun. I loved spending time in Mulgore picking enough herbs so that I could buy my first bag. I never threw anything away! Everything got sold, even if it was just a few copper! I received absolutely no help with her at all.

Two weeks ago, I finally got her to 80. I am VERY proud of her...far more so than my other alts. I also really enjoyed seeing the game from the Horde's point of view. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone that has the time to do it.

So, you're not alone! Enjoy the journey.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you found something that you are enjoying and having fun with! =)

Kae said...

When I got my alliance druid to 80 (my main is a horde druid), I was very pleased with myself. I had a lot of fun leveling her through Northrend in her own little solo-guild, and now take her out to pug raids at least once a week.

The alliance and horde each have little hidden corners of Northrend that are only for their factions' quests. When you're playing one side, you figure that nook in the zone is just for show, the mobs there just for grinding... and then you walk the other faction's path, and discover intricate questlines in that little corner!

...as a side benefit to cross-faction druiding, my tree-moocow was sent a sproutling pet from my feral elf :)

Sassafras said...

My hubby and I are doing this same thing. Except on the horde side. He's got yet another pally, and I have yet another druid.

It makes a nice break from the dramas and crazyiness going on with our mains right now, and it's just good quiet time together, remembering why we love the classes we are playing.

Adorabull said...

I would have to agree that it isn't nuts at all. It seems there are a lot of us in the same situation. My alliance guild is in the process of falling apart and after a lot of thought, my husband and I decided to re-roll Horde just for the fact that we never really played Horde side before and wanted to see all the quest lines. After playing a druid for basically as long as I have played the game (took a few breaks from her and always came back though) I decided to level another druid. Why? They are one of the most fun classes to play!

I hope you enjoy your new druid just as much as I am enjoying mine.

Keeva said...

Thanks everyone, it's good to know a bunch of people have felt the same lately, and decided to take a "reroll holiday".

Aynon: this is my 5th druid; I started with my resto druid on Mannoroth, then made a feral to "play around" - but enjoyed it so much that I thought I may as well get her to 70. Then I finally made the decision to move to an Oceanic server so I could raid in my timezone. I could have transferred my main - she had Kara gear, and obviously I was also very attached to her. But I was attached to my guild as well, and didn't want to uproot her.

Plus, at the time, you couldn't transfer PvE to PvP, so if I decided I didn't like my new PvE realm, I would be "stuck".

And, as I mentioned - I wanted to experience the Horde side of the game. So I rerolled entirely, and had a blast doing it.

Here I am doing it all over again, but going back to my Night Elf roots! :P


Kae: THANK YOU!!!! I didn't even think of doing that. Keeva has a sproutling already (gift from a friend) but Kiiva doesn't... I'm DEFINITELY going to keep up my Argent dailies now, so I can send Kiiva a baby tree! :D

Aertimus said...

I only level my alts in the summer, but I have a "Don't you dare send me anything" rule with my husband. If he wants to buy the low level stuff I pick up he has to give me EXACTLY AH rate.

It really is its own minigame to play.

Keeva said...

Oops, blonde moment. Changing factions a few times makes it difficult to remember which side you're on..

Keeva CAN get Kiiva a sproutling but she'll actually have to purchase it. Apparently the NEs aren't too fussed on selling stuff to Taurens?


(for a little while there I was happily thinking Keeva could do dailies for a sproutling)

I will either buy one out of my savings, OR buy a horde pet and sell it to compensate for buying an alliance pet, OR find someone to trade. History shows a) I'm pretty lazy and b) I make money easily so it will likely be the first option. The safest way will probably be to transfer gold via the AH and buy it Alliance side - I'll lose money, but then the pets are cheaper Alliance side, so it evens out.

But I'm still grateful for the inspiration - I didn't think to get baby Kiiva a baby tree :D

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the same thing. I filled out all my Cael spots with a different class and made a goal to level them to 80. I have 9 at 80, but I can't find the enthusiasm to get my warrior to 80, so he's at 72.

So I re-rolled horde on Saurfang. Unfortunately, I hate inefficient leveling so I have sent my lowbie hordies 4 netherweave bags each and 5 gold in starting seed money from the efforts of my Blood Elf Death Knight. I wish I had all the heirloom items from my alliance characters, but I can always enjoy the trip.

I get excited about making a goal and working towards it. I always go back to my alliance characters at raid time, but inbetween raids, I can spend some time leveling my horde characters. Its fun starting over again.

- Eredur

Anonymous said...

Heck, I'll just buy the Sproutling and send it your way. I only have a weakness for 2 things in WoW, Raiding and titles! I'm just doing the tournament for the crusader title, I don't really like chasing pets mounts etc. (If you have guilt pangs over free stuff, you can send the tauren pet back but I'd prefer that someone got a use out of my champion seals because I won't.)


Notabear said...

It doesn't matter which side you roll on. You end up in Tree Form. I really REALLY miss casting in caster form. I'm kinda sick of looking at trees tbh.

First druid was a NE. I loved her. Until they added tree. Haven't touched her since. Guess I'm shallow.

Kayeri said...

Keeva, that is SO awesome! :) I am glad you are having fun with your baby druid. The only hordeside toon I have that has survived is my 40 BE pally, and I dont know that she'll level more because I dont have anyone to play with on that side at all. ::sigh:: it IS more fun when you have people to play with. :)

But I know I've wanted a Tauren druid and an orc shaman for some time, but I'm a person where there character must kind of jump into my head and yell, "Hi, I want to play, make me NOW!!" And so far, those two havent obliged me.

Sydera said...

Sounds like a lovely project. I've just rolled a night elf priest because I've always wanted one. All Syd does is raid and sell flasks now, so I have some time that I used to spend in game going empty. I really enjoy the old content.

And I tell myself that if they don't fix tree form, for the next expansion I'll have a pretty little priest who can wave her hands and make people all better.

She looks like a little like Phaelia, actually, with the white hair. I always wanted white hair but Syd's identity was kind of tied up with the green.

Corgii said...

You aren't crazy at ALL, Keeva. I think I've played 5+ druids as well, several of those at least up to level 30 or so. I've gotten 2 druids to level cap (at that time) and I have a male Tauren on an RP server sitting at 52 (with an epic tabard, too!). I'm eager to get my Night Elf up. Playing from scratch is really exciting. It's like it's my first day entering the World of Warcraft all over again =)

Glad I'm not alone!

loo said...


nice to have you along. ive casually visited your blog. if you ever need help or just want anyone to muck around with look me up. looking forward to your hots..

loo aka spes

Keeva said...


I wasn't ignoring you this morning - I logged on but was in the process of getting ready for work etc, so I didn't see your message until you had gone.

Sorry! :)

Druid Fan said...

Go to a neutral AH "booty bay" and have your alliance character put something on there "soul dust" for 500g then have a horde friend buy it for 500g. Tada! Money transfer.

Keeva said...

I have a horde and alliance bank alt team standing in Booty Bay to do transfers - but I am deliberately not helping this new druid by sending large amounts of cash over - she is starting from scratch :)