Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ding/ding! 30!

I turned 30 on Saturday, and Kiiva turned 30 yesterday! :P

I really wanted Kiiva to turn 30 on the same day. In hindsight, maybe that's a little bit too nerdy.

Alas, my grand plans were foiled - Alliance zones and quests do not seem to be as linear as the Horde's. I wasted so much time just travelling around trying to find quests that weren't red to me. It was very frustrating. Perhaps I've been spoilt by the Barrens though - since it is one massive zone that takes you from 10 right through to your early 20s - and then Stonetalon, Thousand Needles and Ashenvale directly bordering the zone provide that super-easy transition to the 20-30 content. Smooth.

Poor Kiiva spent most of the weekend just trying to scrape enough quests together to get by. I had to double back and do Ashenvale, because I didn't realise that I hadn't thought to go there (I prefer Eastern Kingdoms). Yes, this was an oversight on my part - but one would think that Redridge, Duskwood AND Wetlands combined would be sufficient! In the end I had to do part of Ashenvale and then go back to Duskwood agaaaaaaaaaain.

I was starting to feel as though I'd been ripped straight from a Family Circus strip.

Before that, I had gone to Hillsbrad, where many of the mobs are 25-26ish, so I thought I was set. But then I got to Southshore and found that only ONE quest was doable in Southshore at 27. The only other quest that was even available was the murloc quest (I hate it so) but it's probably not the best idea to attempt this at 27 BECAUSE THE MURLOCS ARE 32 AND STAND AROUND IN GROUPS.

Oh murlocs, I hate you so.

Except the baby ones, because they are so freaking adorable.

Alliance zones, you're really grinding my gears.

World of Scrimpcraft

Despite my levelling frustration, I am still very happy because of my financial progress so far.

Without a single penny of outside assistance (from my Horde characters or friends - other than gifts of a couple of lowbie leather items to wear, and a handful of herbs to help my inscription levelling), at level 30 I have serveral large bags, my first mount, 70g in the bank, and a whole bunch of auctions up as well. My goal is to buy my mounts, epic flight form, Northrend flying and dual spec without help from the cash I have Horde side. I'm on the right track so far.

My little auction alt is also enjoying large bags and a booming trade. I'm trying inscription on for size, and having fun. I've found a few glyphs in particular that sell at nice prices, but with the crazy price of herbs on Alliance side, it's not very profitable to do it long-term. For now though, while I am just trying to get my first few hundred gold together, every bit of profit counts.

With gold being so plentiful now, it would be easy to do a day's worth of dailies on Keeva and send 500g over to help out. A friend just sent me 2000g when he quit - I COULD have sent that over to my newbie, and she would have been set all the way through to Northrend. But I'm getting so much joy out of building everything up from scratch - knowing that all my bags were earned, and my mount skills came from money that I saved up from nothing, and now I have to work towards getting enough for my epic at 60. It's very satisfying.

I do not know what Kiiva's future is, but I am really enjoying her so far.


Tiffanski said...

Happy birthday :D

I'm glad you've revisited alliance. Now get to 70 so you can motivate me to level another one of those BC alts stuck on 70 collecting dust as a high level auction-house/bank alt.

Hmmm or maybe I could level my 29 ex.twink...

Kayeri said...

Happy Birthday, Keeva and I'm so glad you are enjoying your baby druid! and yes, I feel your pain on the questing. I think I feel the pain up into the mid-upper 40's, after that, it grows easier again, based on memories of only 2 toons to go that far...

Thats why most of my alts languish in to 30s to low 40s now.. :)

Kae said...

Happy bday :D /sets out delicious chocolate cake!

I strangely miss Duskwood. I enjoyed the worgen questline, and in fact was sad that the new races introduced in TBC didn't include Worgen :) I thought they'd make for a very interesting druid alt!

Stitches is also memorable for anyone who has leveled Alliance in Duskwood. Who *hasn't* gotten ganked by him, or at least been chased down the street?? ;)

Averna said...

Happy birthday! And I'm glad the alt is working out well! I just starting re-leveling my 23 hunter and 26 shaman, and am really liking them. On Averna, I'm done with the Argent Tournament (as in, got all the achievements with all the different factions), and basically only log in to raid and do the cooking/fishing daily. I'm sure this will change eventually, and there will be other things to do on her that will pique my interest.... but right now I'm really loving the alts =D

masterkevosavi said...

Happy birthday Keeva :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keeva! =)

I am glad that you are enjoying your little druid! Duskwood is also one of my favorite places to level on alliance.

@Kae *snicker* Stitches! The fist thing I did at level 60 was go and kill that guy =)

Aynon said...

Happy Birthday Keeva!

And I decided to lvl an alt also. I couldnt decide which one but I created a pally and I am liking it. But a shaman is also atracting me. I dont know... Arrgh I cant decide lol Anyway congratz.

Aertimus said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I'm glad you are having so much fun making your own way as a baby druid in the big tough world.

I can't WAIT for the official end of the school year (1.5 more weeks!) when I can slack off and spend a few days leveling my financially independent ret pally while Yakra goes out and makes the IRL money.

Why is it so much fun to play a gold starved low level???

Keeva said...

@Tiffanski: hey, nice to see another familiar name here! :)

@Kayeri: Thanks :) I think it will go faster now that I have a mount. It got better as time went on - first cat form (with speed boost), then dash, now travel form and a mount. 10-20 is the most painful, with no cat, 20-30 was bad because of slow travel.. but I'm confident I'll enjoy it from here.

@Kae: Duskwood is a bit dark for me, I'm not a huge fan. Although the questing was quite good. I think I enjoyed it much more this time around.

@Averna: I still log in to do my dailies and fishing on Keeva, sometimes.. but at the moment I'm concentrating on Kiiva. I still don't know what I will do - whether I'll make Kiiva my new "main" - I don't want to leave Keeva behind, she is too important :)

@masterkevosavi: thank you :D

@Beru: I still have a screenshot of my first druid with her Stitches' Femur! I remember how scared I was of that guy when I was a newbie - he seemed like a huge world boss. And I've just realised your posts aren't showing in my reader! GRRR! *goes to fix it*

@Aynon: I lapse into altoholism every now and then - I've played every class to the 20-30s except rogue, and have only touched briefly on DK. But out of all of them, I still always come back to my druids. They're just so much fun.

@Aertimus: I get a stupid amount of joy out of playing the gold-making mini game in WoW. Keeva has about 10k gold and there's just no thrill in it anymore. Kiiva has about 30g now (after a few more investments) and she has to save a whole bunch in order to get her epic mount, epic flying, cold weather flying, and dual spec. And so little time to save for it if she wants them immediately!

While there's not much else to do (no raiding for me), this gives me something to strive for. And since making gold is something that I really enjoy doing.. it makes the game a lot of fun, even if other people might see it as a tedious chore that they do to facilitate the "real" game.

TLDR: I'm a total weirdo.

Aertimus said...

Then I guess I'm a wierdo too!

Keeva said...

I am actually transferring a bunch of items and money over to another alt on Alliance side, to start investing and building up cash for post-80 stuff.

NONE of this cash is allowed to help Kiiva with her mounts or dual spec. It will be for things like crafted epics, perhaps rep grinds, vanity items, etc.

She still has to pay her own way to 80! The other money stays entirely separate.

Everyone thinks I'm nuts :)

Keredria said...

Ah welcome to the 30s Keeva! Its weird though... I hit the milestone a couple years ago and still sometimes forget how old I am and sometimes think I'm still in my late 20s. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th and grats on 30, Kiiva!

I completely understand about "starting over" - I've rolled a druid on a different server and had to start all over with absolutely nothing. I wasn't even sure that I was going to be able to train all my level 10 skills (no one wanted to buy my herbs off the AH!) but I had a random druid give me 10g. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I did take it - but it's a nice savings to help out with the nest egg. Best of luck saving!