Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy pocket money for druids 10+

Here's a little tip for everyone, but it's particularly good for druids because of our Teleport: Moonglade spell.

There is a vendor in Moonglade named Lorelae Wintersong. She sells the recipe for Runed Arcanite Rod.

This enchanting rod is required by all enchanters to be able to progress to higher levels of enchanting. The problem is that it is ONLY sold in Moonglade. Nowhere else in the world. It is also a limited item, on a short respawn timer (meaning it may not be available when you go to Moonglade to get it). So for many enchanters, it is a bit of a pain to get.

We druids, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to port to Moonglade whenever we please.

Remember: In WotLK, a lot of people are rich and lazy.

Many people have tonnes of gold and nothing to spend it on.

They are also lazy, and would rather pay exorbitant prices on the AH than have to go get something for themselves. This is particularly true of people who decide to reroll professions and then power level them. They don't want to travel all over the place - they want to be able to stand in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and power level their new profession as fast as possible.

If a new pattern or formula requires someone to go halfway around the world, that's a pain. If there's one up on the AH for 30g (maybe even more), they'll just snatch it. It's not worth the time and effort to travel to get it themselves. I have done this myself a number of times; I've paid 20g for a stack of meat to level cooking, or ridiculous prices for cloth and herbs... all because I don't want to have to keep flying back to town to train the next levels.

In the case of the arcanite rod - some people don't even HAVE the Moonglade flight path. I've even helped friends get the pattern - when I've overheard them complain about having to go "all the way to Moonglade", I've offered to port and grab it for them. It's a real hassle to get that pattern if you're not a druid.

As a level 10+ druid, you can take advantage of this inconvenience!

Make a quick 15-20g+, casually

I suggest any time you are about to hearth and log for the day, port to Moonglade first, grab the formula, then hearth afterwards. If you're levelling, grab it whenever you head to Moonglade for training. I grab one whenever I port there, for whatever reason.

It will cost you 2.2g (less with rep), and will probably sell from 15g upwards (personally if I was a non-druid I would likely pay up to 100g if it meant I didn't have to mess around getting to Moonglade).

For those of you at 80 with high incomes, this may not be worth your time.. but considering that this is easy for any druid of level 10 and up to do, if you have 2g to invest, you can quickly turn that into a lot more. Very handy for that first mount and training costs.. especially for crazy rerollers like myself, with no "main" feeding cash to the new druid.

And those of you who are saving 5000g for epic flying may be looking for tips on how to squeeze as much gold out of the game as you can. This tip might be worth 10g or it might be 100g, depending on your server - but regardless, with Teleport: Moonglade at your disposal, it will only take you 2 minutes of your time.

Particularly helpful for lowbies, but also for the thrifty, seasoned druid. Every little bit counts, right?



Johan said...

Amazing tip! I just rerolled a druid on a server where I don't have a main toon and thus no cash. This will really help towards getting the mounts later on!

Keeva said...


I just sold another for 30g.

Kiiva is on her way to her epic ground mount :D

Raine said...

Oh noes! My secret is out. I'm not too worried though, it's very unlikely that it'll become popular on the AH.

If you're in moonglade and can get to Everlook, go to the cloth/tradeskill vendor there. It's the only place a player can get the runecloth bag pattern which is essential to leveling tailoring.

Also for hordies: when next you're next in UC stop by the tradeskill vendor in the center ring (on the ramp above the bank). The vendor sells an enchant that bridges the skill levels between two trainer enchants; and it's the only one of it's skill level that can be purchased. Which is to say makes leveling enchanting extremely easy.

Anonymous said...

In general getting an overview of where recipes can be bought and reselling them can make you good money. On Moonglade there is also 2 tailoring patterns, in darkshire you can find a couple too, and Shatt has some enchant ones that can make nice money as well.

Averna said...

Heh, really neat tip! I'm always looking for ways to make a bit of gold!

Besides, I haven't been to Moonglade in a LONG time. This'll be a good excuse to get me to visit again. =)

Keeva said...

I have a few recipes that make me a steady income.. but this one in particular is very handy for druids :)

Boize said...

Keeva, this was a legendary tip.

Now, every time I go to hearth, I teleport to Moonglade first. So far, I've sold 2 of these for 50g each and one for 60g. There's usually only one or none others up there on the AH, so I'm fiddling with the price atm, seeing how high I can push it up and still sell it relatively quickly.

Keeva said...

Fantastic - I'm so glad to have helped a couple of people :)

You may find that people cotton onto what you're doing, and push the market down - but hey, a few hundred gold while it lasts is nothing to sneeze at!

David said...

Bless You.


Rycharde said...

So my resto druid envy kicked in a few weeks ago, and this trick was actually something I'd completely forgotten. I rode out there years ago to get the recipe for another toon, and never thought of it again.

How about that? my pvp-servered Resto doubles his money in 8 hours. Thanks!