Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kiiva progress update!

Kiiva is now 70 and in Northrend. It's good to be back.

Look a little familiar? I guess I just really like that spot overlooking Daggercap Bay..

My bank alt has 1700g, and I think I will easily be able to afford epic flying, cold weather flying, and dual spec by time time I need them. Making money in the game is something that I really enjoy doing, and it's exciting that Kiiva has full 20 slotters, high professions, her epic mount, and loads of cash left over as she goes into Northrend - all without any external help from my other characters or friends.

I've tried to rein myself in and not bore everyone with a trickle of small updates on how I was going - but I think 70 is a worthy enough milestone to mention. I'm still having a lot of fun doing everything from scratch - but I have to admit that I'm really itching to get to 80 and do some healing again!

Onward to 80 - and to healing!


Misery said...

So this is where you've been, never see you out on the dal bank steps anymore!

Kayeri said...

Grats! You know well it wont take long now that she is in Northrend. :)

masterkevosavi said...

Wow awesome!

And wow that was fast!

Rivellana said...

I just have to say congrats on this. I've had an 80 night elf druid for awhile and for many reasons, I decided just recently to roll a tauren druid and experience the horde side of things, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm also new to your blog but really enjoying it as well. :P

Aerivore said...

You know, it always makes me smile when I hear of other druids making more druids because the class is that much fun. People have been giving me smack for leveling another one, myself, never mind the slew of others (2 70's and a slew of lower levels) I have on other accounts/servers.


Kurios (Malorne) said...

So I found this site on accident actually and read up a little on the previous. As a former GM who led a guild through all the crap of scheduling raids and dealing with people drama, getting burnt out with RL obligations that I ignored for a long time, I'm happy to read that you're taking it easy and having fun doing so.

I'm back playing now after an extended hiatus, but no longer doing any of major raiding (I'll still pug a 10 Naxx for fun or help out in Ulduar, but the guys know to not "count" on me to do everything anymore). Take care, have fun and enjoy the game, and I'll look forward to reading some of your posts.

Bell said...

Grats Kiiva! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well done keevs. We all left Failstrasz, but I continue to read your blog, its awesome

Scrabble (formerly Shaidari)
The Immortal Guardians of Saurfang

Keeva said...

Hey Mis.. I log onto Keeva every now and then to help people with stuff, but I've been playing Alliance pretty solidly this whole time.

Kayeri: I was hoping to get to 80 this weekend but I work two jobs and they're both taking up a lot of my time at the moment. Might not make it.. but that's ok, no rush I guess.

Master: It would have been faster but I had my little holiday in the middle!

Rivellana: thank you! :) I definitely enjoyed my switch from Alliance to Horde, I got to see a lot of the game that I hadn't experienced. And now, with Kiiva, I've had a refresher - and now onto the new and fresh content in Northrend. I'm very much looking forward to it!

Aerivore: I have 5 level 69+ druids now, four of them are on the same server! People think I'm nuts, but I just love them so much. And not just at 80.. I truly enjoy levelling them. Friends have asked why I would reroll and choose the same class..and I try to explain, it's because I love levelling druids. I doubt Kiiva will be the last, to be honest! :)

Kurios: it's certainly been a bit odd to drop from super hardcore dedicated raiding (and being one of the people pushing the guild forward) to just bumming around and playing casually. But I've enjoyed it, and I think if I go back to raiding (likely), I'll feel better for having this break. I needed one a while ago but didn't want to let anyone down - so when the guild dissolved, it was a chance for a breather.

Thanks Bell! :D

Hey Shaidari - how's Saurfang? Cael is really quite terrible, more and more people are leaving.. but I don't have the inclination or the funds to transfer all of the characters I would like to take with me if I moved. So I'll stay put for now and see what happens. Maybe down the track if I *really* want to raid seriously again, I'll transfer.. but with the changes to gear and the ability to swap factions, I think it will be much easier to come back to raiding at a later date. So I'm not worrying about it now.

Anonymous said...

Saurfang is pretty good. Awesome compared to Cael, but I can't hate cael, it's where all my raiding started back at 70. Where I learned to play really. I only took 2 characters over, my priest is still sitting there, untalented...kinda sad really lol

Scrabble (formerly Shaidari)
The Immortal Guardians of Saurfang

mryland said...

I'm interested to see what choice of guild you will make for raiding at 80. There are some great raid guilds, but some obvious nutters as well. And being a previous hardcore player, has your time made you choose a more relaxed route or made you want to go back to what you did before?