Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shapeshift: Yakcat

Yes, I'm adding to the catformblogspam.

The new Tauren cat forms look amazing. Brilliant job, Blizzard. No more hideous wyvern things to wince at. Now I feel very torn between my Horde druids and my Alliance druids - good thing I have choice of two Alliance and two Horde to choose from!

Not only do they look better in terms of general aesthetics, but don't they look so.. Tauren? The broad noses (with nose rings) really make them tie in well with our Tauren forms. And I love the eyes - they look so intelligent, as if someone is in there. Much, much better than the original painted-on eyes.

I think I like the bottom left colouring the best. I couldn't think what it reminded me of though - until I realised...

Form of........ A YAK!

... with claws, and perhaps a little more compact.

The only problem is that if they are still going to be linked to humanoid characteristics, then once again the feral form that corresponds with Keeva's colouring (completely white) is the one that I think looks ugliest. I dislike both the white bear and white cat.

Enough that I would like to change colours, but being the silly person that I am, I'm too attached to Keeva's identity. Most people would say it's no big deal, just go to the barber shop or wear your helm or be grateful for what we got - but I am attached to all of my druids, and I can't just change her identity like that. I hate the idea of playing Keeva as a white Tauren, she can't just become a brown Tauren in the barber shop because I want to pimp-my-forms.


Nevertheless, I'm extremely impressed and can't wait for the NE kitties.

This also adds a lot of excitement - if this is the fantastic kind of remodelling that cats got - what is in store for our other forms down the track?

Heh... yaks.


Corgii said...

I agree; I'm rather excited to see the possible changes to Boomkin and Tree form down the road. These models are very impressive; I'm eager to see the Night Elf cat forms!

Anonymous said...

Not a yak! It's a heland coo!

Keeva said...


Don't make me come over there!

DJScythe said...

Not as amazing as the bear forms, but certainly a nice improvement.

Personally, I think the link to caster form isn't too bad. It offers a connection between a druid and their feral form.

Also, bonus points for the top left form looking like Scar. Now I can sit around in Org warning people to be prepared. XP

Anonymous said...

It doesn't so much look like a yak as it does a pit bull; and no, I'm not talking about the nifty WoW mod. Perhaps it's just me but when I see the new Tauren form I'm reminded of the dog from the Target TV commercials.

@DJScythe: You thought so too? Sweet. I was also thinking Kovu from the second move...maybe a little more so.

Keeva said...

They have a certain... English Bull Terrier look to them.

I really want a pet yak now.

Ayon said...

These forms look awsome to me! Now I may consider to make a Tauren Druid. The old cat form was very ugly. Lets wait for the NE new cat forms.

Anonymous said...

I love it, its more like the lion king

Mel said...

I am sooo happy, they look fantastic. I am disappointed by the white cat though, since I liked the white bear form...

I think I'll choose either the dark brown forms, or grey/white. /giddy

Anonymous said...

These new forms are so cool ! Makes me want to go feral instead of tree/boomkin :(


Kae said...

I'm guessing the NE cats will have a more pantherish appearance, mixing in the HUGE POINTY EARS and glowy eyes that make night elves... night elves :D The NE cat form was loveable enough before 3.2, so there's always the risk that it will go downhill rather than up, but I'm remaining optimistic for it.

IE, I doubt the NE's will get Yak-lions. :D

Kayeri said...

Keeva, I commented on the forms on BBB's blog, but I think they echo back to the Tauren form in the face a great deal, and I've always seen the Tauren as more like the American Bison and the Taunka as similar the Wood Bison of Northern Canada... Try that and see if it works better than yaks... :)