Thursday, June 25, 2009

What did I miss?

Wow, gone a few days and my reader is jammed with entries about 3.2 patch notes, set bonuses, and changes. That's cool though, everyone covered it nicely so I don't have to! :P

One huge change pertinent to my previous entry about "casual" vs "hardcore" is the change to the badge system:
Any dungeons that previously dropped Emblems of Heroism or Valor, such as Naxxramas or Heroic Halls of Stone, will now drop Emblems of Conquest instead. Emblems of Conquest can still be converted to Valor or Heroism.

So, Heroism and Valor will no longer drop from anywhere - instead, the heroics, 10 mans and 25s that dropped these badges (eg Heroic Nexus, 10 man Naxx, 25 man Malygos) will drop Emblems of Conquest. You can either use these for Conquest gear, or exchange them 1 for 1 for Heroism or Valor tokens, to buy those items.

The upshot: you can kit yourself out in Conquest and Valor gear without ever setting foot in a 25 man raid.

The hardcore raider in me screams "WHAT A RIP OFF! Now anyone can get Ulduar gear without having to work hard in Ulduar!"

The casual Kiiva in me rubs her chin and says, "Nice, now I can get Ulduar gear without having to work hard in Ulduar..."

Well, not exactly. But it DOES mean that I don't have to play "catch up" trying to gear my rerolled character up to the tier of raiding that I want to be playing in. I won't have to run old 25 mans (if I don't want to) to be able to get gear of an adequate standard to go do Ulduar or start out in the next lot of raiding. If I want to, I can just run heroics with a few friends in order to dress Kiiva in some shiny epics.

On the other hand, running the "old" stuff now has a purpose after you've grabbed all the drops out of them that you need. Heroics, after finishing reps and whatnot, were places I never bothered with again (unless for mounts and achievements). Now, I can go do heroics or Naxx and grab Conquest badges to be able to gear Kiiva or get her some items for offspec.

As Spinks said in Gevlon's post - this is an alt patch. Archangel added the point about dual spec. It gives people a reason to go back and do these heroics and raids once they've exhausted the achievements and taken all the drops they needed. And I would add that it is also a reroller patch - allowing people to reroll without thinking they'll have to spend months catching up to the level of gear they need.

The change will also help people who need/want to take a break from the game but don't want to "fall behind" the gear curve when they get back. My previous post had a number of people saying that they came along halfway in TBC and struggled to be able to raid because they were always behind. With this change, you won't have to run Ulduar in order to be ready for Icecrown. You can use your half hour here and there to keep gearing your character (at a more relaxed pace) and still be able to jump into Icecrown if you want to get back to raiding (this may be me).

The casual in me says "sweet change!" but I can understand how the hardcore raiders, taking their items on DKP saved for weeks, might be.. slightly pissy.

I believe I'll be setting up camp on this here fence. :P


Anonymous said...

Those people who are new players, have baby alts, or can't spend that much time playing WoW will definitely find this helpful.

Players like me who have absolutely zero luck when it comes to upgrading items like cloaks, etc, etc can also be happy that with enough time running now trivial heroics the chance to upgrade such items has been made much easier.

Still, any of those alts or new players will have to experience boss mechanics the hard way if they wish to complete their raiding achievements. Geared to the teeth or not too many slip ups means at least a few wipes until everything is sorted out.

Kayeri said...

Welcome home, Keeva! I hope you had a great holiday at the beach!

And yes, I've commented on a number of blogs on this topic... yes, I feel it does have the effect of trivializing earlier content, but it will help people gearing their alts and even enable new 80's to keep pace with those who have already been raiding quite some time.

So I have mixed feelings about it. Mostly I feel that while I understand Blizz's reasoning, this change is coming too quickly after Ulduar's release. Perhaps in about 3 more months it wouldn't have hit quite so hard.

That feeling won't stop me from taking advantage of the availability of conquest badges, though, since for all my weeks of raiding Ulduar, I have only T7 gloves and the Spirit trinket to show for it. :) I also have a rogue alt who LIKES the gear that vendor has.

Nephis said...

I'm already well perched on the fence, come on up. I believe you'll find the view quite exquisite but watch out for splinters!

You made a few good points I hadn't even thought about like dual spec gearing and taking a break. Blizzard is definitely catering to the more casual side here but I guess that means I can get geared without spending every waking hour on here.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your Holiday, Keeva! =)

I too am kinda on the fence about the badge change. Yea...I worked hard to get my gear, but in my view the gear was merely an added bonus to the journey that I set out on with 25 of my guildmates 4 times each week. I find our achievements a lot more rewarding than our gear, the gear is just a measure to help us get to where we are going.

I never had a HUGE problem with the Badge of Justice system, probably in large part because I was someone that recruited during Sunwell, and it really did help facitilitate some of the gear that people needed and allowed me to pick up slightly less geared, but very skilled, players.

I suppose that this move by blizzard will also help facilitate any recruitment that may need to happen for IceCrown, while at the same time keeping it one gear level below the current raiding content?

Bleh. I don't know.

Rycharde said...

I've heard it said before, and I think that this is really the truest point to be said about gearing up with the new emblem system:

Top end, Hardcore raiders should be happy about this change. After all, Hardcore raiders will be able to abuse the new system far better than any casual can ever hope.

People pretending to be Hardcore raiders but never actually reach Hard Modes or equivalent end-game challenges will be the whiners, more than likely. They feel as though they've worked so hard, only to see the things they just slaved for handed out through easy content. Bottom Line: it doesn't matter what Blizzard hands out; Hard Mode gear is never for purchase, and the gearing of alt's/offspecs will be far more prevalent in top-end guilds than in casual guilds.

After all, what officers are gonna let their tanks and heals slack off with dual-spec + free gear available? Speed-clears of Naxx10 will be epic.

Keeva said...

I never even thought of that.. grab a few people on a weekend and go speed clear Naxx(etc) 10 for Conquest gear... particularly for your dual spec set - or new recruits.

Mel said...

welcome back keeva!

I am excited about this patch. The hardcores still have their hard modes and mimiron's heads to strive for, casuals can get the gear they want at their own pace, and if I take a break for a few weeks I don't have to worry about feeling left behind.

Shiny new bear and cat forms, speedy alts, and, uh... a BG that i probably won't set foot in... but yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Keeva said...

hehe... I've been into the Strand of the Ancients a grand total of once: to drop a feast and /afk out.


Keeva said...

HEY! I just had a drive-by swooping from your druid in Blades Edge :P

Mel said...

/caw caw!