Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I hate Borean Tundra

I really hate Borean Tundra.

Lots of people have their favourite zones, and their most hated zones. I seem to find that most people I talk to hate the zones I love, and vice versa. For example, I ADORE Stranglethorn Vale, and get excited to "finally" get there when I'm levelling. Many people can't stand the zone.

I love Zangarmash. I love Blade's Edge Mountains. In my experience, STV, Zangarmarsh and BEM are some of the most hated zones.

Oh, and Dragonblight. Most people hate it - I really enjoy it. To each their own, I suppose.

But I hate Borean Tundra.

I don't really know why; I suppose it's an irrational hatred. There are some good quests. Maybe it's the landscape? The weird groundcover? I'm not sure. All I know is that I really hate the place.

The only saving grace for this horrible zone is this:


.... *explodes from the cute*

Level 75 now, enjoying fishing and cooking dailies so much! I'm weird. Bank alt has 3500g.. well on my way to epic flying/cold weather flying. Levelling slowed a little in the last few days, had a minor accident at work and haven't played as much over the weekend. I'm hoping to get to 80 this weekend though.

Most people would want 80 so they could start doing instances, get some shiny gear.

I want to get to 80 so I can do dailies. DAILIES YAY!

Maybe I hit my head in the accident? :P


Sylveria said...

I love saving the little murlocs! I wish I could keep them all as pets. ^_^

Keeva said...

The sound they make is SO ADORABLE.

Look at the little pink guy on the right.. he makes me giggle :)

Levantine said...

I totally get the hatred towards Borean Tundra, and if it wasn't so good for levelling I'd completely skip the zone on all my alts, haha. Can't wait to see you at 80, as well. I'd love to tank for you one day to make up for never being able to heal next to you in Inexorable.


Anonymous said...

It's funny actually...I hated those save the baby murloc quests because of all of the time spent killing their adult aunts and uncles back in vanilla. To each their own, of course.

Maybe it was because it was midnight night of the release but I still to this day absolutely adore Howling Fjord.

Keeva said...

/wave Rin :)

Raine: I love Howling Fjord.. but found it so slow and disjointed on Alliance side - so I gave up halfway through the zone, packed up, and headed over to the tundra, as much as I hated the idea.

It's a great zone to level in, but I really dislike being there.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore STV too - I can hardly wait to hit 29 so I can hop on over and quest there. Although I have to say that I don't really share your love for other hated zones (especially Blade's Edge, amg HAET) but Zangarmarsh is alright.

I find that people either love one of the Northrend starting zones and absolutely loathe the other. I started in the Borean Tundra on the priest and I had a blast. Now, to be fair, I haven't yet leveled through Howling Fjord so I can't compare truly, but I think that "Boring Tundra" is unfair, haha. Give the Tundra a Chance! (TM) ;)

Re: dailies - D:

Kayeri said...

Borean Tundra WAS more compact in its questing, true, but Kayeri did Howling Fjord first and after enjoying the breathtaking vistas there, I didnt care much for Borean Tundra, either. But I LOVED saving the baby murlocs, they are the most adorable little creatures... :) The only problem is the adults are such a PITA... lol

But yes, I have several screenshots saved of Kayeri and her flock of baby murlocs... :)

I was actually going to skip the Tundra, as I was working in Dragonblight, but I started feeling inadequate partway through, and went over there to level up a bit before I finished Dragonblight... and Keeva, I agree... I LOVED the Dragonblight.. the quest chains are simply awesome there. :)

Kae said...

Agreed, Keeva! Borean tundra ftl. It's so BLAH in scenery; I had expected it to be more like dragonblight as a snowy zone, and the vast expanse of gray, dead grass broken up by farms of undead, oil spills, and "blighted" cliffs were a major disappointment for me. Icecrown is the same way for me; too dark, dreary, and blah. Icecrown's only redeeming factor for me are the penguin colonies hanging out on the snowy cliffs overlooking the sea.

Of the starting Northrend zones, I prefer Howling Fjord, it has prettier zone graphics and that fun "yay I'mma worg!" questline.

I also enjoyed Zangarmarsh and Dragonblight (yay snow!), since they were truly pretty zones.

Erispere said...

Hmmm, I tend to dislike the zones that are depressing. I landed in Borean Tundra pretty much by accident, just getting on the first boat I saw, so I haven't done any of Howling Fjord, though it is very pretty from what I've seen. I was saving it for my DK alt, but she is stuck at 61 atm.

In Outland, I liked ZM, Terrokar,and Nagrand. I hated Hellfire, found Blade's Edge very confusing, and was meh on Netherstorm, and really disliked Shadowmoon. Like I said, if it is ugly and has an evil feel, I am generally not a fan. Felwood, EPL,WPL, same thing.

In Northrend my absolute favorite zone is Grizzly Hills. I am not sure if it is the frontier-sy soundtrack or the vistas, but it is so beautiful there. I really enjoyed my questing there.

I kinda wish that Blizz would allow you to build a home or cottage for your toon - it could be a phased thing so only you or people in your party could see it, and it would function like an inn for rested XP and such. I would totally build mine in Grizzly Hills. :-)

I didn't mind Dragonblight, and agree the quests there were awesome. Storm Peaks was cool. Zul'Drak was interesting, but bordering on dark. I enjoyed Sholazar, and I agree that Icecrown is so bleak that I don't enjoy spending any time there. I kinda wish they would have filled out Crystalsong a bit more with stuff- it is pretty much wasted as a zone except for hosting Dalaran.

Bell said...

I much prefer the Howling Fjord, myself!

Anonymous said...

I would love a baby murloc like that omg, I'd have him out ALL THE TIME.

I love Dun Morogh, Stranglethorn, The Hinterlands, Zangarmarsh, Nagrand, Sholazar aaand Howling Fjord is okay. BT makes my eyes glaze over and I do the quests sorta automatically anymore.

Storm Peaks is kinda cool, too.

Anonymous said...

I actually refer to it as "Snore-ean Tundra" =P Brade loves that zone. I, like you, loathe it and grumble everytime it is up for leveling.

I think I dislike it for the same reason I dislike the Barrens...the view. I like green and pretty, staring at all that browns makes me go bleh.

I swear...I need to introduce Thrall to a fabulous architect and interior designer. It is TOTALLY manly to have attractive war fortresses!

Grats on 75! And I hope that you are OK!

Taz said...

I don't know what it is about Borean Tundra, but I have to agree. Quested there when WotLK came out, skipped over to Howling Fjord and never looked back. I'll happily redo all the Howling Fjord quests to be able to avoid the Borean Tundra...on the other hand, that murloc-baby-saving quest is the Most Adorable Quest Ever.

I'd have to say I really enjoyed Icecrown - maybe it was the fact that I was so close to 80 or the fact that some of what I was doing *changed* the setting, I just had a ball doing that one.

Lissanna said...

when I was beta testing, I transferred over extra characters just to run that area more. :)

Lissanna said...

I mean the murloc area, not BT in general.

Niniel said...

Those baby murlocs are definitely the peak of that zone :) I always take a lot of screenshots when they run with me!