Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I set my alarm for 6:30am on Sunday and sat bleary-eyed in my pyjamas, as Stompalina cheerily wished me good morning. I asked whose crazy idea this was, anyway. She laughed. I grumbled.

But I had a blast being on the show with them. It was a lot of fun, and I think I did okay, considering the fact that it was stupidly early on a Sunday. I only had a couple of mishaps.. one where I zoned out for a sec and misunderstood what the guys meant when they were talking about not being able to get into instances.. heh. Ohhhhh you mean actually getting INTO instances. Right, right. I thought that was a PTR thing, I never even knew that could happen on live servers.. I'm so clueless. Playing on a small, backwater Oceanic server means we never have maxed instances, so I have just never come across that problem.

Still, I was a little embarrassed that my eyes had glazed over and I missed a few key words like "error message" and whatnot. Those couple seconds of silence from Stomp that said to me "you have no idea what I just asked, do you?"


Had a great laugh about it later, though. Not sure if it got edited out - haven't had a chance to listen yet. :P

Other than that, I think at one stage I was waffling about tradeskills and forgot my point (luckily one of the guys cut me off with his opinion.. saved!!).. I knew what I was talking about when I started, I swear.

The other slightly embarrassing moment was when Stomp paused mid-sentence and asked, "Do you have birds?" I have nine pet budgerigars who tend to be extremely noisy - often to the point where I can't hear people on vent. My grand plan to keep them quiet for the podcast was to leave their blankets on and sit in the dark. It almost worked.

I had a great time on the show, and the time absolutely flew past. I was so disappointed when it was over, I wanted to stay and chat more! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the chatroom, especially old friends... and thank you to Stomp and Haf for having me (and Jeppy for being the chat moderator). I had heaps of fun - would love to do it again sometime :)

If you missed out - head over to The Rawrcast Show's site and grab it (in various formats).


Cullie said...

hey Keeva, just listened to the podcast! hehe they left the bit in where you lapse concentration was really funny (in a good way ofc) :)) really enjoyed it. Good to see the young um growing up in Northrend. all the best


Keeva said...

I blushed a bit.

I will admit.. it was very early on a Sunday morning, and Stomp & Haf were talking about their own guild news, so I think I zoned out for a few seconds, and missed that they were talking about instance limits.

If only I had stopped at "I haven't done any instances lately so I couldn't say.." I would have been fine!


Next time, more coffee.

Keeva said...

I get it now!

Levantine said...

I loved when they mentioned your fan club. xD

Cullie said...

I also forgot about the birdies :)) hehe ack we all do it and I'm sure it put a smile on people faces and made them happy which is an added bonus. Still can't believe how many druids you have :D guess we rule.

andoliando said...

It's so nice to hear my accent on a wow podcast for a change. And you have nice voice which im thankful for. I was bracing for bloody occa maite. /shudder.

Benjamin said...

You did great Miss Keev's

such a hottie.

Sunkist said...

Great show, I started laughing when I heard your birds in the background! :)

Stompalina said...

Awwe, Keeva! You were awesome! We will certainly plan to have you back for a visit very soon.

Phil said...

Hi Keeva!

I only just got round to listening to your Rawrcast guest appearance (I've had a backlog of WoW Radio episodes to get through first).

Great show, the birds were brilliant and after having a good read of your website... well... maybe, just maybe...

I might roll a druid...

Keeva said...

No, Phil.. my birds are very naughty.

Especially the smallest one, who is, predictably, the biggest troublemaker and likes to stir the rest of them up :/

(or make me late for work because he would prefer to sit on a curtain rod than go into the cage)

Glad you enjoyed the show - I sit and listen to them as I play, and laugh the whole time. Stomp's laugh cracks me up too - it's infectious. I had to fight giggles while we were doing the show :P