Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spring cleaning

I tidied up my side bar a little, and added a chatbox. Feel free to use it to say hi, leave a message, or ask questions!

(This is about as close as I'll get to Twitter)

I condensed a few things that I had at the side, to make it tidier. Moved a few things around, too. I think it's in a more logical order now.

Then I realised I'm missing a couple of blog banners - how have I gone this long without a link to Restokin there? I feel so bad. I can't list ALL of the blogs I read, but I do like to list my particular favourites. I need to look at my blog list and see if I've missed anyone else that should be bannerized! My "blogroll" (such as it is) needs to be updated.

I'd like to shift to WordPress (and my own space) so that I can have more freedom with the layout - I really loved putting together my guild's website - but A) I'm kinda lazy and B) I wouldn't have a clue where to start. Blogger is really great.. but I do like having full control of how things look :P Wordpress also has shiny gadgets like Armory info and latest achievements.

Not only that, but I'd love the ability to have "pages", so I don't have to shove a lot of info into a side bar. I could have tabs! Wonderful tabs. About, contact, guides, all that stuff. I'm sure a lot of bloggers would understand when I say that as your blog gets older and bigger, it starts to get a little unwieldy if you don't have a place to put your static information, separate to your day-to-day musings. Guides, etc, would be what I would really want to put into a static page, so they don't become "lost" in the archives, or end up becoming a long, long list in your side bar.

I'd really like tabs and pages. And to be able to have better control over the layout. And maybe those cool "featured article" type banners.

Maybe a project for sometime a little later.


Shamir said...

I understand wanting to move. There are lots of references out there that attempt to make moving to Wordpress easy. Here's one I found:

Yes, you having more control over the look of your blog would be good. It would also make it more likely that you'll write more, which is also good. I find any excuse not to write works for me. :-)

Keeva said...

Fantastic, thanks! :D