Thursday, August 13, 2009

Community spotlight: Recent posts that I enjoyed

Here are a few great posts that you might have missed:

1. HoTs Tree - Ulduar Healing Guides for Resto Druids (an index)

Aertimus has gathered together a whole lot of the druid healing guides for Ulduar, and put them in one place as a quick-reference.

Best of all, they're not one-sided guides from a generic wiki or website; they are guides written by bloggers from their own perspective, so you get a player's-eye view of how the fights work, and some great druid-specific tips.

2. Twig Heals: HealBot (setup 1)

Healbot resources are rare and very hard to find. Twig Heals shows you the first few steps to getting your Healbot set up and ready to go.

3. Heal With It - Screencap Quality and You

WoW screenshots can look a little bad if you don't know how to change the capture quality. Heal With It shows you how to improve the quality of your screenshots - which will be especially important if you want to show them off to the world!

4. Healing in 3.2 – Blog guide updated

Lissanna from Restokin has updated her well-known druid healing guide for patch 3.2. In it, she covers:

- Tank healing – Nourish supported by HOTs
- Tank healing – Lifebloom strategies
- AOE raid healing – Wild growth and other HOTs
- Recommended talent spec(s)
- Glyphs for tank & raid healing
- Set bonuses and Idols
- Consumables & enchants

It's a really thorough guide, and a great resource, especially for newer druids who aren't sure how to use all of our healing tools. If you've ever asked, "what rotation should I use?" then you should check out Lissanna's guide.

5. Dreambound - Raid Icons

This one speaks for itself - a guide to our available raid icons, and the best ways to use them.

6. HoTs & DoTs - Patch 3.2 Resto Druid Gear Guide: for the Casual/10 Man Raider

This is Part 1 of a planned two-part series from HoTs & DoTs. This part covers:

- The casual player who runs heroics with friends & occasionally PuGs 25s
- The fairly serious 10man raider who occasionally PuGs 25s
- The 25man raider gearing up a Resto alt or dual spec set
- The player back from a break, who wants to get back into 25man raiding

7. Mad Cow Chronicles: WoW TCG Fundamentals

Llanion has set out to teach us a little about the WoW Trading Card Game. If you'd like to give the TCG a go and you're not sure how it works, this is a great primer.

The second installment can be found here.


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